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An overhaul/expansion of the armor, weapons and environments used in Peryite's Daedric quest. And an attempt to improve one of the most unique factions in the game.

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From the depths of the Pits Peryite released the Wasting Plague upon small settlements in eastern High Rock, those who befell this disease were weak and dying until Peryite's Shepherd came to guide them. The citizens of Cul Aloue and other small hamlets were lead to the Dwemer ruins of Bthardamz to await the signal to march forth and spread Peryite's gift across the land.

Within the ancient ruins they found plentiful resources to forge new armor and weapons. The High Priest Orchendor traveled far to collect artifacts of the Taskmaster from previous temples and ruins, and his loyal pilgrims have been hard at work creating spells and toxins to strengthen the Plague and invigorate the Afflicted.

Despite the strength and equipment of the growing army within those ruins, the Daedric Prince turned away from his followers on his summoning day, abandoning them for reasons unknown. The Afflicted still await Peryite's return, patently waiting for the signal that may never come.

With dwindling supplies, the afflicted have had to expand their borders. Pillaging local farms, and setting up outposts to fortify their position.

This Mod seeks to expand and improve one of the most interesting, yet underdeveloped, quests in the game. As this is technically my second mod, I haven't technically Improved the quest itself, but I have redecorated and improved the ruins of Bthardamz, added many new weapons and armors, and overall made the Afflicted dangerous foes to confront. I borrowed heavily from the lore and equipment featured in ESO, and have done my best to try to make it as relatively Lore-Friendly as possible. Overall there is little lore about Peryite in general, 90% of the actual lore I had to work with was from a note that wasn't even included in the final game.

I have future plans to try to improve the Quest and add more locations and encounters with the afflicted when I learn the required skills, but for now I figured I would release it for you lads to hopefully enjoy. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make a playable  version of the "Vile Vapors" vomit attack yet, but there are other mods that add it until I figure out how to include it.

Since most everything in this mod deals poison damage, check out my first mod, that adds something to help:

Hopefully everything is decently balanced, balancing Skyrim equipment in such a way that its not too OP yet still useful can be difficult. The Afflicted are much tougher than before, so be wary.

My model edits may be a tad wonky, but I am new to modding and haven't even fully figured out how to properly set up the modeling software, but I did what I could

Many thanks to the amazing tcain99/Elfendrago for letting me use their Plated Ancient Nord Armor model!

Hopefully everything works well, as I am far from familiar with computery things in general. But I have had no issues in my heavily modded game, so hopefully you won't either.