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Complete weathers and lighting overhaul with larger variety of weathers and a presets system to spice it up to your tastes!

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Mythical Ages
Weathers and lighting overhaul
by Arindel

 - Complete overhaul of weathers and lighting with a fantasy theme.
 - Larger variety of weathers compared to vanilla weathers.
 - A presets system that can be used to change the graphical style to suit your tastes. You'll receive a Power spell called Options: Mythical Ages Presets upon loading the game.
 - Excellent use of godrays to achieve spectacular mornings and sunsets.
 - Shading similar to ENB for classic Skyrim.
 - Snow shader has been fine-tuned to look better.
 - Very intense rain and snow storms.
 - Full replacement of thunder sounds.
 - Rain and thunder can now be heard inside interiors.
 - Sun lens flares.

Optional: For seasonal weathers support, download Seasonal Weathers Framework and the patch for Mythical Ages there to add seasonal weathers support for use with Seasons of Skyrim SKSE so that you get snow weathers and no rain storms during winter and so on.

ENB presets for Mythical Ages:
 - Mythical ENB by Arindel (me)
 - PhoenixVivid ENB-Reshade by phoenixfabricio
 - Natural View Tamriel (NVT) ENB by firemanaf (Video)

 - This is absolutely not compatible with other weather mods.
   | Any mods that require a patch for other weather mods will also require one for Mythical Ages.
   | Mods like Sounds of Skyrim and True Storms are considered incompatible for example.
   | Any form of conflict will break the weathers playlists and as such, 80% of the weathers will not play!

 - About compatibility with new landscapes mods such as BS:Bruma or Falksaar:
   | Mythical Ages will work for this kind of mods as long as they use vanilla weathers. However, a patch is still needed to implement the additional new weathers.
 - Placing this mod near bottom in load order is better than placing it at the top in order to avoid issues with weathers playlists.

 - You are free to use the resources in this mod as long as you share your mod with the same permissions.
 Note: Mythical Ages is uploaded to by Tarshana with my permission. I'm no longer able to deal with due to CK uploading mod problems.

 - Arindel (me)

The thunder sounds are provided by the following authors under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license:
 - Mike Koenig
 - Mark DiAngelo
 - hantorio
 - NoiseCollector
 - FreqMan
 - dobroide
 - Edvin25
 - GlennM

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