About this mod

ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts:
Makes each district of the Imperial City to be more unique from other districts and more decorated! The mod's main goal is to be 100% Compatible with almost all of the 6.000 mods & overhauls released for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion!!! See pictures!

Permissions and credits
Welcome to the ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts!



AUTHOR'S PERSONAL NOTE: ** By downloading this mod you are obliged to read the readme ** DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT IF YOU DON'T READ THE README FIRST!

My priority is to see all of you the players happy with their capital city.
If you are happy with this mod, then I am happy too! And this is enough for me!
I am just trying my best so to provide you with a mod that is compatible with almost ALL the mods for the The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and its expansions; and I mean really compatible with over 6.000 mods for the whole TES:Oblivion, and at same time I am trying to offer you a mod that gives a living breath to the Imperial City, the capital of the Imperial Empire that has conquered all the provinces of Tamriel, in planet Nirn.
So we can safely say that the decoration the Imperial City allows us to prove the citizens of the Empire be right when they say that "the Capital City is the most glorious city of Tamriel". Simply that. And nothing more.

There is even a user of the mod, who commented after playtesting the mod: "I am proud to be an Imperial Citizen!"

The "ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts" mod has been honored to be included into other big mods, such as the "Better Cities" mod-pack! So, if you are playing one of those big city decoration mods, then there is no reason to install and run this autonomous/independent version of the "ImpeREAL City" I am offering you.

Love ya! :-)


As the name says, this mod tries to make the city more realistic. And it decorates the city districts only (it does not adds house interiors), making each district of the Imperial City to be more unique than the others.

May it hit your FPS in some of your PCs, but, as you see, this mod's creation has been requested by most players so to improve the city's historical performance and politic importance as it was in the Elder Scrolls lore.


COMPATIBILITY: Compatibility is a beautiful English word!
I have developed this mod with the major goal of "FULL COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL THE OTHER MODS" in my priorities, so, any modifications I have done on the Imperial City, is carefully done, and I avoided modifying specific places of the city where other mods are modifying and/or placing items or NPCs...


-Unofficial Oblivion Patch:

This mod does not actually has requirements so to run it, but for some players, the Unofficial Oblivion Update Patch may be required, especially if they experience a very small bug forgotten by our dear Bethesda: a big yellow exclamation mark "!" at Arcane University. This bug was just a small hidden bug -forgotten and not fixed by Bethesda so far- which was revealed with my mod. The Unofficial Oblivion Update Patch fixes it. More info below:
There are 3 ways to fix this small bug: The first way (1) is the recommended, but, as we have democracy, you are offered 2 more ways to fix it, the way 2 and way 3. You choose one of the 3 ways to fix it, and only 1 way can be used at a time. (Just choose 1 of the 3 ways below):

1st Way: Update your Game!
1) Just install the Unofficial Oblivion Update Patch (UOP) (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/6452) so to update your game and ensure that your game has no bugs left unfixed by Bethesda... Without it, you may experience some bugs that have been left unfixed by Bethesda and are revealed with my mod, like some missing textures in the Arcane University (Yellow Blocks / Yellow Exclamation Marks). The UOP fixes over 1,800 bugs found in the game!!! Install it and all your problems will be solved! Enjoy! :)


2st Way: Use a mod!
2) Just install the Arcane Univesity Fix (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30381) and the bug in you game will be solved! Enjoy! :)


3rd Way: Use the in-game Console!
While playing the game, and at Arcane University, use the Console and target with your mouse cursor those big yellow exclamation triangles. With them targeted, type the following command in the console: "disable" (without the ""). And then press Enter. You are done! You got rid of the bug! Simple.

Enjoy! :)


Just place the .esp file to Oblivion/Data and enable it!

If you want to uninstall it, just delete the .esp file! Simple!


(This mod is really compatible with most of the mods for TES: Oblivion. With clear words, its compatible with the 99,8% of the whole Oblivion community's 6.000+ (and growing!) mods, because of its limited -decorative- nature.)
Here I list some examples of mods that are fully compatible with my mod.
But, if a mod is *not* listed both in "COMPATIBILITY" and "INCOMPATIBILITY" Sections then, no worries, its just FULLY compatible!!! Enjoy!

