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Blood&Mud Dirt Deluxe Anglais

~There are people who fear the Oblivion and there are people – who are born in Bravil... ~

Some say, it is the [censored] of the Niben,
some say it is the best place to be.
Some say, that atmosphere is to dark for them
and some say, to that: "That's why I am living here."
And some say, they didn't get a word down there
and others say to this: Yeah, because you are not from Braveel.
But the difference is not so huge, see –
in other towns they got the city-guard and in Bravil they got 'the Marv',
and other towns got the thieves-guild and these guys call themselves in Bravil
And one thing is for sure,
if you see the dawn over the reddish chapel of Mara,
take a walk down at the channel watching Yana at work
or that strange Aeko from that weird store passing out on the side-walk,
you know where you belong. You know what I mean?
And if you do! Have you already heard?
They got another stake un-taken, so watch out
or you'll end next to the finest gardened grave-yard
of whole "Cyrodeel".

Blood&Mud includes the translation in English of the German mod-series B&M I-III and a whole rebuild of the finest town of the Niben.
Over 800 unique-dialogs, a massive amount of usable items, more than twenty new characters and three major-quests, not beatable with a fine spell or a decent blade.


Do not load B&M if you need quest-markers
Do not load B&M if you depend on subtitles
Do not load B&M if you don't like accents
Do not load B&M if fast "Hack'n'Slay" is your prophecy
Do not load B&M if you depend on cheats
Do not load B&M if you are a texture-freak OR

check out Dev_Akm's Quarl Textures for Blood&Mud, also available on TesNexus.com

An OBMM version was created by Wolpup. Please refer to the listed mirror sites.


If you downloaded B&M from another mirror you have the same file. B&M is packed 185MB 'large' you will always find the same versions everywhere on the net.


Trailer of . Blood&Mud DirtDeluxeAnglais (English)

I DO NOT support B&M anymore. Please! Please if you have a
question go to TheElderscrolls.com and look up a B&M Thread.
If you will click on 'videos' you will see all three WALKTHROUGHS with English translations beneath them.

If you humble with the local description and want more information on Blood&Mud, the guys from the UESP-Mod-Wiki did a great job to this: Blood&Mud Mod-Wiki-Entry

The "all-in-one-185MB"- pack you can get on the "as fast as instant" mirrors at:
TheElderscrolls.info [English)
PlanetOblivion.de (English)

B&M - Patches for LostSpires, OpenBetterCities, BetterCities, Quelldorf, FCOM, UL-Barrowfields, Vacuity's ItemInterchange come with these mods.

PLEASE! Read the readme. 90% of all your questions concerning e.g. "where to start the quest" or "what book do I need to solve a quest" or "I do not know where to go" and "where is the video" it's included in the readme's F.A.Q. - I read it today and it is still there - and was always there and won't be deleted.

The German version of Blood&Mud you will also find at the listed File-Mirrors, with German Trailers, Video-Walkthroughs all stand-alone parts or the all-inclusive 'DirtDeluxe' package included.

Die deutsche Version von Blood&Mud findest du ebenso auf den hier gelisteten Mirror-Seiten inklusive der deutschen Trailer, Video-Walkthroughs sowie die Einzelteile oder das gesamt 'DirtDeluxe'-Paket.