Weapons of the Third Era MoS edition by masterofshadows and 747823 originally
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Q: I'm not seeing the weapon models, it's not working, help! etc.
A: You either didn't install properly, or you're using another mod's WotTE compatibility patch that isn't up-to-date (they must be updated for v1.5+), or your Skyrim version is too old. This mod is very simple: stand-alone weapons. All you need to see the weapons are the .esm (checked in your launcher) and the large .bsa, both in your Data folder.

Q: The Replacer weapons are invisible!
A: See the Replacer section below.

Q: Is this mod/version compatible with PISE/CCO/AttT/DSpSoB/WTFIDK!/etc?
A: Ask them, not me. These are just the weapons, crafting recipes and leveled lists. Whether other weapon/crafting/weilding/etc mods have a plugin for these weapons and keep it up to date is up to them. Re: SkyRe - he didn't want it to depend on another mod so he used the old 747 files, so these weapons are NOT compatible (they'll work just fine but won't use his stats).

Q: Will this conflict with JaysusSwords or other armor/weapon mods?
A: If those mods edited the same vanilla levelled lists (so you find the weapons in loot and wielded by NPCs) there will be overlap - this is explained in more detail below. Weapons and armor use separate lists so using WotTE with armor mods is fine.

Q: Are the weapons craftable/upgradable?
A: Everything can be tempered and the more common weapons can be crafted. Use the optional rareCraft.esp if you want even the rarest weapons to be craftable at forges.

Q: Will I find the weapons in loot/weilded by NPCs?
A: Yes (if you've checked the lvlList.esp) almost everything is randomly available; although still with varying degrees of rarity.

Q: Are tantos classed as daggers?
A: Yes they are.

Q: Silver weapons don't seem to have the silver perk?
A: They do, actually; the text was removed so you can enchant them properly (try enchanting a vanilla silver sword to see what I'm talking about).

Q: Blood seems to spatter more on the hilt than the blade, will you fix this?
A: I haven't noticed this but it comes up every once in a while. 747823 made the blades and hilts all one piece, so fixing this would involve alot of work. You're welcome to it if you're keen, I'm not.

Q: Are there sheaths for 2-handed swords/nodachis? Will there be?
A: No and not likely. I agree with 747823 in that it would be physically impossible to draw a sword that long over your shoulder. The animation does not draw the sword either, but rather just 'clips' it there, which is why a holster is included rather than a full sheath.

Q: Why are there no enchanted weapons?
A: Every single weapon/enchantment combo has to be created individually and then added to the lists: a massively tedious task that I have no intention of doing. The replacer.esp will however allow you to find pretty enchanted weapons.

Q: Help! I'm still getting the glass scimitar crash!
A: You must be using ancient files; see the install instructions.

Q: What's with the complex crafting/upgrading requirements for certain weapons?
A: Certain blades are meant to be very rare as they are more powerful than their more common equivalents, so I made the requirements stiff (play for a while and you'll have tons of this stuff anyway). Since v1.5 the rarest weapons are not craftable (yet are upgradable) in the main .esm; an optional .esp is provided for those who still want them craftable.

Q: The download always quits at XX%!
A: A common NMM problem with many larger (and even not-so-large) mods. Download and install manually, it's very simple for this mod (instructions below).


Q: Can I use these weapons in my mod? Can I translate the weapon names?
A: You're free to make a plugin that depends on my master files (the .esm and .bsa); I changed to this file format so that it would be simple for you to do this. Please link to this mod in your mod description.
The time and effort I've put into this mod is not included in 747's free-to-use files, so for anything else please message me.
Permission is not and will not be given to host these files anywhere else. Please respect this.


Just pop the files into your Data directory and make sure the .esm is checked in your launcher. Same goes for any optional .esp you want to use. Load order should only matter for the lvlLists.esp, see details below.