-100% compatible with any game versions
-100% compatible with Shivering Isles Expansion Pack
-100% compatible with all Official Patches by Bethesda
-100% compatible with all Unofficial Patches
-100% compatible with all the Official DLCs (Vile Lair, etc) & Knights of the Nine
-100% compatible with ALL of the 3.682 Mods I have installed and tested in my computer.
-100% compatible with any city and village mods such as Open Cities, etc (For Better Cities, scroll down to the end of the list)
-100% compatible with any Shop mods that add new shops to the cities.
-100% compatible with any Bank mods.
-100% compatible with any overhaul mods like Francescos's mod, Martigen's Monster Mod (MMM), Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO) and more!
-100% compatible with the Unique Landscapes.
-100% compatible with any magic mods such as Midas Magic, etc
-100% compatible with any combat mods such as Deadly Reflex, etc
-100% compatible with any Guild mods, such as Necromancer's Guild, Archeology Guild, etc.
-100% compatible with any Main Quest mods.
-100% compatible with the Kvatch Rebuilt.
-100% compatible with any ship/naval mods.
-100% compatible with any NPC mods that add new NPCs to the cities.
-100% compatible with all Player House mods.
-100% compatible with the Clocks of Cyrodiil mod.
-100% compatible with The Elder Council mod & plugins.
-100% compatible also with any Window Lighting mods that add lights to the windows.
-100% compatible with any thief mods such as Thieves Arsenal & Thievery in the Imperial City.
-100% compatible with any Book/library mods.
-100% compatible with any gear / item / weapon mods.
-100% compatible with any races mods.
-100% compatible with any class mods.
-100% compatible with any quest mods.
-100% compatible with any re-texturing mod such as Qarl's Texture Packs, Darker Regal Imperial City, etc.
-100% compatible with any new meshes / textures added to IC by other mods!
-100% compatible with any city street light mods.
-100% compatible with any guard armor mods such as Diverse Imperial Guard Armor, etc.
-100% compatible with Let The People Drink mod (Just download the LTPD compatible version of ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts and use this instead of the normal version of the mod)
-100% compatible with any music / sound mods.
-100% compatible with any dialog mods that adds new dialogs to the Imperial City like 300_Lore mod.
-100% compatible with Better Cities mod (I have joined the Better Cities Developing Team recently, and as a member of it I gave permission to my teammates to include any parts of the "ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts" mod they may like, to the "Bananasplit Better Cities" mod. So, any players who want play BOTH the 2 mods (Better Cities and ImpeREAL City) - just visit this link and download Better Cities Mod. It includes the ImpeREAL City mod of course. - Credits to Better Cities Developing
Team.) http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16513 (this is the link to Better Cities Mod with the ImpeREAL City mod included.)


The mod has been downloaded more than 120.500 times both in TES Nexus, GameSpy FilePlanet and other sites, and the players just found 3 mods that have some compatibility issues and reported them. Here are listed only the mods that have lesser than 100% compatibility with ImpeREAL City mod, (so with a range of 0% - 99%, which is considered as conflicting mod).

The ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts mod has:

-40% compatibility with "Lynges Thieves Highway".
-90% compatibility with "Tombstone Epitaphs", "Arcane University 300" and "Arcane University Revamped" mods.
-99% (or 100%) compatibility with "IC Library" (Yes, 100%, read bellow why IC Library is listed here).
NEW: -90% compatibility with Elessar's Cyrodiil Transportation Network - thanks to the players for the report and confirmation. Only use those districts of my ImpeREAL City mod that aren't modified by the Cyrodiil Transportation Network Mod (which especially modifies the Water front district) and you will be absolutely fine! :)

More details about the 4 mods that are listed above:
- "Lynges Thieves Highway": (40% compatibility)
Well, I cannot imagine that there is a mod that makes the house roofs to be reachable like the "Lynges Thieves Highway". I don't know any way to fix this. I am sorry.
But if someone whats to fix the compatibility issues between ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts and Lynges Thieves Highway mods, then, he has my full permission! :-)
NOTE: the following ImpeREAL City districts: Arena, Arboretum, Waterfront & Green Emperor Way seem to be compatible with "Lynges Thieves Highway" mod.

- "Arcane University 300": (90% compatibility)
It conflicts only with Arcane University District (of the ImpeREAL City mod), so don't use my ImpeREAL Arcane University District if you want to use the AU 300. But this mod is 100% compatible with the rest of the other 9 districts of my mod.

- "Arcane University Revamped": (90% compatibility)
Same as the "Arcane University 300"(above).

