Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A complete overhaul of every single road in Skyrim. Script-free fast travel disabler.

Permissions and credits
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What started as a simple bridge replacer has become something much, much bigger. Northern Roads removes all the vanilla road chunks in the game to replace them with more diverse roads : dirt paths in villages and in the wilderness, stone near major cities, snow and mud in colder areas and more ! This mod also comes with lots of new assets including unique bridges, wooden totems and runestones to name a few.
A lot of emphasis was put on Nordic culture and symbolism as well as on the divide between eastern Skyrim (or the "Old Holds") and western Skyrim. The east is of scandinavian and viking inspiration, whereas the west takes more from celtic and slavic cultures. Each Hold also gets some unique features, giving every one of these territories a unique identity.
Enjoy your travels, adventurer, and be careful for Skyrim's roads are as dangerous as they are beautiful.

New landscape textures
No more road meshes, every road in now texture painted (compatible with terrain parallax). This also comes with a slight performance boost.

New bridge models
Every single bridge in Skyrim has been replaced, with the exception of the Dragon bridge. The new models come with unique textures as well, matching the roads.

New buildings, clutter and decorations
Many models have been created from scratch to decorate the new roads.

LOD models
Corresponding LOD models have been created for the bigger models. Run DynDOLOD after installing Northern Roads to see the new bridges on your map and from afar. Running xLODGen for terrain LOD will also allow you to see the new roads on your map.

Compatible with Seasons of Skyrim
Northern Roads includes a "seasons" folder, containing the appropriate settings for the new roads to work seamlessly with Seasons.

Can be installed on an existing game
No permanent reference is touched by Northern Roads, so you can install it with no issue on an existing game.*

Heavily recommended >> 4K Retexture by AgentW <<
So good you can consider it an official add-on

Northern Roads comes with a one-fits-all Grass Patch. You can find it under the Miscellaneous category in the Files tab. This is to be used if you are experiencing grass growing everywhere in the middle of roads.

For other patches, you will most likely find what you need in Northern Roads' dedicated Patch Collection :
>>>Northern Roads Patch Collection<<<

You can find a patch for eFPS on the >>Unofficial eFPS patches<< page

Finally, I also recommend you to check >>Northern Roads - Patches Compendium<<

If you want a version of Northern Roads without the roads and just the clutter + bridges >> Here you go <<

Concerning patches : I generally only patch the mods I personally use. However, I have no issue with anyone making a patch for my mods and there is no need to ask for permission. Anyone can either send me the files of their personnal patch for me to upload it on this page or upload it themselves. Also feel free to make requests for patches in the comments, there are good chances I won't do it myself as it may be relatively time consuming, but someone passing there may be motivated to do one (especially if the mod is popular).

All the files created by myself can be used as a modder's resource, so feel free to use it for anything you want. Credits are not mandatory but always appreciated.
Keep in mind that these permissions only apply to the assets I personally created. I've also used models and textures made by other modders and you will have to abide by their rules if you want to use these. Click on the spoiler to see a detailed list.


A huge thanks to kelretu for their wonderful Modders Resources. The page gets regularly updated with new models so for my fellow modders it's worth checking once in a while.

Thanks to Darkluke1111 for his Skyrim Toolbox for Substance Painter. Top notch documentation and resource !

Credits go to for many of the textures used in this mod, including all of the landscape and road textures.

Many thanks to bjs_336 for Skyrim Bridges which was one of the first ever mods I downloaded for Skyrim. The large wooden bridge near Riften was directly inspired by their amazing work.

A special thanks goes to the Patch Collection team, but in particular to AgentW, Czasior and ra2phoenix who, in addition to creating a mountain of patches, also helped me to get rid of many bugs before release.

Finally, I want to thank all my patrons, who supported me during these months. Without your help and constant feedback, Northern Roads wouldn't have been what it is today. Stay awesome !