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This is a lore-friendly, optimized, customizable, and highly compatible overhaul of the exterior and interiors of Jorrvaskr. This mod features bug fixes, a bath, additional beds, fountains, additional idles, a kitchen, a loft, a lounge, a guest quarter, planters, a walk-in closet, plenty of safe storage, mannequins, and weapon and shield displays.

Permissions and credits

Discover or rediscover Jorrvaskr with this mod. This mod will change Jorrvaskr into Yourvaskr. Most players who join the Companions will ditch Jorrvaskr once Breezehome becomes available. One of the aims of this mode is to put Jorrvaskr more on par with the Hearthfire homes. Players who have just joined the Companions can now have their own bed, some safe storage, and even a place near the bed to hang their weapons. This mod was designed to blend in with the vanilla game without looking too modded. It was also designed with compatibility in mind so that you are not limited to using just this mod. The vast amount of features and customization will allow you to customize Jorrvaskr to your liking. All displays have been properly set up. Mannequins will not stop wearing their armor and weapons won't be irretrievable when you place them. The Living Quarters is now more than doubled in size. The new guest quarter can accommodate an additional 16 NPCs. The optional loft can add six additional beds for NPCs to sleep in or 16 additional seats to relax in. The new lounge will give all NPCs an additional living space to relax in. The new areas are fully NavMeshed and have new idles for NPCs. Bugs that you noticed or didn't noticed in the vanilla game have been fixed. The lighting has been tweaked to give a flicker free experience with or without lighting mods. Some lights can be turn on and off or dimmed to help with this. Most of the enabled features can be disable using the "Decisions Board" that is in the cavern. Disable any feature that you don't want or that conflicts with other mods. Other features must be enabled using the Decisions Board in the Harbinger's bedroom. That board is only accessible after the changeover. With the Harbinger's Decisions Board, you can order a memorial fountain to be build for Kodlak and Skjor, build a tower to defend against dragons, or make changes to the Harbinger's room. This mod is clean, optimized, stable, and well made. This mod can be added or removed midplaythrough. If you have already been to the living quarters before adding this mod, there may be a bunch of stuff on the floor. Simply think of this as someone having too much mead one night and making the mess. Tilma will clean it up within three days. Books and coin purses may take a bit longer. If you don't want to wait, both Jaxonz Positioner and Tidy Up can put things back in their correct places. This mod doesn't use any external scripts or assets, so it can't be made to look as fancy as some other player home mods. It also must maintain a certain level of lore-friendliness, compatibility, and aesthetics. This limits what this mod can do. However in terms of functionality, it is as good as any mod out there. It does lack a few features such as adoption, spouse support, and the ability to display unique items. Those features will come later. For those that want a fancier Jorrvaskr, many of the walls have purposely been kept bare so that you can put up painting or decorations using the right mod. For those that have no interest in joining the companions, this is still a great mod to drop off your warrior type followers if you have the slot to spare.




Must have a warrior's soul


Add the contents of the archive to the Data directory manually or with a mod manager. Enable the mod and play. If you are adding this midplaythrough, you need to make a "Clean Save" before enabling this mod. If You don't, the weapons and shield displays will not work until you exit and re-enter the cell. This may cause mannequins to move about and display items to fall on the floor. Be aware that if you've already been to Jorrvaskr before adding this mod, certain data will be stored in your save. This includes the position of items that havok and the lock state of containers and doors. This means that items moved by this mod may end up on the floor until the cell resets. It also means that doors or containers that were unlocked or locked can't be changed by this mod.


Method one: (Try this method first when updating from any version.)
Before updating, there are a few things to be aware of. The barrel by the table in the kicthen in version one is now a sack in version two. Anything that was in the barrel will now be in the sack after updating with this method. One of the optional free chest in Skjor's room has been removed. Remove anything in any free chest in Skjor's room that you wish to keep before updating. The bookshelves in the walk-in-closet have been reworked in version two. Remove all items from these bookshelves before updating. You do not have to remove anything else from any displays, mannequins, or storage containers. They will correctly be where you left them even if the display, mannequin, or container has been moved. Other references that have been moved will not be in their new locations until the cell resets. These items may end up on the floor until then. Make a clean save before updating. Make the Clean Save by going to the Underforge or the Temple of Kynareth and saving. If something goes wrong you can fall back on this save. Exit the game. Take note of where the old mod is in the load order. Uninstall the old mod. Install the new mod. Position the new mod at the same load order position as the old mod. Enable the new mod and test out your game.

Method two: (Use this method to update from any version if you have issues with the mod after using the first method.)
The following updating method will ensure that everything works. Make a clean save before updating. Make the Clean Save by going to the Underforge or the Temple of Kynareth and saving. If something goes wrong you can fall back on this save. Remove all items from containers, displays, bookshelves, mannequins, and anything left in the areas added by this mod. Make another clean save. Exit the game. Take note of where the old mod is in the load order. Uninstall the old mod. Start the game without this mod enabled. Make another clean save. This will flush out some left over data from the old mod. Install the new mod. Position the new mod at the same load order position as the old mod. Enable the new mod and test out your game. You will have to grab the master key again to unlock the closet. This may be a bit of a hassle, but it is sometimes necessary when you're updating between major version numbers.

General updating procedure for mods with minor updates (reference additions, but no reference changes).
Uninstall the old mod. Install the updated mod. Sort your load order. Enable the mod and play.

General updating procedure for mods with major updates (reference changes, switching to esl/ESPFE or compacted mods).
Remove all items from containers and new areas. Make a clean save. Exit the game. Uninstall the old mod. Start the game without the new mod and make another save. Exit the game. Install the updated mod. Sort your load order. Enable the mod and play.


Remove all items from containers, displays, bookshelves, mannequins, and anything left in the floor area added by this mod. Next, make a Clean Save by going to the Underforge or the Temple of Kynareth and saving. Now, you can remove the mod. Some items may still need a cell reset. Remove contents of the archive manually or with a mod manager.

The following are compatible unless otherwise stated. Note that some features must be disabled to maintain compatibility with some mods.



The way to gain access to the cavern has been changed and the trapdoor has been relocated. Originally, the idea was that once the player joined and claimed a bed access would be granted. Unfortunately, you have to claim a bed again every time the mod gets updated. Not only was this tedious, but it didn't make sense for the Harbinger to be claiming a welp's bed. Cavern and Skyrim Sewers trapdoor restrictions have been removed to avoid confusion.

The six beds in the community sleeping quarter, the six optional loft beds, and the 16 beds in the guest quarter added by this mod do not have any ownership. This is so that NPCs and followers that are not in the Companions faction from other mods can use them. Two of the beds can be claimed. One is on the northeast corner and the other is on the southeast corner. Claim the bed of your choice by activating the marker underneath the shelf by the bed. Claiming a bed sets the ownership of the bed to the player so that no NPC will use the bed. Both beds can be claim/unclaim with the markers underneath the shelves. You should unclaim the beds when you move out of the community sleeping quarters to allow NPCs to use them. The guest quarter does not have any idles or usable furniture by default. This is to keep NPCs in the main living areas where they can be seen rather than hidden in the bedrooms. The idles and chairs can be enable using the Cavern Decisions Board.

Some features of this mod require some common sense on the mod user's part. Only enable one bed in Skjor's room. Build the loft before adding the bed or lounge options. Do not enable both those options at the same time. Do not disable the loft with either of those options enabled.

The table in the middle of the room in the north side of the community sleeping quarters that is there to keep compatibility with Enhanced Lights and FX is now disable by default. If you are using ELFX, it can be restored by activating the marker underneath the shelf.

Items that are already on display, should not be taken down and placed on other displays in the same cell. They will return to their original displays upon re-entering the cell and cause issues with the display scripts. You should NEVER drop them on the floor and leave the cell. If you wish to take them down and put up your own items, it is best to just stick the old items in a container. All the displays are setup properly, but you may still have issues if you're not using USSEP. The vertical display plaques can hold a weapon or a shield. If you are using USSEP, they can hold both. The shield activator is place a little off to the side to avoid issues with weapons. With the new Wuuthrad display, Wuuthrad will be properly positioned, properly flush, and properly lit in the display. Activating the candles by the display will put the display in a lock or unlock position. In the lock position, weapons will be flush in the display but will not be retrievable. The unlock position will accommodate larger weapons and will allow you to retrieve any weapon. While you can put any weapon on the display, some weapons may not be suitable for the display. This is true of other displays as well. This mod does not edit the the two weapons rack in the main hall. It instead places invisible weapons racks at the same spot. If a mod was to move the vanilla racks, there won't be any visual issues as long as you don't use the invisible racks. Version 2 allows you to disable the weapons racks. This will not disable the visible vanilla racks.

All the storage added by this mod are safe. Vanilla storage that were not safe remain so since there are already plenty of safe storage. The only containers that are not safe in the Harbinger quarters are the barrel in the study and the chest in the bedroom. Allowing the barrel to respawn  gives the impression that Tilma is restocking the barrel. The chest appears to be a boss chest for Jorrvaskr and thus was left alone. Simply think of the chest as your share of Jorrvaskr's profits. Anything that you don't keep, Tilma will sell for mead money.

Remove vanilla items from bookshelves before using them or you'll have clipping. All items in functional bookshelves have been set to not respawn. It it best to remove books by activating the bookshelves rather than taking the books directly. You can put other stuff in the bookshelves besides books by using Unlimited Bookshelves or Put anything in the Bookshelves. You can also use Jaxonz Positioner or Dylbill's Positioner with or without these mods to do the same thing. If you do use Unlimited Bookshelves or Put anything in the Bookshelves, there are a few things to be aware of. Most importantly, ALWAYS remove items by activating the bookshelves rather than taking the items directly. The items display on the shelf are not the original items which are still in the container attached to the bookshelf. While some may be tempted to use the bookshelf to cheat and duplicate items, these duplicates are very buggy. They won't show on displays or mannequins and may cause other issues. The other thing to be aware of is that the headboard bookshelf is unconventional. If you are not using those mods, you can put five books in the headboard. If you are using those mods, you should only put in one book or nothing at all.

Those who are in the Thieves Guild or who plan on joining should not enable the Gold Bath Decor option. While it won't cause any issues, it will diminish the experience. This option was provided because most honorable warrior types won't ever join the Thieves Guild and would never get to see any of these items.

The extra room that isn't in any of the screenshots is meant to be a small surprise for those who downloaded this mod. In version 2, it's twice as large and more interactive. If you hadn't figure it out by now, you can put up the chandeliers by grabbing the torch. This will also enable the rest of the idles in the room, and NPCs will visit the room more often.

This mod only makes minimal changes to the Circle members' rooms. The only edits were to Skjor's bed and chest, a few light bulbs, and some weapons plaques above the doors. If you have issues in these areas, it's not likely from this mod. The reason for not overhauling these areas is that the purpose of this mod is to overhaul the living space of the player. The rooms of the Circle members are not really part of that unless you marry one of them. The light bulbs were edited to fix light flickering issues. Skjor's bed and chest were edited so that the room would not go to waste for the rest of the game. The reason for not overhauling the entire room is allow for other mods to do so. Overhauls of the Circle members' rooms are better left for a Companions overhaul mod. One of the best idea would be to have Njada promoted and take over Skjor's room. This can be done while Kodlak is still Harbinger and he could oversee the induction ceremony. There should be enough voiced dialogue to do this. While this would be great if ever such a mod were to be created, it is outside the scope of this mod. What this mod can do is not to hinder those type of mods by making unnecessary edit to areas that it doesn't need to.

Adoption and spouse features are currently working and will be released as an add-on. Further refinement and testing is required before release.


Dreogan's Skyforge weapons and shields mods (adds additional variety of Skyforge weapons and shields)
Enhanced Skyrim Factions - The Companions Guild (adds better AI packages and improves quests)
Jaxonz Positioner or Dylbill's Positioner (allows you to place and move items in you home)
Jenna - Redguard Mercenary (a SFW follower that can be recruited if you are the Harbinger)
Hearthfire multiple adoptions
Holidays (adds decorations to the front of Jorrvaskr during holidays)
iNeed (adds eating animation and needs)
Keep It Clean (adds bathing animation and allows you to bath in the bath or underground pool)
My Home is Your Home, My Home is Your Home (MHiYH 2plus), or MHIYH 4 In 1
Put anything in the Bookshelves or Unlimited Bookshelves (allows you to put more books and other stuff in bookshelves)
QueenAcademe's Placeable Paintings and Notes (use with Jaxonz Positioner or Dylbill's Positioner)
Rise of the legend - Ysgramor (adds Ysgramor's armor into the game)
Skyshade - Create Your Own Paintings (create and place your own paintings in-game)
Tidy Up (allows you to put items that can be move back at their editor locations)
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (fixes weapon display and mannequin issues)


Fixed the exterior weapon rack that was broken in version 2.200628. Fix the issue of black panel hiding door exits on the local map. Reworked bookshelves in the walk-in closet and a few other references to make updating easier. Added an optional loft to the main hall. Added an optional deck to the back porch. Added an optional tower to the exterior stone wall.

Fixed the two weapons rack in the main hall that were broken in version 2.200628. Removed cavern and Skyrim Sewers trapdoor restrictions to avoid confusion.

Added apiaries, a bath, customization, more displays, fountains, a guest quarter, more idles, a lounge, and other stuff you can find out for yourself

Fixed shield display issues with hide shields. Fixed the the three rugs with two left ends. Replace the extra alchemy lab with a writing chair. Other minor improvements.

Improved lighting and compatibility.

Initial release


Jorrvaskr Trapdoor (adds an additional trap door if you have congestion issues)
Skyforge Complete (adds missing blacksmith crafting stations)


Linthar for More Informative Console
LOOT Team for LOOT
MO2 Team for Mod Organizer 2
Nukem for SSE CreationKit Fixes
SKSE Team for Skyrim Script Extender
Wrye Bash Team for Wrye Bash
xEdit team for SSEEdit

Bethesda for the game and Creation Kit

Also a thank you to the following 30 people for recognizing how good version one of the mod was and endorsing it:
9Zo9zO, alexei182, AlphaBlazeWolf, andreagaines, coreypikes, crfleo, DasPuter, diamondhead, DigitalCabbage, Ellierel, ganicustitan, Ghost2018, hinaisnew, infernalredpen, Kalr3nth, Mayuyu48, mjstee, msanders3434, naomis8329, NinjaYeti, optical34, OstrixTheOstrich, PiperCat1031, rick0307, Rosehla, SeanNaicker, Shahariel, Thiudareiks, Uchihamadara98765431, wazdah


Jorrvaskr Trapdoor
Jorrvaskr Wuuthrad Display
Karthwasten The Silver Anvil
Kolskeggr Miner's Hall
Morthal Where's Wares
No Grassias
Skyforge Complete
This Is Jorrvaskr
Whiterun Watchtowers


Patches have open permission.