- "Tombstone Epitaphs": (90% compatibility)
Same as the "Arcane University 300"(above).

- The "IC Library": (99% or 100% compatibility)
Its 100% (fully) compatible with my mod.
Basically the "IC Library" mod adds a building in the Arboretum District, and in order to make space for this, removes one of the 9 statues of the 9 Divines in Arboretum District, and the 8 statues remaining, not anymore are forming the Nine Divines.
All what I have done is just to restore the missing statue, so the Divines to become 9 again (Nine Divines) and also to restore the symmetry of the statue locations in the District. But the restoration of the statue blocks (a part of) the path to the library's building.
Even if the above issue between the 2 mods exists, the Library mod is fully working with my mod. You can enter library without problem.
I send a mail to the author of IC Library mod and I posted also a comment to his mod's page in TESNEXUS - you can find it here ( http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3868 ) asking him if we can solve it or if he can make a new path to the Library without removing the statue. I am waiting his response, so please have some patience. Go and play the 2 mods! "ImpeREAL City" and "IC Library" mods are 100% working with each other!


I uploaded a file named "ImpeREAL City Unique Districts - Lightless Version.esp" that allows you to enjoy the mod without major hits in FPS especially on low-end computers that can't handle all those lighting effects in their memory. Recommended for players with poor PC machines. This file is really available for download in the "Files" downloading page.
Well, if you still have any FPS issues, then, just uninstall the mod... Do not blame me if your computer is poor.


Do not worry! Your saves are SAFE!
Your game will not be affected at all!!!

Also you can freely stay in the Imperial City, save, close the game, install the mod, run the game, and find yourself in the updated city without a need to leave/re-enter the city for the updates to take place!!!


Just replace the old files of the mod in /Data folder with the new ones! Simple!


For those who care with Load Order priorities of their mods, I should tell you its not necessary where in the Loading order list to put the ImpeREAL City mod. But if you want anyway, then I suggest you to put it in the same load order priority with the other city decorative-like mods.


If the ImpeREAL City is instelled on games that have ALREADY installed the Harvest Flora / Harvest Containers mods, maybe you will notice some crates/flowers to be semi-sunked within the ground level or floating on air.
This happens not only with the ImpeREAL City mod, but also with the 95% of ALL the 5.000 Mods that moves the flowers / crates or deletes them from the game, while the Harvest mods are installed.
How to fix it: is VERY EASY and VERY SIMPLE! Follow the steps below:
-Just play the game,
-save your game,
-close/exit the game,
-deactivate/uncheck the Harvest Flora or/and Containers Mod,
-play your game without it,
-save game,
-exit game,
-install now the ImpeREAL City Mod,
-also activate/enable the Harvest mods, and then,
-go enjoy your game!!! :D

WHY THIS HAPPENS: This happens as the Harvest mod does saves in mod's memory the current positions of the flora & crates in the map, EVEN if you install a new mod that moves the floras/containers, or disables or deletes them.
So the moved-deleted items always re-appear again in their old positions prior to the move. The disabling and then re-enabling of the Harvest mod, simply, refreshes the Harvest mod's memory about those flora/containers to their new positions/locations! Very simple.


The mod's development cycle has concluded.


This mod has no bugs at all. But if you find any, just check the "Requirements" Section found above, and ensure you meet all the requirements for a bug-free use of this mod.


So, what i did: just added trees in the green grass fields within the City Walls, removed some of the sickly dirt rocks that not match realistically with the city's beautiful green grass & fallen tree leaf paints. Also, was hard for me to decide if I should add even more of those street lights & torches than I did in all the districts. Because, as like in most areas of Imperial City, I should keep most of the passaway areas dark as in vanilla game so to keep the default game's balance for stealth-based characters (Thieves, Assassins, etc), because the 1/3 of the game's whole mechanism is the Stealthing (the other 2/3 are Magic and Combat).

