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Thanks for all the endorsements, donations and suport, it's a lot work to develop this mod, but I will keep developing it until it's done, you guys will always receive my best in this mod!

For Skyrim or higher

0.4.2 - Small update with some fixes and added some USKP edits to the modules, SMIM Meshes updated as well.

0.4.1 - Hjerim problem solved I hope and SMIM meshes uploaded in a separated file for easier installation.

0.4 - ELFX Dragonborn has arrived! I created a small ash fx to it, it can only be seen at nights around light sources in the ash areas of Solstheim.

A list of all modified places is available in the README section.

Report if you see any weird light, surface flickering or mod incompatibility(try to change the load order and see how it goes).

Great article by I2edShift: Mods, Stability, and Save Games
If your PC can handle, I recommend the shadow tweaks of this guide: Five quick Skyrim tweaks you may not know!
I hightly recommend Climates of Tamriel by jjc71, or Realistic Colors and Real Nights by RCRN Team.
For performance increase I recommend Skyrim Project Optimization by rgabriel15.

Enhanced Lights and FX has the goal to create a more dramatic and realistic mood to the Skyrim lights by adding lights to all light sources and removing any light without a source, as well as the addition many more effects like smoke, volumic lights, driples, etc. I made some friendly redesigns as needed too, and some redesigns for more dramatic looking.
This mod will looks better with any mod or ENB that darkens interiors.


-All light sources emits light, even the windows in interiors.
-New candle smoke FX.
-New water reflection.
-New translucent effect to market stands and imperial tents.
-More shadow lights in specific places.
-Each Inn with its own set of lights based in it's local weather.
-Each city with its own set of colors based in it's local weather.
-Enhanced the difference between night and day in interiors.
-Darker and smoky taverns.
-Slight to none FPS loss.


-Darkened interiors.
-Darkened dungeons.
-Darkened fog colors and tweakened it's distances.
-Reduces color tints so no "white" lights.
-Dynamic lighting templates that changes the ambient lighting depending of the lighting in the place.
-Slight increased contrast and saturation.

ELFX - Exteriors.esp

-Changes exterior light placements and fx.
-New lantern bugs for Riften area.
-Removes the "Doesn't light landscape" flag from many lights so those lights the ground generated by heightmap.
-Adds the "Never fades" flag to almost all lights in exteriors so those can be seem from greater distances depending on your INI settings.
-A few friendly new light placements.

- Automatic:
Download the through Nexus Mod Manager, activate it and pick the modules you want in the installer.
Download the Dawnguard and Dragonborn modules if you have the DLCs and want them to be modded.
Download the SMIM Meshes if you have SMIM, make sure you install it after SMIM and ELFX are installed, it doesn't matter the order, overwrite anything it asks to.

- Manual:
Extract the files anywhere you want and copy the "Data" folder inside of "00 Core Files" to your Skyrim diretory.

Just deactivate it in Nexus Mod Manager.
For manual uninstalling take a look in the README.

Enhanced Light and FX

Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change light, fx or the meshes it adds.
It is compatible with:

Remove Ambient Interior Fog V2,
Climates of Tamriel,
Lanterns of Skyrim,
Ultra Realistic World Lighting,
Realistic Colors and Real Nights
Better Dynamic Snow(you can overwrite it's meshes, the snow effect comes from their esp, so you shouldn't have issues).
Static Mesh Improvement Mod(SMIM Meshes option in the installer).
Perseids Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental Enhanced(Use "NoTaverns" inside the main file),
Moonpath to Elsweyr(Use "Moonpath" inside the main file).
Brezehome mods(Use "NoBreezehome" inside the main file).

It conflicts with:

Relighting Skyrim
Realistic Lighting Overhaul

And any other mod that changes the ligths.

The ELFX Enhancer

Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change imagespaces and lighting templates.
It's mostly compatible with Climates of Tamriel and half compatible with Realistic Colors and Real Nights(values will be overwritten depending of your load order).

If you use Sounds of Skyrim and the Enhancer, use this Patch by WilliamImm

The ELFX Exteriors

It's in BETA, I'm waiting for more reports to list.

This module is not compatible:

Lanterns of Skyrim, it may be incompatible in some places where both mods adds lights, mostly in cities and towns.
Immersive Content - Extinguished Daytime Fires and Lights

I recommend EnhancedLightsand FX.esp stays at the bottom of your load order, any other module should come after the main esp.
The BOSS load order works fine.

It should be compatible with any ENB setting, report your experience and take screenshots, please.

Video made by svaalbard


Video made by Saiodin


Videos made by Gopher

{18-11-12} - 0.1 - Beta release.
{23-11-12] - 0.1.1 -Uploaded some forgotten meshes.
{09-12-12} - 0.1.2 - New candle smoke FX, more meshes to prevent surface flickering, more dungeons worked and a few bug fixes(see Change Log for details).
{12-12-12} - 0.1.3 - More stair fixes, some more collision fix and SMIM Patch.
{31-12-12} - 0.1.4 - Collision fixes, new modified places and the optional blank candle smoke texture.
{21-01-13} - 0.1.5 - SMIM Meshes updated, more meshes to prevent surface flickering, more worked places(see Update Note for details).
{02-03-13} - 0.1.6 - SMIM meshes updated, more meshes to prevent surface flickering, new translucent effect for tents and market stands, increased the glow of Glowing Mushrooms and Chaurus Eggs, increased the glow of Temple of Kynareth and Dragonsreach windows, weakened web color, more worked places.
{25-03-13} - 0.1.7 - More meshes to prevent surface flickering, more worked places (see Update Note for details), Blackreach worked(see Update Note for details), webs color weakened by 50%, added ELFXEnhancer with lighting template and imagespace changes, ELFX Patches improved.
{01-06-13} - 0.2 - Dawnguard and exteriors modded, enhancer updated and more meshes to prevent surface flickering.
{02-08-13} - 0.3 - Water reflection fx and lantern bugs fx added. SMIM Meshes updated, more meshes to prevent surface flickering, more worked places. Exteriors, Dawnguard and the Enhancer updated. Many fixes and mod polishing.
{15-10-13} - 0.4 - Dragonborn module released, all modules updated, more meshes to prevent surface flickering, a few new modified places.

You don't have my permission to reupload this mod in any other sites, it will be a nexus exclusive for now.
Modders don't have my permission to use my meshes in their mods, only users are allowed to use it to avoid flickering.

Insanely thanks to

-Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit
-skyfox69 for NifUtils
-eclips3d for the installer
-xdayman for BAIN installer
-Niftools Team for Nifskope
-Nexus community