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A collection of compatibility patches for Opulent Thieves Guild

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It's me again, working at resolving potential conflicts with Opulent Thieves Guild. There's a few other patches already out there (including one that already exists for ELFX, turns out), but these are my versions, I guess :) Just a small collection this time. Each mod which has a patch is listed below, with specific details of all changes. All patches are ESP flagged as ESL, unless otherwise noted. I know some folks regularly ask for a change in the sounds in the Flagon and whatnot, but that's beyond the scope of what I try to do - I'm not re-envisioning various mods, I'm just making them play together.

Included Patch Descriptions

Brynjolf has Time for You - Applies both packages to all NPCs which are touched by both. Navmesh mostly forwarded from BhT, slightly tweaked. Moved conflicting objects where new paths are. Major shifting/disabling of objects in the treasure room, so both methods of restoring it are necessary to fully restore it, and it includes items from both. Last checked against version 1.0.

Cheesemod for EVERYONE - Shifts a few added cheeses to avoid conflicts. Last checked against version 1.01

DX Celes Rogue - shifts a few objects on the counter where the crafting supplies are put such that they don't conflict. Last checked against version 1.1.

Embers XD - Shifts the placement of fires to better utilize the new look of Embers XD, includes some ashes spread around, and in a few places substitutes fire types to better match aesthetics. In OTG, completely replaces the main fire in Ragged Flagon. Last checked against version 2.1.1. Patch for ESL version available in optional files, FOMOD patch is for uncompacted EmbersHD.esp.

Enhanced Lights and FX - resolves conflicts. Applies ELFX types/coloring to OTG lights. Edits light source radius/locations to attempt to resolve flickering. Please see comments for more details. All changes from ELFX Fixes forwarded/used as base (thanks, WiZkiD for permissions), master not required but highly recommended! Last checked against version 3.06.

Jampion NPCs - Male NPC Overhaul - Forwards changes for both OTG (protected flags, packages, cleanup scripts, occasional object bounds and skin tone layers) and Jampion NPCs (appearance overhaul). Last checked against version 1.1.0. Patch provided by Tetrol88

JK's Ragged Flagon - Combines changes of the two. Note: I applied some of the thieves guild staging to some of the changes which JK's Ragged Flagon adds, so your Ragged Flagon will not originally appear to be the same as what is displayed on the JK's page. This is intentional. Last checked against version 1.0

Mystic Condenser - Forwards the navmesh from OTG. Placement of the condenser is fine, but if it's lower in your load order than OTG, you could run into some navmesh problems. Last checked against version 2.3

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul - Moves/removes a few paintings in the vault such that they don't conflict. Also, ties them into the progression of the thieves guild quest, so they're not always there. Last checked against version 2.0.

Skyrim Sewers - shifts a couple objects such that a placed book/mead don't overlap. Last checked against version 4.15

Skyrim's Unique Treasures - Shifts a golden fork so it doesn't conflict with other placed objects. Last checked against version 4.4

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Navmesh patch. Last checked against version 4.2.3

Other patches I'm aware of: Ragged Flagon Shortcut

Use a mod manager/organizer to install, or drop the loose files into your Skyrim data folder. Patches should have their appropriate masters set, and should be loaded after any mods which they are patching. Some of the fixes in question are on persistent objects, and may require a new save.

I don't believe this should introduce any incompatibilities beyond anything which may be present between base mods. Let me know if you hit anything.

Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
Sokkvabekk for Opulent Thieves Guild
ThadeusCalvin for Brynjolf has Time for You
aviform, EpicCrab, DoubtSuspended, PhysicsFish, and Daniel Hodge for Cheesemod for EVERYONE
DeserterX for DX Celes Rogue
mindflux for Embers XD
anamorphus for Enhanced Lights and FX
WiZkiD for ELFX Fixes
Jampion for Jampion NPCs - Male NPC Overhaul
jkrojmal for JK's The Ragged Flagon
Dave0523 for Mystic Condenser
gutmaw for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul
Viltuska for Skyrim Sewers
Arthmoor and the USSEP team for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

clintmich and icecreamassassin for Skyrims Unique Treasures