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Compatibility patch for the new Rodryk's Dragon Bridge overhaul to work with SoldierofWar's incredible Great Cities - Dragon Bridge mod.

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This is a simple patch that removed the obvious clipping between the two overhauls. I'm posting this here for the Mod Author of Rodryk's Dragon Bridge to see and host over on their mod page, so this page will come down whenever that happens.

I've gone ahead and removed all clipping of objects and choose to favor Rodryk's overhaul in a few instances where a choice had to be made (allowing the awesome new Dragon Bridge sign to show as well as removing nearly all of the Great Cities lower walls - as the new unique buildings have their own walls.

Known Issues: 
Please note that their appears to be two Navmesh issues that still need to be resolved - nothing major, but here's what I've seen:
  1. The Blacksmith that's added by the Great Cities confuses the blacksmith and his navmesh results in him being outside of his forging area. 
  2. The chopping block that's at the town entrance added by the Great Cities gets in the way of the townsfolks and occasionally a guards pathing, so they'll briefly walk into the stockade wall for a moment.

Thanks and Enjoy!