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The first place to look for all your compatibility patch needs....

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So the time has come to close up shop. I have migrated all of the files from this page over to the new page at AFK Mods. This page will stay up. I just won't personally be adding anything more to it.

Any of the other members who already have editing access are free to do their own thing here if they wish.
For myself, all future updates will be uploaded to
the page found HERE      

Welcome to The One Stop Patch Shop!

The first place to look for all your compatibility patch needs.

This page sprung to life from the seed of an idea planted by Maczopiczo, a member
of the Nexus modding community. Mac had commented on a few of my compatibility
patches and made reference to my "One Stop Patch Shop". I really thought the title
had a certain ring to it, so decided to create a page dedicated to Oblivion mod patches.

My intention is for this page to serve as a central hub for compatibility patches. This
will (hopefully) make it much easier for folks to find whatever mod patches they are
in search of. Here you will find files uploaded for all of the single, one off patches I
have created. All of my patches that have multiple variations are linked on this page.

The main purpose of this page is to provide an extensive list of links to compatibility 
patches created by other members of the community. With that in mind, feel free to
point out any patch files I may have missed so links can be added. Also, if anyone would
like to have their patch file hosted directly on this page just leave a comment or send
me a pm. 

Patch Requests

If you would like to have a compatibility patch created please feel free to leave a simple
post here in the comments section. Unfortunately most of the former team is no longer
active to work on requests, and those who are still around are focused on other projects.
It's sad, but the reality is that modding depends on free time from real life demands, and
most of those who were working on this just don't have much free time anymore.

One of us may pop in and work on things when free time allows. Long story short, there
are no guarantee as to whether or not any request will be completed. With all that said I
will happily open the doors to any community member who wants to try their hand at this.
Just reach out to me. 

Active Modders
There are no active modders taking on patch requests at this time

Current Unclaimed Requests

Requested files:

  • Cyrodiil Rebuild II + Roads of Cyrodiil
  • Zutheskunk Shivering Isle Overhaul + OMOBS
  • Open Cities Reborn + Treasure Maps UL Edition
  • Open Cities Classic + Trade and Commerce

Oblivion and DLC Patches

Modding Community Patches


Given the nature of what this mod page is all about, a credits list would take up a great deal of space. Please look
to the read-me files that are provided with the patches you download for credits. And be sure to give endorsements
on the original authors mod pages for any mods you use. A lot of free time went into making each of them,
endorsements and positive remarks are the only compensation modders receive.

Legal Stuff

I can only speak for my own work which is uploaded here. Please do not redistribute files without my prior consent.