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A selection of patches made by me to fix incompatibilities with Northern Roads. Fixes popular mods such as Enhanced Landscapes, TGC series, Arthmoor's mods as well as less known mods.

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What this mod does:

This mod is a patch compendium with automatic detection to enhance the compatibility and the visuals of the new trending mod Northern Roads.

Important Note Concerning Issues with Northern Roads:

I - Load Order

Before asking  for a patch for a mod because you see broken roads, make sure that the mod in question is loaded above Northern Roads.esp and that Northern Roads.esp and its patches are loaded at the very bottom of your Load Order.
That way you will fix most of the issues you have in game. If some road issues are persistent after that, then you can suggest a patch for it.
The Load Order should look this way:
>your other mods
>Northern Roads.esp
>Northern Roads - Ultimate Grass Fix.esp
>Northern Roads - Aspen Ablaze Patch.esp
>Northern Roads - Landscape and Water Fixes (LaWF) Patch.esp
>Northern Roads - Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods (LFFGM) Patch.esp
>Northern Roads - Water for ENB Patch.esp
>Northern Roads - Other individual patches
>Northern Roads - Ryn's Snow-Shod Shadow Stone.esp
>Northern Roads - Other Combo patches
>Northern Roads - Lux Via Patch.esp
>Northern Roads - Lux Via + Combo Patches
>Northern Roads - Lux Via Clutter.esp (don't use it along with Lux Via Patch - NR Bridge from the other collection)
>Northern Roads - Grass Patch.esp
>Nothern Roads - Water For ENB (Shades of Skyrim) - Water Patch.esp

II - Engine Fixes

You should be running SSE Engine Fixes and edit its skse/plugins/EngineFixes.toml file to set MaxStdio = 8192.
Having a lower value can cause serious issues in your game such as LODs unloading, MCM Json errors and game reporting its too unstable!

II - Skyrim INIs

In order to prevent the squares landscape issues that the mod seems to have a lot, here is a setting you want to change in the Skyrim.ini file:


Consider that this patches compendium is still extremely WIP so not everything is fixed, but the most important issues should be. If you find any other issues related to those patches, feel free to inform me.

Additional Information:
- All Patches are ESP-FE flagged, so they won't take plugin slot in your Load Order.
- If you use Terrain Blending feature from enbseries v0.480+, you don't need the rock patches.
- You should load the patches in the same order as the patched mods.
- Evitez de rejoindre la Confrérie des Traducteurs, pour des raisons de qualité et de rapports humains. Le contenu Nexus est amplement suffisant.

Thanks to JPSteel for Northern Roads, Rorikstead Basalt Cliffs and COTN Falkreath
Thanks to the authors of the patched mods
Thanks to Gonzeh84 and Urbon for merging their patches into my compendium
Thanks to the Northern Roads Patch Collection Team for their advises and help
Consider giving these mod authors some support for their incredible work!

ports to Xbox are perfectly fine so long as proper credit is given

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