Talos Plaza.esp changes the Talos Plaza District:

-The whole district had only 1-story buildings and apartments. Now its corrected and some of them are now 2-story apartments for more realism.
-Removed many dirt rocks and replaced them with beautiful flower bushes.
-Added more lights in the Talos Plaza, (as this district acts as the city's main entrance/exit to Cyrodiil, so all the city visitors and travelers of Cyrodiil are welcomed with better street lighting) They are light on during day as well. This district is the exit of the city, so if during the day, any fogs appear or storms hit the district, the main street will be well-lighted.
-Stone Fences are now linked correctly to the nearby buildings (See related picture for Stone Fences).
-All the Building Doors have now doorsteps.
-Added torches to the Guard Towers' entrance doors.
-More of those Empire's Royal Flags added to the district as the district connects directly the Imperial Palace (Palace's entrance faces the Talos Plaza) with the city's main gates that are in Talos Plaza, too.
-Limited the mushrooms. We are in the greatest city of the whole world, so, no mushrooms, a symbol of dirtiness are allowed to grow in open areas of the districts.
-The extra street lighting is carefully added and limited in central areas, so to not cause troubles to any stealth-based characters, while Stealth is the 1/3 of the game's mechanism (the other 2/3 are combat and magic).
-4 Benches added in the Circle of Dragon Statue.
-The 4 central statue lights are permanently lighted on, during day. This increases realism as Talos Plaza is the "first district" all the guests and the travellers see when they visit the capital city. This also increases FPS rate in the game.
-Added some chairs and tables for the people to sit and drink. As this district is named "plaza"...
-Added empty buildings by the walls of the district. (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Added flowers in the spaces between roads and buildings
-Added streetlights near Green Emperor Way Gate
-Added balconies outside the 2-Story buildings (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Added table and chairs outside Tiber Septim Hotel
-Added 3-Story buildings above 2-story buildings
-Added Imperial Empire's royal banners & flags in the center of the district.

Elven Gardens.esp changes the Elven Gardens District:

-The whole district had only 1-story buildings and apartments. Now its corrected and some of them are now 2-story apartments for more realism.
-More trees and bushes (The vanilla game Elven Gardens District does not reminds me of any gardens at all. And that the Elves are known as very naturalistic humanoids and they love Mother Nature, i fixed the District and now its what the name says: Elven GARDENS with more trees & bushes)..
-Stone Fences are now linked correctly to the nearby buildings (See related picture for Stone Fences).
-All the Building Doors have now doorsteps.
-Added torches to the Guard Towers' entrance doors.
-Added some Lights on the center of the district.
-Limited the mushrooms. We are in the greatest city in the whole world, so, no mushrooms, a symbol of dirtiness are allowed to grow in open areas of the districts
-The extra street lighting is carefully added and limited in central areas, so to not cause troubles to any stealth-based characters, while Stealth is the 1/3 of the game's mechanism (the other 2/3 are combat and magic).
-Giant mushrooms and other exotic flora as they found in elven forests, added to the district's gardens.
-Stone pathways added to the district's gardens that match with elven culture.
-Some Oak trees have been replaced with elven Pine Trees, that as they found in elven forests.
-Added empty buildings by the walls of the district. (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Added streetlights near Green Emperor Way Gate
-Added balconies outside the 2-Story buildings (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Added new Arshes to other streets.
-Added table and chairs to next to some Inns of the district.

Green Emperor Way.esp changes the Green Emperor Way District:

-Reduced the graveyard that surrounded the Palace by 25% and the remaining 75% of the gravestones left untouched, especially in the following points: around the Palace road to the Temple District for obvious reasons of realism (Churches always had a Graveyard nearby)
-Added trees with white flowers on them that gives a "royal" atmosphere to the palace gardens.
-All the Palace street edges are now beautifully decorated with flowers. (We are in palace, don't forget it.)
-Easter Egg: Nearly anywhere in the gardens you can find 9 ElderBushes as a honor to the Nines and the Elder Scrolls
-The Palace street to Talos Plaza district has 3 more Torches lighting the way as its the street where the palace doors face and plus, its the road to the main gates of Imperial City that exits to Cyrodiil.
-The extra street lighting is carefully added and is limited in central areas, so to not cause troubles to any stealth-based characters, while Stealth is the 1/3 of the game's mechanism (the other 2/3 are combat and magic).
-Added lights & flower pots in the base of the Imperial Palace.
-5 Benches added in the Royal Gardens
-Added more flags in The road to Talos Plaza.
-In one of those Palace Garden quarters added the 2 statues of Empress Alessia and The Dragonfires.
-In one of those Palace Garden quarters added the family tombs of Emperor Uriel Septim.
-The statues of Alessia, of the Dragonfires and the Emperor's family tombs have now descriptions and you can see who is each statue or who is buried in each tomb.
-Removed some of the dirt rocks left in central garden spots.
-Added more Mausoleums so to give more realism to the whole district. (Their doors are locked with key, and are ready for you to add mausoleum interiors if you like, with your mods!)
-Added couples of Streetlights by the stairs that lead to the Green Emperor Way palace road.
-Aplied some of the above changes to MQ16 Green Emperor Way District too, so to not look so different than the real Green Emperor Way District.

