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An overhaul and port of Plangkye's Scarified Dark Elves.

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The first incision was painful, though of course I knew that going in. Although I had chewed on some bittergreen petals beforehand to dull the senses, they were not so potent as to completely desensitize myself to the sensation of a sharpened chitin knife scraping away the uppermost layers of flesh. The pain I bore as the artist made incision after incision into my belly, all the while she dabbed the blood with a wet cloth, which was a deep sanguine by the end of the procedure. In order for the scar to be clearly visible, I was told to ensure that the wound was kept open in the following days, which I did through the regular application of a caustic gel derived from a scrib and of course I regularly cleaned out the wound to ensure that it would not fester. For my pain I was rewarded with an indelible mark on my body demonstrating my dedication to the Three.

Scarified Dunmer - SSE Edition

LE Version Here

Scarified Dunmer is a full port and overhaul of Plangkye's original Scarified Dark Elves. The mod adds a number of complexion options to your character customisation that closely resemble the ritual scarification techniques of the Dunmer in as seen in TES III: Morrowind. There are 3 different scarification patterns for each gender, but the total number of options is much higher.

What's new?

  • Form 44 .esp, all textures converted to BC7 compression. Plangkye's 2048 textures used. No NPC changes yet (sorry!).
  • The filestructure has been completely overhauled. Files are now organised by gender and scar pattern. The old unused EEO normalmaps for males have been integrated as options; EEO normalmaps for females have been replaced.
  • All of the options below are accessible in-game!
  • For females:
  • 4 NEW normalmaps:
A smooth variant (based on Bijin Skin)
A smooth-mature variant (a mix of Bijin Skin, and Nuska's Real Skin as included in the original mod, biased towards Bijin)
A mature variant (same as above but biased towards Nuska's Real Skin)
A mature variant with different brow ridges (same as above but using Nuska's brow ridges instead of Bijin)
  • 2 NEW age options for every normal map and scar pattern, a mix of Plangkye's and Pfuscher's detailmaps.
  • 4k upscaled normalmaps!
  • For males:
  • 3 normalmap variants:
Vanilla variant
Ridged variant (based on EEO)
Non-ridged variant (based on EEO).
  • Vanilla-based age options; no rough/freckled complexions. I recommend using something like SFO.

There are a whopping 36 combinations for females and 27 combinations for males!

What's next?

In future updates:
  • I'll completely re-do the scar patterns and provide them as a separate download of templates (rather than baked into a normalmap) for you to apply to your own Dark Elf normalmaps, completely bypassing any neck seam issues.
  • I'll add additional scar patterns (aiming for 2 to 3 new options). Something like these: females and males
Female templates are out! Re-made versions by me of the old patterns plus a couple new ones. I have not yet added these to the main download so for now it's just for people who know what they're doing.
  • When these tasks are done I'll revisit the current set of textures and update them to use the re-made scar patterns.

Installation & Compatibility:

Install with your mod manager of choice.

Because this mod edits race records, you might run into some incompatibilities depending on your load order. In my personal install I simply forward the necessary changes from other mods that edit DarkElfRace and DarkElfRaceVampire into ScarifiedDunmer.esp, which seems to work (e.g for Requiem and other race overhauls). I suggest you do the same (it's a quick job in SSEdit just dragging records over). However the mod will still work if you don't do this, it just needs to be loaded after any race-editing mods.

Mods that alter NPC appearance without altering DarkElfRace and DarkElfRaceVampire are fully compatible! Same goes for any texture mods, character overhauls, etc. As long as they don't touch DarkElfRace and DarkElfRaceVampire, they will 100% work alongside one another with no edits required. However if they DO edit those forms, you will just need to forward the changes (be it from ScarifiedDunmer or whatever race overhaul you're using) into the last-loaded plugin of these.

Basically, the only parts that need to be in the latest-loaded plugin that edits DarkElfRace and DarkElfRaceVampire (whether it's this or a patch etc.) are the SkinHeadMale and SkinHeadFemale scar TextureSets from ScarifiedDunmer.esp, under the male and female Face Detail Texture Set Lists.

Neck Seam? Read This:

Unless you use the exact same body normalmaps as me (which is highly unlikely), you will have a dreaded neck seam. Here's what you can do if you find yourself in this bothersome situation. This will only work if you DID NOT have a neck seam before installing this: what we're doing is just copying the bottom of your old head and blending it into the new head.

  • Find the head normalmap you are currently using on your character. It will generally be in \textures\actors\character\darkelffemale\, and somewhere similarly for males.
  • Open it in Photoshop (or whatever you use to edit .DDS files). Make sure you have the Nvidia DDS plugin installed!
  • Now go to where the Scarified normalmaps are located. They will be in \textures\actors\character\Scarified\Darkelf\Female\ or \Male\
  • Now go through the folders \style_a, \style_b, and \style_c. Each has a folder with normalmaps. You will be editing these normalmaps (or identify the one you're using if you can't be bothered to do all of them; there's 12 for females). Open one in Photoshop. You should now have two tabs, your old normalmap and the Scarified normalmap.
  • Make sure that the Scarified normalmap matches the size of your old normalmap. You can do this by going to Image > Image Size and changing the pixels of the Scarified normalmap (e.g 2048x2048, 4096x4096 etc).
  • Once they're the same size, go ahead and select a good chunk of the neck from your old normalmap with the rectangular marquee tool, making sure that you've covered the bottom seam. Like so: 
  • Press Ctrl-J to make a new layer from your selection.
  • Right-click on the new layer you just made and select 'Duplicate Layer...'; in the drop-down menu, select the Scarified normalmap, click OK.
  • Now go to the tab with the Scarified normalmap. You should see a line where the two normals overlap, like so:
  • Almost done. Making sure the new layer is selected (it'll probably be called Layer 1), take the Eraser tool, and make sure it's set to Brush mode, Opacity 100%, Hardness 0%. Increase the size a little (400-800ish is fine) and gently erase along the line. It's better to not go directly on the line; go slightly above, since the eraser actually erases outside the circle quite a bit. 
  • Toggle the background layer visibility to check that the strip of neck you just erased is still relatively intact. It should have a nice fading gradient along the top if you did it correctly. Make sure to toggle the background on again when you're satisfied. It should look something like this (my erase isn't super blended, but that's ok):
  • Save your work as a DDS file with BC7 compression, color + alpha. But don't close the window just yet! If you want to blend any of the other normalmaps, keep the current file open and duplicate the layer you just half-erased onto every other normalmap you want. That way you won't have to go through all the steps again.
  • Endorse this mod, Plangkye's original mod, and Pfuscher's HD detailmaps!

Plangkye for Scarified Dark Elves
rxkx22 for Bijin Skin, and Shiva182 for the SSE port
Pfuscher for his HD Age Detailmaps
Nuska for Real Skin for Women (lost in Oblivion) and