  • Remove the old levelled lists file [3rdEraWeaponsMoS.esp] if you have it in your Data folder, it's now called 3rdEraWeapMoS-lvlList.esp (having the same name as the esm was confusing people, especially those who don't know how to turn on file extensions in windows).
  • If you wish to use the levelled lists (explained below) also check the lvlList.esp in your launcher.
  • If you want the rarest weapons to be craftable download and check the optional rareCraft.esp as well.
  • If you want most vanilla swords to also look like these then download and check the Replacer.esp as well (alternatively can be used alone without the main .esm - see below).

Delete the _74w directories from both your data/meshes and data/textures and make sure you uncheck the old WeaponsOf3E.esp in the launcher (better yet delete it from your data folder).
You will lose any old weapons when updating from version 1.3.

Leveled Lists Explained
Leveled lists are how the game chooses which weapons are found as loot and wielded by NPCs. Without the lists you won't find any of these weapons in-game except by crafting or using the console. Weapon mods that modify the same levLists will conflict in that you will only find weapons in-game from the mod that is loaded last.

All this means is that if two mods edit the same levList you will only find new loot items of that list from the mod loaded last. Nothing else is affected, ie. the levLists from both mods that don't conflict will still work fine (there are many levLists). Any gear you or NPCs already have is unaffected, the lists only affect newly generated loot.

For example: mod A edits the bandit armor list and an orc weapon list; and mod B edits the same bandit armor list and an elf weapon list. If your load order has mod B after A, then you'll only find bandit armor from the mod B list, never from the mod A list, but you will still find the orc weapons from mod A and of course the elf weapons from B (this is a simplified example, the lists are more complicated).

Wrye Bash can combine the edited levLists from two (or more) mods so that you find all possible loot from both mods. In the example above you would find bandits wearing armor from both mods. Several have reported that it works fine (for example with Jaysus) but I've never used wrye so please don't ask me how it's done.

  • This small optional .esp replaces most of the Skyrim vanilla sword models with WotTE models.
  • An additional version is available that additionally replaces all glass equipment with the green 3rd Era textures. Choose one version or the other.
  • Only the appearances change, the stats are unaffected.
  • The replacer can be used together with the new weapons of this mod or without.
  • The main .esm file (and the other .esp files) are NOT needed for this IF you ONLY want to replace the vanilla models and don't want any of the new WotTE swords. The main .bsa file IS required either way.
  • Note: If you ONLY use the replacer and the weapons are invisible rename the replacer.esp in your Data folder to match the large .bsa file.
  • Note that with the replacer you will find some very pretty enchanted swords!


These gorgeous extra weapons (nothing is replaced - unless you use the replacer :p) were professionally modelled by 747823, who then abandoned the mod because he grew bored of the game. He very generously gave permission for anyone to use the weapons which is great because I personally couldn't play the game without them now. They did however come with a few bugs. I'm pretty sure I've squashed them all by now, but let me know if you find anything. I've also rebalanced and added to the mod.

  • Swords: a collection of Third-Era 1H swords comparable to Skyrim swords, only rarer (and generally prettier).
  • Longswords: aka bastardswords, 2H swords with less reach than greatswords but faster.
  • Scimitars: wicked curved 1H blades generally heavier than swords but with a bit more damage, also slighly less reach but slightly faster.
  • Staves: 2H battle staves, less damage than warhammers but much faster.
  • Katanas: 1H curved swords on par with Skyrim's swords.
  • Waskizashis: 1H sword with less reach and damage but lighter and faster.
  • Tantos: daggers with even less reach and damage but even more speed, although not quite as fast as Skyrim daggers.
  • Nodachis: 2H katanas with more reach than the longswords, although a bit slower.
  • Eastern dwemer weapons: very rare but more powerful than Skyrim's dwarven weapons
  • Eastern glass weapons and armor: a harder glass from Vvardenfell, rare and slightly better than skyrim glass.
  • Glass replicas: Skyrim's smiths have occasionally tried to copy Eastern glass weapons, with varying levels of success.
  • Silver weapons: much lighter weapons, generally more powerful than skyrim's 2 pathetic silver weapons. All have the proper silver effect on werewolves/undead (description was removed so you can properly enchant them). Polished silver is rarer, but quicker as well as more valuable.
  • Other: a few clubs, sabres and axes

