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Autan Waspeez

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Autan Waspeez

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A more Celtic/Nordic look for the Alchemy equipment.

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That's "Celtick" as a mix of "Celt" and "Magick" :)

An item replacer modification by Autan Waspeez

Based on the Bethesda high-res textures, and edited vanilla mesh.



Having had a very kind reaction to my Celtick Arcane Enchanter mod,

a question from ADragonCalledGeorge made me wonder if the Alchemy Lab could benefit from a similar makeover. So I tried.

The alchemy workbench is now more based on a rough stone font such as you might see in the oldest churches. The triquetra design replaces the original channels for the distilled liquids rather nicely, and also fits the mesh. A few decorative carvings to be seen too :) The alchemy workstation is now a wooden board with a hammered copper-bronze top and some embossed designs, and for me it's more believably portable than the original huge slab of marble.

I made this for my own pleasure, but I'm very happy if anyone else finds it enhances their Skyrim experience. If you want to use it in a mod of your own, just give me a credit.

It shouldn't conflict with any other mods except, predictably, ones that affect the Alchemy Lab.