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Simple fix that patches Imperious to elliminate a certain type of bug that arises in various mods such as Interesting NPC's (in the House of Garments).

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Version 2.0

Version 2.0 no longer makes Imperious compatible with ONLY Interesting NPC's but should make Imperious compatible with ALL mods that may suffer from this same bug shown below in the video. I was playing the Creation Club mod Forgotten Seasons and noticed Elberon was bugged in the same way Korrilan was so rather than making a patch for Forgotten Seasons that raises Elberons health in the same way that I raised Korrilans in version 1.0 I made a patch for Imperious that resets all of the races that have too little HP to the default amount.

For example, Imperious lowers a Bretons racial bonus to health by 5 (from 50 to 45) and when another mod gives an NPC a negative health modifier to make them easy to kill (usually -49 to set them to 1 HP) and they only have 45 health to start with... that puts them at -4 which breaks their AI and plants them in the floor. So in other words this patch gives the Khajiit, Bretons, and all Elven races between 5-10 starting HP's.

Sorry for not thinking of this earlier, I'm really not a modder. I am more of a tweaker, heh.

This simple patch fixes the issue. Just run LOOT and it will place all the files in the right places. Eat cake!

NOTE: Due to the nature of why this occurs this patch may require starting a new game to take effect if you have already zoned into House of Garments (or any area with a bugged NPC).

You can try reverting to a save before you entered the room or use the console to give the NPC health and respawn him.