Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD by Ichibu
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Added: 05/12/2011 - 04:15AM
Updated: 23/05/2014 - 11:32AM

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Last updated at 4:32, 23 May 2014 Uploaded at 21:15, 4 Dec 2011

No ENB or other post-processing used in screenshots or video. 1080p quality available and recommended


High definition, colour corrected flames and explosions
Aim is to increase range of hue and luminosity creating richer visuals and more realism for all fire
v2.3: Noticeably higher definition in many flame types, new realistic candle flames, better fire spell FX, more modded files and improvements in colouration and quality

Comparison shots: One Two Three


Update 2.3 : Fixed minor bugs + finalised
Update 2.1 : Added new realistic candle flames and reworked some things with better source textures
Update 2.0 : Rehaul; very noticeably higher definition, more textures edited, more flames recoloured, more range of luminosity and hue, more smoothness, better quality. Now in BSA format for easy management
Update 1.1 : Embers 1.1 - Added Torch embers (see screenshot)
Update 1.0 : Embers. Makes coals darker but glow brighter (see forge screenshot) and look less seperate from the rest of the fire (see furnace screenshot). Changes are subtle.


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