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Removes "stolen" from cheap items if you didn't get caught while stealing it.

Permissions and credits

If you steal something and you didn't get caught then the item will not be "stolen" unless it cost more than 500 gold.

Also fixes a bug about stealing from containers. The bug was that if you steal lets say 20 cabbage and then drop 1 cabbage the other 19 will not be stolen anymore.


.NET Script Framework


Make sure the framework above is installed properly.

Install this mod with a mod manager or manually. The DLL file from this mod should go here:

It should be safe to install or uninstall mid-playthrough since this mod does not touch save-games in any way.


Uninstall with your mod manager or remove the DLL file from above path.


The configuration file is in /Data/NetScriptFramework/Plugins/BetterStealing.config.txt and you can change these options:
IgnoreKeywords - If you set these then items with any of these keywords will never remove "stolen" state.
RequireKeywords - If you set these then ONLY items with any of these keywords will remove "stolen" state.
MaxPrice - Items that cost above this will never remove "stolen" state. Default is 500.
ExcludeEnchantedItems - Enchanted items will never remove "stolen" state. Default is disabled, enchanted items can remove stolen state unless they exceeded the price set above.


pharaon3 - Helping fix the Thieves Guild questline.