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A set of compatibility patches to address various mod conflicts with Oblivion Uncut

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Oblivion Uncut Compatibility Patches

A set of compatibility patches made to repair conflicts when using Oblivion Uncut 
with several other mods which edit the same areas.


Oblivion Uncut restores many things that were cut from the game during development.
This includes a number of locations with structures, landscaping, etc. Unfortunately a
few of these restored locations conflict with pre-existing mods. These patch files fix
all of the conflicts that I know about at this time.

It should be noted that the UL patches can also be found on the Unique Landscapes
Compatibility Patches page. So if you already have them, no need to download from
here also.  


Archfiend Patch - Castle Varaldo

Better Cities Arena Patch - IC Arena District, Entrance to Yellow Team Bloodworks

DLC Battlehorn Castle Patch - The trail leading into Battlehorn

Elsweyr Anequina Patch - Soulbound Cave on the trail from Leyawiin

Oaksdale Patch - Castle Varaldo

Scarlet Monastery Patch - The Fox's Den Inn near Sercen Camp

UL Ancient Yews Patch - Imperial Battle College just off the Blue Road

UL Chorrol Hinterland Patch - Fair N Square Ballif's HQ outside Chorrol

UL Entius Gorge Patch - Castle Varaldo 


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
Shivering Isles (Required by Oblivion Uncut)
Knights of The Nine (Required by Oblivion Uncut) 
Oblivion Uncut
Better Cities
DLC Fighter's Stronghold
Elsweyr The Deserts of Anequina
The Scarlet Monastery
Unique Landscapes Ancient Yews
Unique Landscapes Chorrol Hinterland
Unique Landscapes Entius Gorge


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager
of your choice.

2. Set Load order.

3. Play and enjoy

Load Order

I suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file also. 


May conflict with other mods and patches which edit the same game cells. 


Bethesda          - for Oblivion and the CS
TES4Edit          - for cleaning the inevitable dirt from my mods
LHammonds            - for the read-me generator this file was based on
elderscrolliangamer- for Oblivion Uncut
marob307- for making the first draft of the Ancient Yews patch
Iliana - for Elsweyr The Deserts of Anequina
Ub3rman123            - for The Scarlet Monastery
Carel de Winter- for UL Ancient Yews and UL Chorrol Hinterland
Phitt  - for UL Entius Gorge
ElderScrollsfan001  - for Oaksdale

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent.