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Comprehensive overhaul of furniture and clutter throughout Tamriel, including:
- New HD noble chairs, beds, drapery, Imperial Banners, etc.
- Several styles of weapon racks, plaques, and display cases
- Many new wall art paintings
- More...

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 Based on popular demand (and because it will make it much easier and more efficient to update with new content and patches) I present an all-in-one compilation/overhaul of my previous furniture and clutter mods, with many new improvements and additions!

I took some time to clean things up, add content more "Immersively", and add many new cool items and re-textures, including a desaturated version for ENB users, or for anyone who would like these assets to blend in a little more with the bleakish Skyrim environment. 

I also created compatibility patches for several of the more common/popular mods that impact the environment.

I hope you enjoy!!

Officially endorsed Legacy of the Dragonborn patch

Here are some videos made by others...

So this looks cool, but what the heck does this mod actually do??

Replaces vanilla noble chairs and beds with a variety of custom noble chairs and beds...
I created/customized new noble chairs and bed meshes.  I then created several styles and colors of chair and bed textures (2K res) and hard-coded them to these meshes.  I then went through skyrim cell by cell and replaced most of the noble chairs and beds with my custom ones, choosing colors and styles to best fit the environment.  I also set specific styles with the generic skyrim nomenclature to replace any of the chairs and beds that I didn’t change.  So all noble chairs and beds in skyrim will have one of my new textures, including any added by new mods, as long as they use the generic skyrim nomenclature…noblebedsingle01, noblechair02, etc.

Replaces vanilla display cases and weapon racks/plaques with a variety of custom display cases and weapon racks/plaques...
I did some mesh improvement work on the vanilla display cases.  Then I created custom noble, Dwemer, Nordic, and vampire textures for the display cases, as well as weapon racks and plaques.  I then replaced most of the display cases and weapon rack/plaques in game with the style that best fit the environment…Dwemer style in Dwemer ruins, Nordic in Nordic ruins, Noble in nicer areas, etc.  Some I left as vanilla because they fit the environment better.

** The noble chairs, noble display cases and noble weapon racks/plaques were built using the noble furniture texture from NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K by Shutt3r  as a base.  For best results I recommend using at least the noble furniture textures from NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K to cover the rest of your noble furniture in game.

Adds cool new paintings and murals...
I started with the frames from HQ Paintings (See my credits section) and added collision, environment maps, and a few new textures as well like Dwemer and Nordic.   Then I searched for cool artwork that I liked and got permission from the artists to use their work in my mod/s. I also collected many Skyrim screenshots.  I took these images and modified them to look like paintings, did some cropping/recoloring/reshading, and added canvas and cracking paint textures.  I then created a variety of paintings using these new frames and painting textures, and placed them in nearly ½ of the vanilla and DLC Skyrim cells, with environment theme in mind…dark and forboding in dungeons, playful in kids rooms, naughty in more seedy locations, elegant in palaces, shabby in shacks, etc.

Adds/replaces other cool stuff...
  • Draperies – I created custom textures for the draperies in Whiterun Dragonsreach and Hall of the Dead.
  • Riften Throne – I created 3 different styles, included the red version in this mod. 
  • Chidrens’ rooms – I added some additional kids clutter in the childrens’ rooms around skyrim using assets from vanilla game, as well as from Tamira and Insanity Sorrow, with custom textures to some models.
  • Banners – I added custom textures and animation to Thalmor and Imperial banners.  
  • Gutmaw specials – I included a custom Quill of Gemination and Model Ship (TG quest items), bloody rags, and several other misc custom meshes/textures.

Compatibility and Load Order:
  • You will want to load the meshes and textures AFTER or overwriting any other mods that replace noble bed/chair/display case/weapon rack and plaque/Imperial and Thalmor banner meshes.
  • Load Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul.esp after (or below) Clothing and Clutter mod carries over any changes made by CCF, so it' all good.
  • With the exceptions above, let LOOT sort the main plugin and any of the compatibility patches (but should look similar to the order in the "mergeable" section below)
  • Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLCs and USSEP are required for the main plugin (there is also an optional esp available with no USSEP requirement).

Also, the following mods are included in this overhaul mod.  You MUST deactivate these if you've installed them...
  • Snazzy Quill of Gemination
  • Animated and Improved Thalmor Banners

Compatibility Patches
Included are Compatibility Patches for some of the more popular and conflicting mods.  I will be looking at other patches as the need arises.

These plugins are mergeable.  Best way to merge any/all patches is to...
  1.  Let LOOT sot your plugins  
  2.  Run "Sort Masters" in TES5Edit 
  3.  Merge the patches based on your your load order.

If you have additional mods that change interior cell environment, outside of simple mesh/texture replacers, you'll ofc want to do your own CR patch over these.

Q: Can I just use the chairs, or the beds, or the Vampire Display cases only from this mod...I don't want to use everything?
A:  You can install the Replacer version instead of the Mix-n-Match version if you want to choose which of my resources you want to use,  Otherwise the Mix-n-match version comes as it is.  

Q:  I have paintings floating in the middle of the room?
In the case of a conflicting mod you have 3 choices...
  1. Learn to use XEdit and do your own conflict resolution based on your specific game. I HIGHLY recommend this if you use multiple mods.
  2. In game, use Jaxonz Positioner ( or console commands to move/delete any of my resources that are out of place.
  3. Download my Replacer version. You'll miss out on my paintings, as well as a lot of variety, but still get many of my new meshes/textures.

Q:  Will you be adding more stuff...I want more, more more?!
A:  Yep, and will be much easier with this all in one mod!

Q:  Can I just use the textures I want?
A: Yes, use the Replacer Pack found in Main Files sections.  Or, just rename the desired mesh (NIF) to match vanilla nomenclature and allow it to overwrite any other mod that may alter those specific meshes.  All textures are hardcoded to the mesh, so no need to rename textures.

Q:  Can you make a patch for "X" mod?
A:  I'm happy to take a look at creating additional patches, time permitting.

Paintings Credits:
The beautifully detailed frames are edited meshes from HQ Real Paintings Modders Resource by morganmarz, betterbecause, and jet4571 (  Thanks to that team for putting it together and allowing the modding community to share!!  

The images I used to create these paintings/murals are either from free to use Skyrim screenshots, or the artwork created by the following artists, who have graciously given me permission to use their artwork to create Skyrim assets.  If you’d like to use their artwork in your mod, including the assets I’ve created with their art, plz contact them directly for permission:

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