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Primarily allows you to look around when moving in third person by holding down the middle mouse button, similar to older Bethesda games.

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A simple .NET Script Framework plugin that's intended to be an alternative to 360-degree movement animations. It enables you to look around in third person while moving without changing your movement direction. It allows you to look at your character from cool angles by holding down the middle mouse button while walking, running or sprinting - similar to games like New Vegas. Makes long road trips more fun!

The plugin also comes with a config file which allows you to:

- Rebind the free look hotkey from MMB to something else.
- Set the hotkey to either hold or toggle.
- Enable free look in first person as well as third. (Requires a 1st person body mod! I recommend Immersive First Person View by meh321)
- Disable the automatic free look that happens in the vanilla game when standing still, in case you only want manual control.

Plus some other stuff related to compatibility. Read below for more info.


Step 1) Install .NET Script Framework and its prerequisites.
Step 2) Use a mod manager to install the plugin or manually drop both the .DLL and the config file into Data\NetScriptFramework\Plugins.

To uninstall simply do what you just did in reverse.

Compatibility & Troubleshooting

Unfortunately doesn't work with Improved Camera, as that mod isn't compatible with .NET Script Framework.

In practice, the plugin works by toggling the vanilla third person free look (that you normally get when standing still) based on the conditions defined in the config file, so it should work fine with most mods that don't alter said camera mode.

If you're using a first person body mod (like IFPV) or something else that disables the first person camera state, you should turn on compatibility mode.

For general troubleshooting I recommend just playing around with the settings to see what works best. If nothing does, leave a comment and I'll get back to you if I'm not too busy/lazy.

See stickies for more info.

Thanks for downloading!