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Reworked Foggy and Morthal Swamp.

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This mod is a reworked version of Foggy Morthal and Swamp and created from scratch.

I like the town Morthal very much for my own personal playthrough. But i do like to see it more like a Silent Hill kind of village. That is why i also created the mod No Morthal Snow - Redone. Ofcourse you don't need that mod along with this mod. But all pics are made with both installed.

So, what does this mod do?
It enhances the foggy weather in Morthal region including swamps and makes it always foggy. Also there will be no music playing in this region like at all.
This will give you Silent Hill feel when you are in the swamps of Hjaalmarch.
That's it!

To have this mod even creepier than it already is i've made "SFfMR - The Sounds of Dawn Addon". This addon uses sounds of the mod The Sounds of Dawn from Clofas1. Unfortunately not (yet) available on Nexus. Hope to see it on Nexus someday. The addon itself adds creepy critter, animal, distantFX, etc, etc that totally fits the vibe of Supreme Fog for Morthal Region and most can be heard deep in the night when all else is dead silent. But in a realistic way.

(This addon is incorporated as of version 1.5 of main mod)

Now as of version 1.5 completely independent from any weather mod. Place my mod and patches after any weather mod you use. Mod is still based on Obsidian weather but it does not require it. Hence the ENB ini fle. Plugin is esl flagged and comes with an YAML file.

Files Available.
- Main File
- ENB ini file
- Patch for Mists of Tamriel

Other versions still available at "Old Files" section.

Compatible with Sound Record Distributor and Regional Sounds Expansion.

Combine my mod with Clouds over Morthal Swamp from Mharlek1 to get a real claustrophobic feel. Highly recommended.

Use prefered mod manager and activate the mod. Place plugin and patches after any weather mod of use.

- Place the !_Supreme_Morthal_Fog.ini in enbseries folder.
- Copy/Paste this in your _weatherlist.ini found in enbseries folder.



Highly recommended to use along side my mod would be M.O.I.S.T. - Massive Outstandingly Insane Swamp Tree from AlaxoucheModding.
The trees from that mod fits perfectly and completes of how i see Morthal as a complete unigue scary region.