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This mod allows you to properly mount any weapon and shield on the Wuuthrad display that's inside Jorrvaskr's main hall. This mod is a light plugin (ESPFE/esl flagged).

Permissions and credits
This is a newer stand alone version of the Wuuthrad display from the This Is Jorrvaskr mod. It is made available for those who just want the display or who wish to use it with another Jorrvaskr mod. With this mod, Wuuthrad will be properly positioned, properly flush, and properly lit in the display. It won't look like it's floating in air. It won't look like it was attached to a weapons plaque or weapons rack that is mounted on top of the Wuuthrad display. Activating the candles by the display will put the display in a lock or unlock position. In the lock position, weapons will be flush in the display but will not be retrievable. The unlock position will accommodate larger weapons and will allow you to retrieve any weapon. While you can put any weapon on the display, some weapons may not be suitable for the display. The optional shield display was designed to hold the Shield of Ysgramor without any clipping issues. This mod can be added or removed at any time.


Add the contents of archive to the Data directory manually or with a mod manager. Sort you load order. Enable the mod and play. If you are adding this midplaythrough, you need to make a "Clean Save" before enabling this mod. If You don't, the weapons and shield displays will not work until you exit and re-enter the cell.


Remove any weapon currently on the display. Make a clean save. Exit the game. Uninstall the old mod. Install the updated mod. Sort your load order. Enable the mod and play.


Before removing this mod, remove all items from the displays. Make a clean save. Remove contents of the archive manually or with a mod manager.

The following are compatible unless otherwise stated.

Compatible with any Jorrvaskr mod that doesn't edit the display

Not compatible with other Wuuthrad display mods

Not compatible with This Is Jorrvaskr. Later versions of This Is Jorrvaskr will include this display.


Version 1.1 prevents the use of the display until the shards are gone. If you want to use the display while the shards are still there, hop onto the ledge in front of the display. This will put you inside the noncollidable bounding box and allow you to access the display and candles. This mod does not make any edits to the shards. If you use the display while they shards are still there, you may get some clipping.

There are two simple tests to determine if a weapons display is working properly. The first is the iron dagger test. Place an iron dagger in the display and try to retrieve it. If you can't, the position is too far inside the bounds of the display or wall. The second test is the pick ax or woodcutter's ax test. Place those weapons in the display. If they are upside down or worse, the x, y, or z rotation needs to be adjusted. It's not always the same rotational axis that needs changing. In some cases it also doesn't matter if the angle is an integer or floating point number. In those cases even a properly set up display can fail the woodcutter's ax test. Using the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch should fix those cases.

There are a lot of confusion about esl and mod limits, so here is a brief summary. There are a total of 256 slots in the game. This is the case with Morrowind and Oblivion as well. Of the 256 slots, one is reserved for the ess file. This leaves 255 slots for esm/esp files. 255 is the esm/esp limit, not the mod limit. Some mods do not take up any slots. The five official masters are part of the game and shouldn't be consider mods. Therefore, the esm/esp mod limit is actually 250. It has often been stated that esl and esl flaged esp files do not take up a slot. That is incorrect. Using one or more esl or esl flaged esp files will reduce the 255 esm/esp slot limit to 254.


Prevents use of the display until the shards are gone

Initial release


MO2 Team for Mod Organizer 2
Nukem for SSE CreationKit Fixes
Wrye Bash Team for Wrye Bash
xEdit team for SSEEdit

Bethesda for the game and Creation Kit


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Patches have open permission.