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Adds 7 new Shipping Crates to Tamriel for the excellent Legacy of the Dragonborn v5 Mod by icecreamassassin (
And 9 new Shipping Crates for Arthmoor's Villages

NOTE: All the new crates are disabled by default and need to be enabled using the LOTD MCM

Permissions and credits
The new shipping crate locations are:

Braidwood Inn - Kynesgrove
Frostfruit Inn - Rorikstead
Four Shields Tavern - Dragonbridge
Sleeping Giant Inn - Riverwood
The Retching Netch - Raven Rock (Solstheim)  Removed in v1.1 to be compatible with LotD 5.3.2+
Vilemyr Inn - Ivarstead
College of Winterhold
Fort Dawnguard

Also contains an optional file with even more shipping crates for many of Arthmoors' Villages.
All locations, including Arthmoor's Villages, are now in a single AIO FOMOD installer.

Arthmoor Village shipping crates include:

Derkeethus' House - Darkwater Crossing
Karthwasten Hall - Karthwasten
The Horny Horker Inn - Keld-nar
The Tapped Vein Inn - Shor's Stone
Guardhouse - Soljund's Sinkhole
Drois' Farmhouse - Helarchen Creek
Dead Trees Inn - Granite Hill
Thorgars' House - Whistling Mine
Screaming Goblin Inn - Oakwood

For now all villages are required (Masters) but future versions may be smarter about this.
Future version (2.0 AIO) IS smarter about this.

NOTE: All the shipping crates are enabled/disabled using the LOTD MCM (See screenshot in images).

Also highly recommend Lexy's LotD Mod guide -
This patch is designed for Lexy's mod guide list and the screenshots are also using her guide.

::  CREDITS ::
♦ icecreamassassin and his team for Legacy of the Dragonborn
♦ Arthmoor for his wonderful villages
♦ Lexy for her outstanding mod guide
♦ All of Lexy's team for their encouragement and support