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ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Castles:
Makes each castle of the Imperial Empire to be more realistic, more unique than the other castles of the Empire, and more decorated!
The mod's main goal is to be 100% Compatible with almost all of the 6.000 mods & overhauls released for The Elder
Scrolls: Oblivion!!! See pict

Permissions and credits
Welcome to the ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Castles!

I hope you will enjoy this little castle mod!

Love ya! :-)

Author's Personal Note:
Those are my efforts to create this very small mod that allows the castles of the Imperial Tamrielic Empire to have more immersion and realism!
Now, finally, we can call "castles" those buildings where the Counts, Countesses and guards are living! Feel free to rate it positively if you like it and approve my efforts to bring you a cool mod with beautiful castles! :D

Love ya!


As the name "ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Castles" says, this very small mod tries to make the Castles of the Imperial Empire to be more realistic, bigger, glorious, and unique in appearance! It decorates their exterior appearance, only, (does not adds new rooms to the castles nor modifies existing ones), making each castle of the Imperial Empire to be more unique than the castles of the other cities...
Just during gameplay I have decided to create this castle revamping mod as I didn't felt that the vanilla castles of Oblivion are actually looking like castles at all... I though they look more like... dungeons rather than castles in terms of appearance...
So I came here to correct it. :-)

-This small mod does modifies NOTHING in the cities, except the castles and some Guard Towers.
-This mod does *NOT* adds (nor edits) any textures or meshes.


Just place the .esp file to Oblivion/Data and enable it!

If you want to uninstall it, just delete the .esp file! Simple!


Do not worry! Your saves are SAFE!

Your game will not be affected at all!!!

Also you can freely stay near or inside the castle, save, close the game, install the mod, run the game, and find yourself in the updated castle without a need to leave/re-enter for the updates to take place!!!


This very little mod has been tested with more than 2.700 mods (no kidding, seriously, i want to ensure that you enjoy a conflict-free mod.) and i have found no compatibility issues with other mods. This mod should be compatible with ANY other mods in the game except the 2 mods that are listed in "INCOMPATIBILITY" SECTION (below).


No conflicts.

However, for the players who are using Open Cities, it is highly recommended that they use this version of the ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Castles instead:

For the players who are using Better Cities, there is no need to use my ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Castles mod, as it has already been included/added to it.


I should like to see and enjoy those mighty and big castles when I am outside of the cities, in the wilderness of Cyrodiil, like you! :)
And, because of this, I have already added those castles of the mod in the WorldSpace of Cyrodiil, so you to be able to see them from outside, and this sure will allow you to create the beautiful LODs for them!.. :D In order to enjoy the LODs of the castles, you have to create them and is easy: Just download and use the LOD Generator and with 1 click you can create the LODs of the castles! :)

Also the user pimpskinny has made a nice small mod that allows you to see certain castle meshes from bigger distances (LOD). Make sure you give it a look, its highly recommended! :)


It does adds only few things, so it should not hit performance.

The mod's development cycle has concluded.
All the castles have been released:
-Castle Bravil.......................RELEASED!
-Castle Bruma.....................RELEASED!
-Castle Cheydinhal..............RELEASED!
-Castle Chorrol....................RELEASED!
-Castle Leyawiin..................RELEASED!
-Castle Skingrad..................RELEASED!
-Castle Anvil.........................RELEASED!


I have retired from modding, and therefore, I am no longer taking any mod requests. Thank you for your understanding.


-Version 1.0: Is the final version of the mod. No more changes or new versions are coming in the future, except if something important occurs.
-Version 0.9: All castles now have their copies in Cyrodiil Worldspace! Now, finally, you can see the castles when you are in wilderness of Cyrodiil, outside of the cities!!!
-Version 0.7: All castles now have their Guard Barracks improved with flags, more windows, better and taller buildings! Also, all the Castle Wall Gates now have Iron-Bars, Increasing Castle's defences and giving more realism!


-Thanks Bethesda for creating the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
-Thanks to the friends and customers for their excellent support and encourage of me to keep the work! :D


You are allowed to use my mod freely, including any of its elements/changes. Please do not mail me for permissions because you
don't need my permission. Feel free to use my mods however you like, as long as you give credit for my work.

It has been a long time since I left Oblivion modding and, frankly, I grew tired responding to all these mails asking for permissions to use my mod in
other mods. Do as you please! Just don't forget to give a credit where due.

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