Alternate Textures
  • Fang92, who provided the textures for the Silver Katana and Eastern Steel Katana, has new katana retextures available: link
  • mrjentipede has made some darker textures for the iron weapons (WotTE and vanilla): link


  • slightly reduced the number of katanas you should find in the levelled lists.
  • added eastern arrow recipe to the rare craft .esp which is now a separate optional download.
  • longswords and nodachis now use the 2-handed sheathing/unsheathing sounds.
  • new replacer version that uses third era green glass textures for all glass. Even loadscreen glass models are replaced.

  • added elven katana set (new HD texture by masterofshadows - see latest image).
  • rebalanced again, some blades were still slightly overpowered but no-one should complain anymore.
  • removed crafting recipes for rarest items: eastern Dwemer, eastern glass, eastern katana sets, Antumbra, Shadowsting (now available in seperate optional .esp).
  • fixed all katana/wakizashi/tantos being held too high up so that the hand would clip through the guard (especially noticeable when dual wielding).
  • silver staff temper recipe fixed
  • some other small bugs I found
  • vanilla replacer updated

  • added 2-handed versions of glass and elven swords (scaled 1-handed models)
  • added 1-handed version of orcish longsword (scaled 2-handed model)
  • fixed specular of glass katana/nodachi/tanto/wakizashi

  • 5 new sets of katanas/nodachis/tantos and wakizashis - uses new textures by Fang92 and masterofshadows.
  • new 'eastern glass' armor and weapon set, rare and slightly better - uses 747823's Morrowind green glass textures.
  • all weapons re-balanced to work well with vanilla (had to go through them to fit in the new ones)
  • duplicate weapons removed; all weapons have a different texture (except antumbra, if I ever get time to retexture it). Perfect silvers are now 'polished' and non-polished have a new texture.
  • all weapons craftable and upgradable.
  • improved crafting recipes.
  • new extensive leveled lists, almost everything is randomly available although still with varying degrees of rarity. I removed the 1H silver axe from all lists as I find it rather ugly but it's still craftable.
  • new file format - unfortunately you will lose all weapons from previous versions. The new content and massive clean up/rebalancing make it worth it; but you can decide for yourself ;)
  • a couple of small new bug fixes; I must have found them all by now!
  • daedric katana/waki/tanto now have a sheath.

  • Added WeapMaterialSilver keyword to each silver weapon, hopefully they work with the perk now!

  • Removed the "effective against undead" description from all silver weapons (the effect is still applied); they should enchant with proper charge descriptions now.
  • Staves are classed as warhammers rather than waraxes, seems more realistic than staves causing bleeding..

Added an optional esp file that replaces the vanilla swords with the models from this weapon pack. I made it for fun to see if it would work but it's actually awesome to replace all the fugly vanilla swords with these beauties. Only the models change, the stats are the same so you'll have to check the weapon names to distinguish between vanilla swords and the pack's. For example: "ebony greatword" = vanilla, whereas "ebony longsword" = WotTE. Different stats (bit shorter range but faster), but they will look identical. Dwemer handaxe is also replaced. If some specific vanilla weapon doesn't reference the basic weapon template then that weapon will still use the vanilla model.

  • Some more bug-fixes (staffs and some incorrect recipes) and I've added all of the missing crafting recipes. I've tested and they're all there at the forge. I've also tweaked some weapon ranges; namely longswords and nodachis (they had the same range as normal swords) and wakizashis (they had the same range as daggers).

  • glass scimitar crash and disappearing longsword bugs fixed.