Anvil Bay Expansion by jlf2n
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Added: 31/03/2007 - 06:53AM
Updated: 06/03/2011 - 03:43PM

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Last updated at 15:43, 6 Mar 2011 Uploaded at 6:53, 31 Mar 2007

A new version has been released on 4/5, it fixes a few AI package issues with random beggers.

This mod is an alteration of the Anvil Bay area. Make sure you look everywhere, lots of things have been added.

None of the original buildings, including the lighthouse, have been moved. What I did was open up the harbor buy removing the hill inside the bay all the way back to the lighthouse and expand the dock towards the castle and added 4 new buildings.

The 4 new buildings are:

The Anvil Bay Ship Co. --Sea Scale the Argonian has a small shop here and works as a fence for the thieves guild. He also has a ship you can purchase for 20,000 gold. It will be necessary to read the readme if you plan on sailing this ship.

The Southern warehouse --This is a pirate owned warehouse where Gindle Morton lives. Gindle is a small time pirate/thug who deals skooma out of the warehouse late at night and spends the rest of his time drinking at the Black Flag Tavern.

The Harborside House --This is a house you can buy off of a retired pirate at the tavern.

The Black Flag Tavern --This is a large bar that many believe is a front for the pirates guild. It is always busy but is especially popular on Saturday nights.

There are several new npc's, and the pirate ship you can buy has a faster speed Dwemer propeller on it than what has been seen in previous versions of the Player Controlled Pirate Ship. There are also some new ships in and around the harbor. For thos of you who have started a new game, Ulfgar is looking for a helper at the lighthouse and has a free room for whomever he hires.

I have put a lot more time into this than I originally planned. At first all I wanted was a place to dock my ship, but I couldn't stop there. Check back later as I still have a few things I want to add.

I hope you enjoy!

Remember when you buy the ship and exit the Ship Wrights building you will need to walk up to, but not into your ship. Save the game, exit to main menu and reload. This makes the ship usable. Any time you find the ship unusable repeat this technique.

There are also some mods I recommend that go well with this one. Grumble Punks mods especially his Shipyard mod if you want the wood on your ships to be brighter. Safe water, and Bella Moretta are compatible, but not the Marie Elana mod, because it is the same ship the Ship Wright sales.

another excellent mod is Plain Sailing

There are no incompatibilities with the following mods (though the same can't be said about these mods being compatible with each other):

Bella Moretta by GP
Stirk Island (I highly recomend this mod, as it gives you an island you can sail your ship to.)
Pirates of the Abecean
Abecean Lighthouse
Akavari Stronghold
Sousmarin Manor
Mero Trading
UL - Beaches of Cyrodiil - THe Lost Coast

This mod will not work wih Grumblepunk's Marie Elana or Jason1's player controlled pirate ship, because all 3 of these mods use the same ships. But it will work with Grumblepunks other ship mods.

1.2 Corrected the AI packages that caused beggers and other npc's to follow you around.