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Hate lockpicking? Ever wonder why you can't just smash that display case and take all the loot easily? Well now you can.

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SKSE64 and SKYUI for MCM


  • 1.0 
- Initial release

  • 1.1    
- Arrows can now break glass
- Added glass cutter to cut glass

  • 1.3  
- Unrelenting Force can now shatter glass
- Halved glass cutter damage and weight
- Glass cutter now requires steel smithing perk
- Increased bounty from 10 to 15 gold

  • 1.4
- Accurate collision for broken display case glass - now you can take items out of the case by hand.
- Broken display cases will be fixed after 3 days


This mod will make all display cases in the game destructible (except for Hearthfire cases). You can damage and shatter any case, regardless of its lockpick difficulty, using the following methods:

  • Blunt objects such as maces and metal gauntlets
  • Fire and frost spells 
  • Second and third words of Unrelenting Force
  • Khajiits and Argonians can use their claws to slice open a hole in the glass (i.e you have to punch the glass unarmed). 
  • Craft a glass cutter (with 1 ebony ingot, 1 steel ingot and 2 leather straps) to cut glass stealthily.

You can toggle these methods on and off in MCM.

But don't think you can just destroy cases willy nilly.

If someone spots you in the act, you get fined. Smashing the glass can also attract nearby guards and NPCs to the site of the noise. If they spot you, you get fined. If they don't find anyone at the scene of the crime, they patrol the area. If they find you, they will determine whether you have done the crime, and then fine you. Bounties are accumulative (if 5 people spot you, it's 5 times the fine).

Using claws and glass cutters to cut glass will not make noise, but you will still be caught if they see you doing it.


  • Broken cases use vanilla paths and texture settings
  • Only one case doesn't have glass shards when fully damaged(displaycasesmangled01) as I couldn't get the static collision to work properly.
  • Arrows will stay suspended in the broken case instead of falling.
  • Guards and NPCs will give up the search if they can't find you after 90 seconds.
  • You can see the stats for many display cases you have broken under General - Crime


If you have any mods that overhaul display cases - if you want destructible cases, load mine after them. Or created a merged patch.
Overwite and replace everything when upgrading to 1.3


  • Not compatible with any mods that modify vanilla display cases (except for texture and mesh replacers - see below)

  • Compatible with texture replacers that use the default texture paths.
  • Technically compatible with mesh replacers that use their own texture paths - nothing will be overwritten but it might look odd if the unbroken case has one set of textures and the broken cases have the default textures
  • Technically compatible with mesh replacers that add environment maps and the like - the broken cases will not have those features.
  • I don't recommend mods that make the glass fully transparent as the glass shards will be almost invisible.

  • Compatible with any mods that overhaul crime or increase bounties - this mod uses it's own detection system. Recommended to use mods that don't just let you tab out when guards accuse you without consequence.


Thanks to jonwd7 for helping me with mesh problems
Thanks to r/skyrimmods for the initial idea and features
Glass cutter uses a modified mesh from Ghosu's scalpel mod.