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This just a conversion of the General Stores to SE. I made this mod conversion so I could convert my other mods over. Now, I am posting so others can do the same. All credit for mod goes to Harvey2112. Now has all DLC support. Adds Cloud storage and auto-sorting to mods with support. Plus, some utility mods for General Stores.

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General Stores  SSE- A modder's resource for fast, safe, storage from anywhere in Skyrim. That adds auto-sorting of Items. You can find the pc version on and add-ons under optional files. As well as links below to supporting mods that use this resource.

Old Showcase videos seem to have been removed so I am looking videos to post explaining what this mod does if any YouTubers want to help. Just message me the link. I will add the link in the description when I get the message. If I get some extra time I will make a video unless I get a message.

Old General Stores Mod link. Use this for More Information.

Updated to support all DLC.
NEW --- 2.5aSE includes NIF file by Kevkas in BSA. Special Thanks for finding and fixing. Nothing else changed.
Mod authors do not need to do anything unless they have Formalist edits in their mod.
New Optional files.
Looking for more YouTubers to make more video showcases. - Just send me a message here on the Nexus.

Installation Instructions:
Main file required for all mods. Use NMM for all files.
1. Mod under optional adds containers to Hearthfire homes. Load this in middle.
2. New optional files. Load them in middle. May need to Load Resource transfer for crafting Cloud Storage last.
3. Then just install mods you want additional support for from links below. Load in middle.
4. To manually add support read Quote from Main mod Page below or see images.
5. Still, need help just send me a message may take a while to reply but will happen at some point. I take breaks from time to time.

Note this is a Modders Resouce Mod. It does not add containers unless you have a supported mod. See mod links below.

Hope you all enjoy.

What I did was convert ESM to esp update in creation kit 2.0 and reconvert back to ESM. Unpacked BSA and updated meshes and repacked into new BSA format. Update formlists to include all DLC. Used SSE Nif Optimizer by Ousnius on meshes. Plus, updated some supporting mods and added a few.

Everything seems to work fine been playing with the mod in my game for months now.

Supporting Mods That Use General Stores SE Links.
Click Blue Mod Name text to be redirected to Mods.

General Stores for Homes,
Draco's Pack Rats Adventurers Tent, - One of my mods has General Stores in it. Is the latest version.
Craftable Cloud Storage For General Stores
, - Adds the ability to make and place containers. The link is too old version. Use new file under Optional.
General Stores For Breezehome By Elianora,
Archmages Quarters Overhaul with General Stores,
Deluxe Archmages Redux with General Stores,
HearthFire General Stores with Dawnguard,
Ethereal General Stores,
Elysium Estate General Stores,
Draco's Clockwork Castle General Stores Add-on,
Legend of the Eagles Nest SSE,
The Sanctum,
Valkryja Estate,
The Crossroads Cellar,
Hill House Returned,
The Moors SE,
Limbwood Manor SE,
Dusk's Cabin SE,
Fort Highwood SE,
Honeyside TNF Addon,
SSE Thieves Guild Overhaul with General Stores,
Elianora's Riverwood Shack,
Reverent Grotto, - Note - Has Old Version of General Stores in the mod. Also, needs to be converted to SSE in creation kit 2.0.
Jedi's General Stores Patches, - Cliffside Cottage
Hunter's Cabin in Riverwood
Different than above - Crafting Cloud Storage, - Adds Access to your stores at crafting stations. Can be downloaded under optional now. As Resource Transfer GS.
Dremora Gem By sEXEcutor, - Note Requires SKSE64. But, very nice. Adds Ability to Transform Containers.
Cleaned Up Thieves Guild Overhaul, - Has version with support for General Stores. (More Lore Friendly Overhaul).
Elysium Estate OCD General Stores,
Winter Cove Winterhold and GS,
Severin Manor, - Different from optional addon it overhauls house as well.
Global Storage, - Has three versions under the Files tab. Adds GS storage to all vanilla places.
Nix Manor,
Skystone Castle,
Waterview player home in Beyond Skyrims Bruma,
Crafter's Crypt SE,

Advanced users - You can also use Skyrim's merge script for xedit. Found here to merges addons in SSEEdit. New SSEdit has a built-in merge plugin I have not tested yet. Should work fine it tells you if merge has errors so be mindful. I also right click plugin and check for errors once complete should be none. Just always make a new plugin to be safe.

If you have a mod that uses general stores in SE Just send me a message I will add it to list when I have time.

Now on For PC Old version updating soon.
and For Xbox One has been Updated. - Click Me for Link.

The old mod page description is Below.

Quote From main mod page.
"What is this?