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A collection of patches for Elianora's Skaal Village Overhaul

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Continuing with my series of "I want to run with unique architecture everywhere, but that requires SO MANY compatibility patches" series....Skaal Village! You can blame Sovn for this one - a question about what was needed turned into me taking a look turned into cranking out all the interiors in about an hour, and then if I was doing THAT then why not everything and HERE WE ARE. Patches for Skaal Village Overhaul! This one is a bit less thoroughly tested than most of my other patch collections, as I'm a fair way in through a playthrough and I can't add it to my primary list right now. Please let me know if you run into any problems. All patches are ESP flagged as ESL, unless otherwise noted.

Included Patch Descriptions

AI Overhaul SSE - Shifts some markers to match new exterior. Last checked against version 1.6.4

Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers - CR to forward new flower type. Last checked against version 1.8

Embers XD - Shifts campfire to not clip as badly with new meshes, uses new woodfire mesh. Last checked against version 2.4beta, will not work with earlier versions.

Enhanced Lights and FX - For interiors, disables all ELFX changes and forwards all SVO changes to match the lighting from the original mod. ELFX includes exterior stuff in DLC, so for THOSE, shifts lights/objects to match new exteriors. Last checked against version 3.06.

JK's Skyrim - resolves conflicts in exterior, rearranges or disables some conflicting objects, redoes navmesh to match new layout. Load below existing JKs TML page, if present. Last checked against version 1.7

Konahrik's Accoutrements - Shifts a placed scroll to match new interior. Last checked against version 5.5.3.

Lanterns of Skyrim II - Fits changes to match new exterior. Also creates a new default candlelight base, reversing the radius change, and applies that to any candles which are added by SVO such that you get the TML/ELFX Fixes color, but default radius. Load below existing JKs LoS II patch, if present. Last checked against version 4.0

Legacy of the Dragonborn - Moves a couple placed books to match new interior. Last checked against version 5.4.4

Morrowloot Miscellania - CR on added stalhrim items. Last checked against version 1.3

Morrowloot Ultimate - CR on added stalhrim items. Last checked against version 1.55

Mystic Condenser - shifts condenser to match new interior. Last checked against version 2.3

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul - Shifts placed paintings to match new interiors. Last checked against version 2.0

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Forwards ownership changes. Last checked against version 4.2.3.

Someone else has kindly made a patch for Greater Skaal Village over here :)

Use a mod manager/organizer to install, or drop the loose files into your Skyrim data folder. Patches should have their appropriate masters set, and should be loaded after any mods which they are patching. Some of the fixes in question are on persistent objects, and may require a new save. Any patch made here should load after any other JK patch for the respective area.

I don't believe this should introduce any incompatibilities beyond anything which may be present between base mods. All moved objects should have been moved to locations which are non-overlapping. Let me know if you hit anything

Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
Elianora for Skaal Village Overhaul
mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC for AI Overhaul
JonnyWang13 for Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers
mindflux for Embers XD
anamorfus for Enhanced Lights and FX
jkrojmal for JK's Skyrim
Edhelsereg for Konahrik's Accoutrements
wizkid34 for Lanterns of Skyrim II and Tamriel Master Lights
icecreamassassin, SirJesto, and the LOTD team for Legacy of the Dragonborn
foreverphoenix for Morrowloot Miscellania
ChocolateNoodle for Morrowloot Ultimate
Dave0523 for Mystic Condenser
gutmaw for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul
Arthmoor and the unofficial patch team for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch