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Changes weathers for a rustic/medieval style.

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Rustic Weathers and Lighting
.: by Arindel :.

Complete weather overhaul meant to bring a level of immersion to you, the player, by adding new weathers, increasing variety and altering the weathers, lighting, colors and more, in order to achieve a rustic, medieval vibe with more natural colors. 

Additionally, there is one optional plugin:
- Rustic Weathers - Presets: adds a Power spell that allows you pick one of the available presets which can alter your brightness, contrast and saturation.

For seasonal weathers support, download Seasonal Weathers Framework and the patch for Rustic Weathers there to add seasonal weathers support for use with Seasons of Skyrim SKSE so that you get snow weathers and no rain storms during winter and so on.


  • changes weathers, fog, godrays and imagespaces to achieve a rustic, medieval look
  • adds new weathers, each with its own uniqueness
  • blizzards and rain storms are now heavier as they should be
  • louder wind, rain and thunder sounds
  • more thunder sounds can be heard during rain storms
  • rain sounds can now be heard in interiors along with thunders
  • the brown weather from Raven Rock is replaced with a cloudy weather
  • sun has subtle lens flares


  • Not compatible with other weather mods, mods that makes the nights darker unless the mod was specifically done for Rustic Weathers And Lighting.
About Rustic Weathers - Presets optional plugin:
  • Compatible with everything, even other weather mods. The presets are tailored for Rustic Weathers and Lighting so they may not look as good on other weather mods.


Main author: Arindel (me)

Special thanks to the following people:
Firemanaf - For making amazing ENB presets for Rustic Weathers.
Megaloblast - For helping me and allowing me to adapt one of his weathers to Rustic Weathers.

The thunder sounds are provided by the following authors under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license:
Mike Koenig
Mark DiAngelo