Market.esp changes the Market District:

-The whole district had only 1-story buildings and apartments. Now its corrected and some of them are now 2-story apartments for more realism.
-Added 4 ONLY trees. Weird that the whole Market District has no trees at all - only 4 trees as we don't want the market district to look like forest or like Elven Gardens.
-Added small Flower Pots.
-Added 3 Tables with 4 chairs each one in front of The Feed Bag Tavern.
-Added some Crates and food Barrels in various market streets.
-Added lights in many parts of the district. The economic center of the Capital of the Imperial Empire of Tamriel to be covered in darkness? Not a good idea... It also does not unbalances the game against stealthing characters as the shop doors are still out of the guard's sight during the night.
-Added torches to the Guard Towers' entrance doors.
-Cleaned the district of some rocks & mushrooms but not all, as markets are not famous areas for being so clean.
-Stone Fences are now linked correctly to the nearby buildings (See related picture for Stone Fences).
-All the Building Doors have now doorsteps.
-Added 2-3 benches for the NPCs and the player to sit.
-Added new types supplies, crates, barrels, goods, and some trading cargo.
-Added empty buildings by the walls of the district. (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Added streetlights near Green Emperor Way Gate
-Added balconies outside the 2-Story buildings (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Better (High) quality barrels and crates replaced some of the dirtier barrels and crates (all the barrels where same before, and that was boring, so different barrels will make more sense)
-Fixed compatibility with "Tamriel Rare Traders" mod (the barrels by the wall opposite to "Main Incredient" shop, are moved or deleted)
-Added more crates and barrels to the empty spaces by the walls, as this is Imperial City Market District... which acts as the trading center of the whole Empire and should have better ammount of supplies, so the merchants should need use the more space as is possible.

Prison.esp changes the Prison District:

-Cleaned the district of all the rocks. We are in prisons so no rocks are allowed here, as in real life's prison gardens.
-Added 2 trees, smaller than the walls, enough, so no one can climb them if he tries to... escape, if he can climp them! hahahaha!!
-Prison District has 2 wells, and this is not really needed. So I corrected it, and replaced the 1 well of the 2, with the statue of the Formerly Imprisoned Imperial Man.
-Added 4 new Banners near the door to Prison's central building.
-Added 2 new lights above the door to Prison's central building.
-Added some grass fields spots near the main gates to Prison District. Just free grass in empty areas.
-Added training facility in the backyard of Prison District, with dummies, armor dolls for the guards to keep training - can the whole city be the empire's capital without at least a training facility to train the empire's army?
-Added Banners of Fighters guild in Prison District, symbolizing the guild's excellent efforts to bring justice among the people and sending the bad ones in prison.
-Added Prison Cells with real doors that can be opened.
-Added iron wrists for the prisoners who are waiting temporarily here prior to their move to their permanent cells.
-Added building entrances that lead to new prisons and offices.

Arena.esp changes the Arena District:

-Added a full and complete Arena Stadium. Before, there was no arena behind the walls...
-Added 2 Fire columns that light near the Arena Stadium's entrance.
-Cleaned the district of 75% of the total rocks. We are in Arena, so no rocks are allowed here, as the Arena is not... district builted on Grand Canyon(!).
-Added wooden street lights on Arena Stadium's walls, that match very beautifully with the wooden walls of Arena Stadium.
-Replaced some of the beautiful trees the Arena District has, with some more dirtier trees that match realistically with the dirt grass and looking of the district.
-The 2 Candles in the Column Arch (the thing that looks like Parthenon) gave no light to the surrounding area. This bug is fixed now and candles lights the area at night.
-Added torches to the Guard Towers' entrance doors.
-Removed the Imperial Female statue (I moved Female Statue to Market District as women likes shopping) and replaced it with a beautiful melee fighting statue of the Warrior (We are in Arena, so this statue symbolizes better the battles).
-Replaced the Streetlights with Street fires, to give better "hardcore" realism to the Arena exterior at night.
-Added streetlights near Green Emperor Way Gate
-Replaced the many small flickering lights in Stadium's gates where there are many street lights, with 1 greater light, which does not only gives realism but improves FPS hits.
-Added cool battle training stuff to the Arena District, where fighters and warriors, from all the whole world, are meeting here and of course are preparing / keep training themselves before their arena matches...
-Replaced the crates with even more battle training stuff. We have Market District for crates and barrels. We don't need them in Arena District too...
-Fixed some candlestick lighting.

Arboretum.esp changes the Arboretum District:

-Cleaned the 75% of the rock meshes. So many rocks here!
-Added more trees in "nuked" areas.
-Added beautiful yellow and red Flax flowers in the sides of the roads. WARNING: Those flowers can be used as materials in Alchemy but I added so many of them in the District and you should level your alchemy extremely easily with harvesting the whole district. So I fixed the issue: The flowers belong to the Imperial City Faction: You CAN harvest them but with a COST in reputation with Imperial City Faction (How much the people of Imperial City like you.) So.. if you destroy their public gardens, they will not be very happy, right?
-Added some benches in various areas of the Arboretum - ignoring the adding of the benches in central area as the NPCs have extended path-grids here.
-Added lights to the Guard Towers and Doorsteps to their doors.
-The statues of the Nine Divines have now descriptions and you can see who is each statue.
-Added more of those small yellow flowers in empty road sides I forgot to do in earlier versions of the mod.
-Added yellow bushes in the gate to Arcane University.
-Fixed some descriptions on specific god statues.
-Moved some streetlights added by me in earlier version of the mod.

The Arcane University.esp changes the The Arcane University:

-Cleaned nearly all the rocks from most of the University's exteriors.
-Added colorful flowers to all the areas of the University.
-The Wells are now better and looking more cool.
-More towers added to the Arcane University
-Column Archs added for more realism and for class supports
-More trees added, especially beautiful red Japanese Maples.
-More colorful magic lights added to public area (not the member area) of Arcane University.
-More beautiful flying fairies around the university! This makes the atmosphere magical...
-Added Mana Blooms as the mages have abilities to summon creatures - and so, flora - from other planes via the Conjuration Magic to their realms. The word Mana is the primary symbol of magic, so those flowers are symbolic.
-Added more student's benches and professor's lecterns for more "educational" realism in the University.
-Added buildings to the Guard Tower's entrance door.
-The District Gates that exits to the wilderness are more beautiful now.
-Fixed some stuff arround the public half of the University
-Added Mages Guild banners and flags over the whole district.
-Added huge magic horoscopes and crystal balls for fun and sense.
-Added magic lighting beams.
-Replaced the colorfull combinations of flowers(red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, pink) which I have added with previous versions of the mod, with better ones, combinations of colors, (red, purple, pink) so to improve the medieval age's serious magic atmosphere of the university's gardens. (as the previous combinations of flowers gave the university a "fun park" or "children playground" atmosphere...)
-Added door entrances to the 2 towers surrounding the main Archmage's tower.
-Replaced many common oak trees with pine trees, giving a "darker" and mysterious atmosphere to the district.
-Added handrails to all the stairs/stairways of the district, making them more complete and beautiful.
-Replaced some wooden sitting benshes with stone ones.

Temple.esp changes the Temple District:

-The whole district had only 1-story buildings and apartments. Now its corrected and some of them are now 2-story apartments for more realism.
-Cleaned the most common areas of the dirty rocks, the rocks are now limited to backyards and back streets.
-Added 6 Streetlights to the whole District (central areas).
-Temple of the One is now lighted with Divine lights. Temple of the One is Tamriel's holliest place (the most holy), where the Emperor lights the Dragonfires. So why the one of the most important monuments in the mortal planet Nirn where Elder Scrolls take place, to be not divinely-lighted in a beautiful way with anti-oblivion colors (blue)?
-Added more flora and beautiful red trees to the small gardens of the district.
-Added torches to the Guard Towers' entrance doors.
-Added empty buildings by the walls of the district. (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Added streetlights near Green Emperor Way Gate
-Added balconies outside the 2-Story buildings (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Replaced the red trees with normal green ones in the wall area.
-Removed the "divine lights" from the Temple of the One's building, and added real source of lights, with streetlights, like in the rest of the city.
-Added special red trees arround the Temple of the One's building.
-Added Imperial Empire's royal banners & flags in the corners of the buildings near the center of the district
-Added flowers in the Arches of the streets and some flowers by the buildings.
-Moved some Streetlights which was near the gates to Green Emperor Way District and Waterfront Districts.
-Removed some pink bushes in the area of the Waterfront District Gate
-Removed some 2-story Buildings, allowing the district to have some 1-story buildings, for more realism, a district without 1-story buildings at all isnt so realistic.
-Aplied some of the above changes to MQ16 Temple District too, so to not look so different than the real Temple District.

