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A mod that adds a sprawling village along the river banks just outside of Bravil, with new shops, and a Tavern, and multiple housing options. Extra poverty.

Permissions and credits
This mod has been incorporated into up-to-date versions of Real Better Cities, and Open Better Cities. If you use those mods instead of this one, it answers any compatibility issues with RBC/OBC (or with any other mods also compatible with RBC/OBC). As well, that version fixes any issues regarding SI textures, for those who do not have the expansion.

Bravil River Shack and Village
Version: 1.2
Author: MTC

Version 1.2 updates:
-New textures for many of the bottles and baked items, and the Luminescent Pearl.
-Two new (retextured) bows available for purchase at the junk shop. These are levelled, so if you want to update as you progress, you may.
-The inaccessible sick bed in the Herbalist shop you can now reach, and move around in.
-fixed a subject line in the Ferntail Quest, and various other minor tweaks.

This mod adds to the game:

-A village extending along the riverbanks outside of Bravil, which consists of several new shops (Cobbler/Tailor, Herbalist, Junk Shop), a Tavern,
a somewhat run-down Thieves' Hideout, a baker selling spice buns(etc.) by the stable, and beggars living in crude lean-tos under the main bridge.
All the NPCs have been created carefully, withs signs of their day-to-day personal lives embedded in their environments.
I tried to make the individual shops stand-out from the normal Oblivion fare, without veering too far from the game's basic style.

-A River Shack a little ways outside of the village, with an upstairs loft, available for purchase from Nilawen at The Fair Deal

-A second, much slummier shack, available for purchase from the old man in the Tavern. Entirely outdoors, not in its own cell, so the rain,
whether you like it or not, will be dripping through your roof.

-If even this second option is too rich for your blood, then the empty beggar's lean-to under the bridge is set up for use by the player,
as is a solitary lean-to under the South Bridge in Bravil itself (engulfed by, and not useable with, Better Cities, even with my fix).

-6 new fully-written books, available at the Junk Store.

-A new Island, East of the Shack

-A quest associated with the previous resident of the larger Shack

-Many new variations on the game's vanilla items. Rotting or stale food. Several condiments. A couple of new magical items available for sale, or by-quest,
which I either tried to keep lowish-level, or made levelled versions of.

-All-round extra poverty, to try and balance out the inordinate amount of rich people living in the game world.

If you were wondering:

-All containers (that you might reasonably be tempted to store things in), and certainly all containers in the player-liveable areas,
are safe and respawn-free.

This mod makes substantial use of one particular wooden plank from the Shivering Isles. If you don't have that expansion, there will be weird big empty spots in some of the interiors. I'll aim to fix this in the future.

Regarding compatibility:

-This mod probably isn't compatible with anything that alters the layout or appearance of the area outside of Bravil. Updates for Real/Open Better Cities pending.

Spoilers, for those who don't want to have to search for things:
-Most things are not hidden, but if you want to find the previous-shack-owner NPC, Ferntail, he is sitting in a camp, along the road on the West side of Bruma.

-Unzip files, put all files in your Oblivion/Data folder (merging textures and meshes), and turn on the plugins before you load up the game.