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A collection of compatibility patches for Quaint Raven Rock

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It's me again, working at resolving potential conflicts with Quaint Raven Rock. Just a small collection this time. Each mod which has a patch is listed below, with specific details of all changes. All patches are ESP flagged as ESL, unless otherwise noted. As per usual, I'll take requests, but will try to keep things simpler this time - given the instructions on the parent page, I won't be fielding attempts to combine different Raven Rock overhauls unless they sound particularly interesting.

Included Patch Descriptions

AI Overhaul SSE - shifts some placed idle markers to match the new exteriors. Last checked against version 1.5.3.

Better Docks - Variety of conflict resolutions - shifting some objects, disabling some others. Better Docks had no navmesh changes and QRR has some....interesting methods of handling the navmesh, so I avoided touching it in either case, but simply added a collision marker which was needed. Last checked against version 1.5

Better Dynamic Ash - Conflict resolution patch for the two mods. Last checked against version 2.1.1. Thanks to ra2phoenix for the updated version

Doubt Suspended Quest Pack - Shifts a jar to match new city layout. Last checked against version 1.4. Thanks to kulharin for the patch

Embers XD - Shifts the placement of fires to better utilize the new look of Embers XD, includes some ashes spread around, and in a few places substitutes fire types to better match aesthetics. This patch actually touches locations in Raven Rock that QRR doesn't, because....well, if you're using both mods you want it. TONS of floating ashes. Also I gave Glover Mallory's cooking station some ashes because it didn't have any? Last checked against version 2.1.1, but this one's regularly getting updates still so I'll try to keep up with it. FOMOD will have the uncompacted Embers XD.esp version, but both patches are identical other than masters. Older versions, for other plugins, still available under optional files.

Enhanced Lights and FX - conflict resolution, moving lights to match moved light sources, and some other general cleanup. All changes from ELFX Fixes are carried forward (although in some cases moved afterwards) with permission from WiZKiD (thanks!), while not requiring it as a master for any users who don't use it (but seriously, you should if you're using ELFX). Load the patch below ELFX Fixes if you use it. All flickering should be solved, let me know if you see any. Last checked against version 3.06

Immersive College of Winterhold - Shifts ash piles to uncover the teleport marker. Last checked against version 6.2

Nordic Jewelry - Picked this up while it was free, so why not. Moves all the stuff from quest stage 20 such that it fits the new exterior. Base mod can be found in the Creation Club. Are there multiple versions of these things? I don't even know.

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul - Moves a single painting to fix some clipping. Last checked against version 2.0.

Unique Vampire Dens - Shifts the den in question outside of the gate, instead of overlapping. Last checked against verison 1.0-SE

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Conflict resolution patch which carried forward ownership changes for objects which Quaint Raven Rock moves. Last checked against version 4.2.3.

There's also a patch for the Creation Club Ghost of the Tribunal patch over here. And one for the Scarlett over here. Daedric Shines by Mandragorasprouts, Landscape and water fixes, Raven Rock Bathhouse

Use a mod manager/organizer to install, or drop the loose files into your Skyrim data folder. Patches should have their appropriate masters set, and should be loaded after any mods which they are patching. Some of the fixes in question are on persistent objects, and may require a new save.

I don't believe this should introduce any incompatibilities beyond anything which may be present between base mods. Let me know if you hit anything.

Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition, the Creation Kit, and Nordic Jewelry
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
Undriel for Quaint Raven Rock
mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC for AI Overhaul
zebra0 for Better Docks
BDA Team for Better Dynamic Ash
DoubtSuspended for DoubtSuspended Quest Pack
mindflux for Embers XD
anamorfus for Enhanced Lights and FX
WiZKiD for ELFX Fixes
Grantyboy050 for Immersive College of Winterhold
gutmaw for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul
Gonkish for Unique Vampire Dens
The Unofficial Patch Project Team for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch