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A new tree mod that includes grass, terrain and other options to create your ideal tree setup.

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I've worked as a professional horticulturist for the last 30 years and during that time I have thoroughly observed flora in a multitude of environments and lighting setups, including plant hunting expeditions to the Himalayas where some of the vistas are incredibly reminiscent of Skyrim. I’ve combined my experience with the Skyrim resources available and made a new tree mod, which takes into account, lore, climate, aspects, and environment. It covers the whole of Skyrim.

Myrkvior comprises updated tree models, updated textures, new ultra-lods, new billboards and improved animations. I also made matching terrain LOD and matching grass textures. Together they comprise a series of mods I'm working on called "The Flora of Skyrim", or TFoS and they are intended to be used together. The effect is an immersive landscape without transition whose blended colours result in an uninterrupted vista, something not easily achieved with a bright ENB like NLA. 

The updated trees replace the vanilla trees, and at the same time I've introduced large lush pine trees within the vanilla mix. This covers green pines, snow pines (heavy and light) , dead pines, aspen trees, reach trees and more. It's been done sparingly as I wanted to retain sightlines through the trees, which makes my stealth archer very happy.

In addition, a massive amount of work was done balancing the texture colours, editing vertex colours etc, to ensure all the various tones and hues flow naturally and are homogenous. This major effort means all the trees in the game, from loaded model through to 3D Ultra Lods, Billboard2 and beyond receive light accurately and realistically.

The new ultralods and their associated textures have also been tweaked and updated throughout.  New ultralods solved many odd lighting issues and were further optimized to reduce Vram usage.

I've also utilised an advanced billboard feature for DynDOLOD called Billboard2.  They incorporate the addition of a normal map which improves how they react to natural light. I employed 4 point lighting capture in Nifskope to produce new normals which have spherical normal vectors with bi/tangents, unlike the vanilla style billboards. This means they react to sunlight and cloud shadows in real time.

For grass I use my own WIP mod which is based off Kyne's grass.  There is a complex grass patch that supports grass collision here.

This is based on my own ENB, a personalised derivative of NLA which is as realistic as possible, so it should look good on most set-ups. 

The major features are:

  • Heavy snow trees in the North East have been pushed back to North of the name mountains and away from the NW coast line. Vanilla snow trees cover the remainder of the map, except for the SE Falkreath area where I placed various models from SFO.
  • Falkreath Forest has huge lush trees and naturally dissipates towards Riverwood and beyond. This has the effect of making the Falkreath Forest feel huge and claustrophobic. That, plus the alternate snow trees makes the whole region feel unique.
  • Morthal Marsh I've kept as vanilla with dead reach trees and dead pine trees. Check out my alternate mod for the marsh called Dilon Vul
  • For the Reach I've changed 25% of the existing dead reach trees to green leafy versions. You can also add some of Vurt Large Junipers.
  • The forest around Solitude and Dragon Bridge is interspersed with green aspens of various hues. Alternately, replace them with oak trees
  • The aspens in this mod are green as standard and they are slightly larger than vanilla. There are patches available for Realistic Aspen Trees or Vanilla yellow, in both large and standard sized aspen meshes
  • Edited grass textures with balanced green hues to match the tree foliage and landscape terrain
  • New landscape terrain meshes and textures specific to this setup



  • Install using a mod manager normally and enable the plugins you require. Details here 
  • If you are using DynDOLOD 3, check the installation notes on the forum sticky
  • If you are using DynDOLOD 2, get the latest DynDOLOD (2.68 plus) and it's requirements from here.  
  • Open '..\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_[GAMEMODE].ini' in notepad and edit as followS

(Classic  - DynDOLOD_TES5.ini)
  • TreeLOD=0
  • TreeLODAverageColor=0
  • TreeLODBackgroundTexture=textures\DynDOLOD\lod\
  • ObjectLODAlphaAverageColor=1


(SSE - DynDOLOD_SSE.ini)
  • TreeLOD=0
  • TreeLODAverageColor=1
  • TreeLODBackgroundTexture=none
  • ObjectLODAlphaAverageColor=1

Then run DynDOLOD and
  • select HIGH
  • Select your worldspaces (select only Tamriel for a trial run)
  • Double click on the /tree rule at the bottom of the DynDOLOD options window. Doing that, will bring up this window, set it like so.

your edited tree rule should look like that ^

Then choose your remaining options and run DynDOLOD as normal.

For the intended effect, nothing should overwrite TFoS, including meshes, textures and plugin records which edit trees. The only exception to this is the TFoS Large Juniper trees in the reach, and the Aspens plugins.
Mods editing TREE BASE FORMIDs which overwrite TFoS will need to be resolved by forwarding the conflicted records.
You can remove trees by selecting them in console and typing disable, alternatively make a patch and send it to me and i'll host it here
Load order should look something like this.

BentPines by Vurt and MrNeverLost (improved animations with branches that swing in the wind)
Updated 3D Lods for Myrkvior by StepModifications
Morekvior by Xerlith (Upscaled textures for Myrkvior)
Morekvior updated 3D Lods by StepModifications

MrNeverLost - Thank You for the extended support throughout, your help has been invaluable. Superb work on the logo btw!
Preeum - Always great to work with a fellow gardener. Hopefully exciting things to come!
Sheson - my constant tirade of questions and your tolerance, thank you for not blocking me lol -  Also "Ships are not Trees" pmsl
Mator - putting up with my xedit queries and "Show a man how to fish, give a man a fish". 
Zilav -  extensive use of his tools throughout, a real Skyrim genius ;)
Spooknik - top bloke with a great attitude, lush trees are the best
Vurt - His animations and textures are what started this. They were too good not to include  
SomeRandomGuy83 - where it actually started, his colour blending was too good not to utilise
WineDave - texture work, head cheerleader
zDas - texture work, ESL conversion and patching help 
SureAI Nicolas - Those animated scots pines are amazing, please make more for Skyrim
Dunc001 - Art direction, testing and keeping it real
ElSopa - Art Direction
Mobious Belmont - Flower fields <3
SA547 - Thankyou so much, you have been very generous. TOP BLOKE!
Hoddminir - I, and many other use your stuff because it's so good
z929669 - Updated 3D lods for Myrkvior and Morekvior
Wazalang, Al-Shenawny, po3, TeaMistress and others whose valuable input helped create this mod.