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I really like both of these mods, so I made this patch.

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I've wanted this patch for a while, so I just finally went ahead and made one. It seems as though the authors of these mods don't mind patches, so I'll just upload this (hopefully I don't break any rules; this is my first uploaded "mod"). This patch only affects Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul by getting rid of the objects that conflict with Distinct Interiors, so you only have to load this patch after Snazzy Furniture to get it to work. I may have missed something, hopefully not though.

Note: If you use Snazzy Furniture's Replacer plugin, you do not need this mod. This patch only removes paintings, since they seemed to be the only conflicting objects.

Also I recommend getting Distinct Interiors - Fixes, since the original mod has some issues.

Have fun.