Waterfront.esp changes the Waterfront District:

-Wooden Docks near the Stone Lighthouse are replaced with Stone Docks as they match more realistically with the nearby stone buildings and the lighthouse. The Capital of the whole Empire to have small wooden docks? I don't think so.
-The road to Temple District is clean of rocks, added 2 stone fences, added more flora in shrub pots and the area looks more civilized now.
-The bridge that connects Waterfront Lighthouse with the Waterfront Island is now upgraded to a bigger Arch Bridge where you can swim beneath it and go to other side directly without a need of doing big circles.
-The new stone docks that replaced wooden docks have now 2 lights
-The Island area, outside walls is now more "wild" with more flora and more rocks.
-The stone fences now are linked correctly with the stone walls.
-The slum and beggar residential area is now decorated with more dirt and trash things, including broken crates, barrels, etc.
-The coast/shoreline of the waterfront isle, especially near the slum residential place has now some off-shored boats.
-In the shore near to the slum residential place, 2 Wooden Docks added. The wooden docks are very old, and also maybe are damaged and collapsing by the ages, as the docks are forgotten by the city government and the nobles. Some poor altruist fishermen tried some repairs on them...
-Stone road added which links the Waterfront Lighthouse with the Gates to Temple District.
-Added some boats to the new stone docks.
-Added robes that keeps the ships from getting away because of sea waves or wind.
-Lights added to the whole dock area. Can the Capital of Cyrodiil and of the whole Tamriel to not light her docks at night?
-Added some abandoned houses and a burned house in the southern part of the district, outside the walls. They not have interiors, as the ImpeREAL City mod is exterior decorative - only mod. But feel free to add your self interiors with a mod as plugin to the ImpeREAL City mod.
-Adds shipments, goods, barrels and crates arround the District (especially arround the Lighthouse's empty area), so to give sense of a naval trading district.
-Added new stone docks by the Lighthouse.
-Added goods and chipment to the new docks, giving a sense of naval trade port.
-Added more slum cabins and wooden houses. (Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods!)
-Reduced some lighting sources, for example making 2 streetlights to share a source, in order to reduce FPS hits caused by the many lights I have added over the whole district.
-Added new fishing boats for the fishermen of the city!
-Added a new big ship too, near the new docks!


If you like the mod, then rate it so the other players to know about this.
And please I don't get blamed if the mod causes FPS hits to your poor computer, I have already warned you.
I don't appreciate ratings before reading the readme file or the description page in the site of the mod.
-Don't rate for textures, as my mod does not adds any textures at all.
-Don't rate for missing meshes, as my mod does not modifies the Meshes folder at all.
-Don't rate for FPS issues, as always the extra decorations need more memory. Depends on your computer.
-Don't rate I you don't like the roof tops between the 2 floors of the buildings, as this is a game limitation.
-This is decorative-only mod, so don't blame me if you don't see any new NPCs coming with this mod!!!
-This is an exterior-only mod, so don't blame me if you want any interiors assigned to the new houses. Their doors are locked with key, and are waiting for you to add your custom shops or residences here, with your mods! This mod offers you many new buildings for housing your custom shops and residenses...



Do not feel any hesitance to post any of your ideas/comments/feedbacks of how can we improve the Imperial City, so to make the capital even more better and beautiful! Any ideas of yours are HIGHLY WELCOMED!!! :D
Feel free to upload any pictures of the ImpeREAL City, if you like to share with us, so we can enjoy them!!! :D


-Thanks Bethesda for creating the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
-Thanks to the players and the Elder Scrolls modding community as many of the ideas and the features of the ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts mod are coming from them. (see comments in the mod's Comment page / forums.)
-Thanks to the friends and beta-testers for their excellent help, for their beta-testings and for the compatibility patches of the mod with other mods.


You are allowed to use my mod freely, including any of its elements/changes. Please do not mail me for permissions because you don't need my permission. Feel free to use my mods however you like, as long as you give credit for my work.

