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Framework for weather mods. Change what weathers play each month depending on season. Requires patching weather mods, does nothing on its own.

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Seasonal Weathers Framework
by Arindel


PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility (for Save/Load settings to external file)
A weathers mod that doesn't have seasons support
A patch for the respective weathers mod

Highly recommended
Seasons of Skyrim SKSE

     Seasonal Weathers Framework is a mod that can integrate seasons support to weather mods through a simple patch to alter weather chances each month such that there's no snowing weathers during summer and no rain storms during winter.

     To make use of this mod, you need to add the Globals provided by Seasonal Weathers Framework to a weather mod's Regions records through a patch.

     This way, any weathers mod can have a seasons system similar to Obsidian Weathers & Seasons, but it is possible to also have it function like Aequinoctium which has season specific weathers. Both of those mentioned mods' seasons systems are included in one place.

  • Dynamically altered Globals based on month that can be attached to weathers in Region records through a patch.
  • MCM interface for customizing weather chances for each month.
  • Seasonal Imagespaces - change image colors depending on season, such as colder colors during winter. (Not compatible with most ENBs)
  • A simple Load/Save settings so you don't have to adjust again upon New Game. Requires: PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility

  1. Install Seasonal Weathers Framework
  2. Install a weather mod of your choice (See Patches available section to see what weather mods are covered)
  3. Install the patch for the weather mod you chose (see available patches in Files section)

Patches available
     Warning, the patches may be outdated. I hope that others make the patches and maintain them themselves as I can't keep track of them all the time.
Patches are available for the following weathers mods:

Vanilla version
works for the following weathers mods:

     Seasonal Weathers Framework itself doesn't touch any vanilla records and doesn't conflict with anything.

     However, the patches available here made for weathers mods will have incompatibilities with other mods like Sounds of Skyrim and Audio Overhaul for Skyrim. They are incompatible because those mods also change the Region records that weathers mods use.

     So, if you already use patches between weathers mods and mods like Sounds of Skyrim and Audio Overhaul for Skyrim, you will have to edit them to include Seasonal Weathers Framework as well.

     Please do not ask me for patches regarding other mods that aren't weathers mods. I leave this part to the rest of modding community.

The following part is for those who want to make patch for weather mods to work with Seasonal Weathers Framework.

When you make a patch, you need to add the Globals provided by Seasonal Weather Framework that start with Season_ (for non-snowy regions) or SN_Season_ (for snowy regions) to each weather in the Region records.
Example Screenshot

Most weather mods don't have snow weathers in non-snowy regions so you will need to manually add them to the Regions records and then assign them a Global. Same thing for snowy regions and rain weathers.

You can use the following Globals when adding them to the weathers in Region records: