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Framework for memory editing, native code hooking and writing DLL plugins in any .NET language.

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.NET Script Framework allows mod authors to write DLL plugins for any game or application in any .NET language. Currently it only supports 64 bit but there are plans to support 32 bit applications in the future.

As of right now this is a very early release and it is not recommended to release any plugins created with the framework just yet or they may end up breaking if the plugin format is changed. I will try to avoid any such changes though.

Tutorials for the framework are planned.

The reason for releasing it this early is because mod authors can play around with it hopefully and let me know if improvements could be made to make plugin authoring easier or if any issues are found. Regular users can also benefit from the framework's crash logs to help troubleshoot other mod issues they may be experiencing.


DLL Plugin Loader


SSE Engine Fixes skse64 Preloader

If you are updating from version 9 to a higher version make sure you uninstall the previous framework completely, then install the new one. Just replacing files may cause issues! After version 10 you can replace as usual. All plugins using the framework need to be updated as well if you update to version 10 or higher (just this once).


Extract contents of archive to /Data/ directory of the game or use mod manager. You can verify if it works by launching the game once and checking the log file at /Data/NetScriptFramework/NetScriptFramework.log.txt


Partial uninstall - remove the file /Data/DLLPlugins/NetScriptFramework.Runtime.dll after doing that the framework or any of its plugins will not load.

Full uninstall - remove the file mentioned above and remove /Data/NetScriptFramework/ directory.

Supported game versions (as of framework version 10 or higher)


You can find out any problems from /Data/NetScriptFramework/NetScriptFramework.log.txt file. If the file remains empty it means the framework did not load at all.

Framework didn't load

First of all check to make sure the DLL Plugin Loader is installed correctly by creating a new file called binkw64.log in the same directory as SkyrimSE.exe. After starting the game check the file. If it remains empty then make sure you installed the framework correctly and /Data/DLLPlugins/NetScriptFramework.Runtime.dll exists. If it still does not work try starting your mod manager or the game as administrator.

Game crashes

If you suspect the framework or one of the plugins is causing your game to crash then you can check crash logs to see. Make sure crash logs are enabled in /Data/NetScriptFramework/NetScriptFramework.config.txt (they are enabled by default) and after the crash check /Data/NetScriptFramework/Crash/ for the log. If you are using a mod manager with virtual file system the crash log file may be in your mod manager's overwrite folder or equivalent instead. If it contains a managed exception then it is almost certainly a plugin or the framework at fault. Check the callstack to find which plugin it may be or post it here. If it is a native exception it can be a bit more tricky, scroll all the way down and see if any hooks are currently executing, that should tell you which .NET plugins are causing code to run at the moment. If there are none this may be a regular game crash, but you can still get some useful information by checking the callstack, registers and stack trace which say what the game was doing at the time.

(NotSupportedException): "An attempt was made to load an assembly from a network location which would ...

If you get this exception on startup then go to /Data/NetScriptFramework/ and right click on all the DLLs, go to Properties and Unblock.

Another issue

If you run into some issue that is not explained here post your question in the comments tab.

Want to help development?

Just reporting back issues or posting suggestions would be great but if you want to help further there's a ton of work that needs doing with reverse engineering and implementing the game types so the game type library could be filled out more, that includes the types and fields, function names, papyrus function implementations, native code hooks for more events and many other things. If you want to help further with that or want to write your own type library for another game (for example Fallout 4 or even a 32-bit game) then contact me on discord or PM me here.