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This is a small, lore-friendly, and immersive expansion of Kolskeggr Mine. It adds a miner's hall with a blacksmith, a food vender, and two random miners to Kolskeggr Mine. This mod is a light plugin (ESPFE/esl flagged).

Permissions and credits

The first time you encounter Kolskeggr Mine, you probably didn't even know there was a mine there. Your first thoughts were likely along the lines of, "Why is there a lone house out in the middle of nowhere?" or "Why are those savages attacking those poor chickens?". Once you avenged the chickens, you went on your way and forgot all about the place. It isn't until you stumble upon the related quest that you finally learn about Pavo's House and the only gold mine in the game. Once the quest is completed, you went back to completely forgetting and ignoring the area. This mod adds some life, activity, and interest to the area. It also addresses some inconsistencies in the lore. Both Gat gro-Shargakh and Pavo states that they are the only ones that made it out alive and that everyone else was killed. Who were these "everyone else" and what did they do? Before they were killed, where did they live? Pavo's House only has room for two people. If Pavo hires new people, where are they going to live? Kolskeggr Mine is too large of a mine for two miners. Anyone who has a gold mine can certainly hire more miners. This mod adds two random miners to help with the mining and a miner's hall for them to stay at. The two miners will be randomly chosen from a pool of twelve NPCs of various sex and races each time you start the game. This will give the impression of miners coming to work for Pavo and then leaving when they have earned enough gold. The miner's hall is also home to the local blacksmith and food vendor. While a blacksmith isn't really needed because Kolskeggr Mine is close enough to Markarth, having a blacksmith does liven up the area. All the new NPC's have full AI packages which will greatly improve immersion. Even the AI packages of Gat gro-Shargakh and Pavo have been tweaked to randomly visit the Miner's Hall. Every area is properly NavMeshed and new idles have been added. With the new NPCs and services, Kolskeggr is now a place worth stopping by when you're in the area. This is a clean and stable mod that can be added or remove at anytime.


Add the contents of archive to the Data directory manually or with a mod manager. Sort you load order. Enable the mod and play.


Updating procedure for mods with major updates (reference changes, switching to esl/ESPFE or compacted mods).
Remove all items from containers and new areas. Make a clean save. Exit the game. Uninstall the old mod. Start the game without the new mod and make another save. Exit the game. Install the updated mod. Sort your load order. Enable the mod and play.


Remove contents of the archive manually or with a mod manager.


Not compatible with any mods that alters the NavMesh or places anything where the building is. Should be compatible with everything else.


The new NPCs will either be at The Silver-Blood Inn or Left Hand Mine until the related quest is completed. The two merchants are essential. The random miners are not.

The Miner's Hall is open to the public at noon if you want some food or a drink. It's not an inn. If you want a place to sleep, go to an inn or sleep in the hay pile in the mine.

Pavo's House looked a bit too second class next to the miner's hall, so it got a little upgrade.

If you break into the miner's hall prior to completing the quest, the new NPCs may not appear until the cell resets. NPCs will sometimes prefer the safety of the inn and not move to Kolskeggr mine. This may require the cell to reset as well.

If You are not using The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, the mighty chicken slayers will return again and again.

The guard by the mine doesn't always show up. This is a vanilla issue. The guard will appear after the cell resets.

If you are unwelcome in the miner's hall, use the regular version instead of the light plugin version.

Use No Grassias if you have grass clipping issues by the bench.

The new NPCs have random outfits. The blacksmith will randomly wear the white or red blacksmith's outfit. The miners will randomly wear the white or brownish miner's outfit. The food vendor will randomly wear merchant's or cook's outfits. Her fashion sense may not be the best at times.

This mod was inspired in part by Settlements Expanded. If this mod isn't to your liking, try that mod instead. I wouldn't have created this mod if that mod was modular. The miner's hall is place at the same location as the blacksmith's house from Settlements Expanded. This was done for compatibility reasons. If new mods are created to be compatible with one mod, there is a higher chance that they will be compatible with the other mode as well.

There are a lot of confusion about esl and mod limits, so here is a brief summary.
There are a total of 256 slots in the game. This is the case with Morrowind and Oblivion as well. Of the 256 slots, one is reserved for the ess file. This leaves 255 slots for esm/esp files. 255 is the esm/esp limit, not the mod limit. Some mods do not take up any slots. The five official masters are part of the game and shouldn't be consider mods. Therefore, the esm/esp mod limit is actually 250. It has often been stated that esl and esl flagged esp files do not take up a slot. That is incorrect. Using one or more esl or esl flagged esp file will reduce the 255 esm/esp slot limit to 254.


This mod is the last of three learning mods. The first is Karthwasten The Silver Anvil and the second is Morthal Where's Wares. These mods were design to familiarize myself with services. Services was something that I didn't need to know about until I needed it in order to fix a mod I wanted to use. This mod was also an experiment with random outfits. I'm not sure why it isn't used more often in mods. It's actually more immersive that NPCs do not wear the same clothes everyday.


Added ownership to a few items. Added NavCut to the boulders by the bridge. Compacted form IDs and flagged mod as an esl.

Initial release


KSHair for Kolskeggr Miner's Hall (Thanks to Herowynne)


Linthar for More Informative Console
LOOT Team for LOOT
MO2 Team for Mod Organizer 2
Nukem for SSE CreationKit Fixes
SKSE Team for Skyrim Script Extender
Wrye Bash Team for Wrye Bash
xEdit team for SSEEdit

Bethesda for the game and Creation Kit


Jorrvaskr Holidays (allows you to decorate Jorrvasker for the holidays)
Jorrvaskr Trapdoor (adds trap doors between the main hall and living quarters)
Jorrvaskr Wuuthrad Display (allows weapons and shields to be mounted on the display)
Karthwasten The Silver Anvil (adds a blacksmith/inn)
Kolskeggr Miner's Hall (adds a blacksmith and more miners)
Morthal Where's Wares (adds a general store)
No Grassias (a universal grass mod fix that works well with Landscape Fixes and No Grass In Objects)
Skyforge Complete (adds missing blacksmith stations)
This Is Jorrvaskr (a highly compatible and cusomizable Jorrvaskr overhaul)
Whiterun Watchtowers (minor improvements to Western Watchtower and Whitewatch Tower)


Patches have open permission.