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A series of patch files to repair conflicts between Trails of Cyrodiil
and Unique Landscapes mods.

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NOW OBSOLETE!! I am no longer supporting this patch series. I have received permission from Trails Of Cyrodiil author to revamp them and am actively working on TRAILS OF CYRODIIL COMPLETE. Many of these patches will no longer be necessary due to planned re-routing in key areas. That aside, none of them were ever updated to be in sync with UL v2.0, so probably won't function correctly in their currrent state anyway.

Trails Of Cyrodiil Patch Collection

A series of patch files to repair conflicts between Trails of Cyrodiil and
Unique Landscapes mods. The patches contained herein will address all
conflicts that were not covered by Chaky & Vorians' original patches. 


This project started as a request on the UL Patch Thread to fix conflicts 
between Trails of Cyrodiil and Unique Landscapes-The Eastern Peaks.
However, as is often the case, there was quite a bit more behind the
curtain than just a single conflict.

While researching the initial request, it turned out Eastern Peaks conflicted
with both the East and Southeast trails. I also found two recently added trail 
plugins had unpatched UL conflicts. The Colovian Highlands route conflicts 
with both Brena River Ravine and Cloudtop Mountains. The Northern Shortcut 
route has a very minor conflict with Snowdale.

And there is yet another recent addition, Trails of Cyrodiil Merged, which
provides a single merged plugin containing all of the previously separate
trails files. In fact there are two versions of this in the same package.
Some patches needed to be created for both of these, and the previously
existing patches needed revising so they would work with both as well.

A word of caution when using two of the trails plugins. "Trails of Cyrodiil
Colovian Highlands UL" and "Trails of Cyrodiil Merged UL Colovian Highlands"
both have Unique Landscapes Colovian Highlands fully merged into them.
When using either of these plugins you DO NOT NEED "xulColovianHighlands.esp" 
activated. You only need the meshes and textures from UL Colovian Highlands 

What's Included?

A barrel full of patch files! 30 of them to be precise. Every known conflict
between Trails of Cyrodiil and Unique Landscapes has now been addressed.

You will find 3 main download options. Each corresponds to a specific version of
Trails of Cyrodiil. Read-me files are included with each download option that will
explain what each patch does and how to set load order.

Trails of Cyrodiil Standard

Patches for the original individual trail files. This folder contains patches
for the two newer trails plugins, and for Eastern Peaks, all of which were
released well after the original patches were created by Chaky & Vorians. 
Note that Trails of Cyrodiil Colovian Highlands has two separate versions. 
One for a vanilla game, and one with UL Colovian Highlands built in. Be
sure to ONLY use the patch which matches the trail version you have installed. 
Patches Included: 

1. Trail East-Eastern Peaks 
2. Trail SouthEast-Eastern Peaks
3. Trail East+Southeast-Eastern Peaks
4. Trails of Cyrodiil Northern Shortcut-Snowdale 
5. Trails of Cyrodiil Colovian Highland Vanilla-Brena River
6. Trails of Cyrodiil Colovian Highland UL-Brena River
7. Trails of Cyrodiil Colovian Highland Vanilla-Cloudtop Mountains
8. Trails of Cyrodiil Colovian Highland UL-Cloudtop Mountains

Trails of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla       

Patches for the Vanilla version of Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged. This is the
version to use if you DO NOT have UL Colovian Highlands installed. These
were not simple "update the master" conversions. Each has been tweaked
and fixed in some way to work properly. Please note there is no patch for
Skingrad Outskirts. This is because Chaky's original patch has no master
dependency and needed no fixing. Chaky's Skingrad Outskirts patch can be
used with either version of Trails of Cyrodiil Merged and has been included
in the Master Patch for both versions.

1. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Bravil Barrowfields
2. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Brena River Ravine
3. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Cheydinhal Falls          
4. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Chorrol Hinterlands
5. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Cloudtop Mountains
6. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Eastern Peaks
7. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Fallenleaf Everglade
8. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Panther River
9. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-River Ethe
10. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-Snowdale
11. Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla-UL Master

Trails of Cyrodiil Merged Colovian Highlands

Patches for the Colovian Highlands version of Trails Of Cyrodiil Merged. This is
the version to use if you DO HAVE UL Colovian Highlands installed. Contains all
of the same patches listed above, but re-mastered to work with the Colovian
Highlands version of TOC. Again no patch for Skingrad Outskirts for the same 
reason mentioned above. And to reiterate, if you use this version you DO NOT
need the .esp from Unique Landscapes Colovian Highlands, only the resources.  

Trails of Cyrodiil Better Cities Compatible

Replacer esps for 4 of the Trails of Cyrodiil plugins. Makes Trails of Cyrodiil
compatible with Better Cities 6.0 or later by re-routing some trail portions
near Cheydinhal and Skingrad. Plugins affected are Trail EAST, Trail WEST,
Trails of Cyrodiil Merged Vanilla, Trails of Cyrodiil Merged Colovian Highlands.
Refer to the included read-me for a more detailed explanation.

As an added bonus, the trail changes found in these plugins also make Trails of
Cyrodiil compatible with UL Cheydinhal Falls and UL Skingrad Outskirts without
the need for patch files. They can be used whether or not you have Better Cities

So if you don't mind the route changes, these can be used instead of
the original files to eliminate patches previously needed for Cheydinhal Falls
and Skingrad Outskirts. The downside is that trailhead locations are slightly
further away from the respective city gates than they were before. Small price
to pay for less compatibility patches in my humble opinion. 

Required And Or Optional Files 

Trails of Cyrodiil by Malachi Delacot
Trails of Cyrodiil Colovian Highlands
Trails of Cyrodiil Northern Short Cut
Trails of Cyrodiil Merged

And your choice of UL Mod files: 

Unique Landscapes-Bravil Barrowfields
Unique Landscapes-Brena River Ravine
Unique Landscapes-Cheydinhal Falls
Unique Landscapes-Chorrol Hinterlands
Unique Landscapes-Cloudtop Mountains
Unique Landscapes-Colovian Highlands
Unique Landscapes-The Eastern Peaks
Unique Landscapes-Fallenleaf Everglade
Unique Landscapes-Panther River
Unique Landscapes-River Ethe
Unique Landscapes-Skingrad Outskirts
Unique Landscapes-Snowdale

Other Trails of Cyrodiil-Unique Landscapes patches can be found here.
They are on the description page listed under "Trails of Cyrodiil".


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager   
    of your choice.

2. Set Load order as directed in read-me files

3. Play and enjoy

Load Order 

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file as well. 


Only assured with the Unique Landscapes mods addressed in these patch files.
Anything else which uses the same game cells could potentially conflict. 

Check out the rest of my patch files, and many from other community members
at The One Stop Patch Shop.


Bethesda                                    - for Oblivion and the CS
LHammonds                               - for the readme generator this file was based on
Tes4Edit                                    - for cleaning the inevitible dirt from mods
Malachi Delacot                          - for Trails of Cyrodiil
bananasplit                                - for Unique Landscapes Bravil Barrowfields
IamtheEmporer, chuck21            - for Unique Landscapes Brena River Ravine
Meg                                           - for Unique Landscapes Cheydinhal Falls
Carel de Winter                          - for Unique Landscapes Chorrol Hinterlands
bananasplit                                - for Unique Landscapes Cloudtop Mountains
Malachit                                     - for Unique Landscapes Colovian Highlands
Prettyfly & WalkerInShadows       - for Unique Landscapes The Eastern Peaks
Aberneth                                    - for Unique Landscapes Fallenleaf Everglade
Trollf                                         - for Unique Landscapes Panther River
Carel de Winter                          - for Unique Landscapes River Ethe
GrandDukeAdense, Vorians          - for Unique Landscapes Skingrad Outskirts
Verganon                                   - for Unique Landscapes Snowdale
Chaky & Vorians                         - for allowing use of their original patches

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my express consent.