It has been a long time since I left Oblivion modding and, frankly, I grew tired responding to all these mails asking for permissions to use my mod in other mods. Do as you please! Just don't forget to give a credit where due.


I have retired from modding, and therefore, I am no longer taking any mod requests. Thank you for your understanding.


AESTHETICS: What a beautiful ancient Greek word!

If you really want to have a unique "look" for your Imperial City, as I did in my game - and is reflected in the pictures, like recolored roofs and statues, then, you have just to install the following mods I have listed below, that alter the Capital City of Cyrodiil in various ways and make it even more beautiful than before!
(Of course all of them are 100% compatible with my mod:)
EDIT: I added the links to their download pages. Credits to their authors, not to me:


-SB IC Palace Tower Lights - I got permission from the author of the mod, Sjors Boomschors in TESNexus, to upload his mod in my page of ImpeREAL City mod, (as he has removed it from TESNexus). I did that so the other players to have access to this nice little mod.
The SB IC Palace Tower Lights mod adds lights on the Imperial Palace's White Gold Tower and those lights can be visible from any part of the city... And they look amazing! With this mod the White Gold Tower is now, finally, a real Landmark of the world! But it demands a good computer so to run it and requires modification of the game's Oblivion.ini file. The mod can be download in the "Files" downloading pace of the ImpeREAL City mod, part of the archive "Other Optional Files and Patches".

-Darker Regal Imperial City (Info: Excellent mod, it Re-textures the whole Imperial City, changes the color of the Roofs and Lightpoles into a RED color, removes the green dull moss from the streets, the stone & marble textures are more bright and clean, the statues have golden shiny colors, etc, giving to the glorious Capital of the Tamrielic Empire a completely new look.)
https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/9322 (this version is not recommended for low-end PCs)
https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/15500 (This version is same as above but sacrifices the texture quality for better performance - recommended for med and low-end PCs.)

-Imperial City Reloaded - Final (Info: Excellent mod, it re-textures the Imperial City, adds a more lore-friendly "ayleid" look to it than the default IC had, the stone & marble textures are of nice style, bright and clean, etc, giving to the glorious Capital of the Tamrielic Empire a more unique and lore-friendly look that Bethesda should have already done from start.)

-Animated Window Lighting System (Info: Adds lighting to the windows of any buildings, like houses, shops, cathedrals, stables, etc. It also offers options for more styles and is a configurable mod! Now finally the houses have a sense of NPCs living in them at night!!!) https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/19628

-Natural Environments (Info: Makes the trees more foliage and realistic, skies are better and more clear, water is more beautiful.) https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/2536

-City Lights - Imperial City (Info: Adds some street lightings to main public spots of the Imperial City's districts that are not lighted with my mod) https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/2979

-Diverse Imperial Guard Armor - One of the best mods for Guards I have even seen! It replaces the rusty brown Imperial Watch armor with real (and non-rusted) iron armor that has high quality of textures! Do not play ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts without this mod!!! The capital of Cyrodiil should have more beautiful armors for its guards! (You don't need download the mod if you are using any Overhauls like Martigen's Monster Mod (MMM) because the Diverse Imperial Guard Armor is really included in MMM.

-Apartments for NPCs to live and sleep, in various Districts.. (Adds some Apartments to specific areas of the city's District, making them more living.)
No specific link or specific mod - just Search the Oblivion Mod sites for mods that add apartment buildings. For example search using keys like "Apartment" so to get some nice mods.

-Other NPC mods: Its highly recommended to download and use mods that adds more NPC citizens (adult ones and childrens as well) to the Imperial City! It gives more living breath to the city's streets at day and gives even more realism! No anymore empty streets in the capital city of Cyrodiil!

Last, I suggest you the Better Cities (BC) mod, **but** I shall note that, unlike the above mods in this list, the BC should NOT be used along with my autonomous version of the ImpeREAL City mod. That is because the B.C. already are including parts of the ImpeREAL mod, so no point to use both BC and ImpeREAL City mods. Only use 1 of them! :)

NOTE: If you look for support for any of the mods listed above, in the list of recommended mods, you have to ask their Authors, NOT me. I can't give support as I am not the Author of any other mods except ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts, and, thus, I probably will be unable to offer any valuable help for any issues you may have with those other mods.
I don't give any support for other mods, even if I suggest them.

ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts
ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Castles
ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Forts
ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Cities - Sutch
ImpeREAL Shops - Restock empty Counters and Display Tables