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Comprehensive overhaul of furniture and clutter throughout Tamriel, including new models and textures for noble chairs and beds, drapery, Imperial and Thalmor banners, weapon racks and plaques, display cases, alchemy and enchanting tables, wall paintings and tapestries, childrens' toys, etc.

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*** Important - there is a new version of this mod SFCO3 - Base Object Swapper. 
Its takes advantage of BOS to distribute most of the furniture and clutter, so WAYY less plugin patching!
SFCO3 will be consistently updated moving forward. 

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO)

Adds custom versions of the following, all hand placed throughout Skyrim based on the environment…

Paintings, murals, and tapestries – Over 200 different styles of wall art.

Noble chairs and thrones – Custom models and textures with 8 color options matching furniture from Noble Skyrim HD, or other texture mods like SMIM, Rustic Furniture, etc.

Noble beds – Over 50 new models and textures!!

NEW! Alchemy and Enchanting Workbenches and Workstations – Combined (and fixed) assets from Revamped Assets Skyrim and created new dwemer, vampire, noble, shabby, and snowy versions.  *** I recommend using any texture replacer you like (Rustic by Gamwich, etc), but if you use model (mesh) replacers you'll need a patch to get my enhanced versions.
Weapon racks and plaques – Custom dwemer, nordic, noble, and vampire versions

Whiterun draperies – Custom textures

Solitude and Thalmor Banners – Animated and retextured

Quest items – Custom models and textures for TG Model Ship and Quill of Gemination

Misc Items – Custom Bloody Rags texture

Children’s Toys – Toy blocks, teddy bears, balls, and rocking horses placed in children’s bedroom areas.  All have been retextured and changed to misc items or furniture (with navcuts) in rev 2.0!

Assets Cell – I added a custom assets cell in case you want to see all my custom assets and how they'll look in your game.  Open console and type: COC 0GM_AssetsCell

Here are some videos to help illustrate...

Compatibility and Patches:
If you use mods that change the interiors (and a few exterior locations) of Skyrim, then you’ll most likely need to use compatibility patches.  We’ve recently created a new mod page for SFCO patches that will be maintained by a team of modders dedicated to making Skyrim
AWESOME…including Czasior, Janquel, SirJesto, ra2phoenix, and InstantKor...

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO) Patch Collection

All patches are ESL flagged unless otherwise stated!!

Patches include but not limited to:
Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Castle Volkihar Rebuilt
Cutting Room Floor
Distinct Interiors
Dungeons - Revisited
EEKs Whiterun Interiors
Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX)
Helgen Reborn
Immersive Citizens
Immersive College of Winterhold
Interesting NPCs
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Palaces and Castles Enhanced
Player Homes (Vanilla and Custom)
Radiance - Radiant Quest Enchancements - Quests
RiverWood Redone 
Rodryk's Dragon Bridge
Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
This Is Jorrvaskr

Unnoficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP)

Other SFCO patches can be found on these sites:

Q: Can I just use the chairs, or the beds, or the Vampire Display cases only from this mod...I don't want to use
A:  You can install the Replacer version instead of the Mix-n-Match version if you want to choose which of my
resources you want to use.  HOWEVER, you won't get the hand-placed variety that the plugin version offers.

Q:  I have paintings floating in the middle of the room?
A:  You have conflicting mod/s loaded.  You’ll need to either find a patch (see “Compatibility and Patches” section above), or
do your own conflict resolution in CK/xEdit.

Q:  Can you make a patch for "X" mod?
A:  Probably best asked here Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO) Patch Collection
Q:  I like everything except the paintings, how do I get rid of those?
A:  Either use the Replacer version, or remove all the references in xEdit yourself.

Paintings Credits:
The beautifully detailed frames are edited meshes from HQ Real Paintings Modders Resource by
morganmarz, betterbecause, and jet4571.

The images I used to create these paintings/murals are either from free to use
Skyrim screenshots, or the artwork created by the following artists, who have
graciously given me permission to use their artwork to create Skyrim assets.
If you’d like to use their artwork in your mod, including the assets I’ve
created with their art, plz contact them directly for permission:
Nick Deligaris  [email protected]
Pablo Hernandez  pablofernandezartwrk.deviantart.com
Chevsy (Vuk Kostic)  chevsy.deviantart.com
Adele Lorienne    Meadowhaven.net
Sandara   sandara.deviantart.com

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