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Improves vanilla UI sounds. Samples in the description. Comes with options via Fomod installer.

Permissions and credits
Improves all the sounds under the UI folder in the game files. This is recommended to use with Audio Overhaul (Soft requirement). Everything will sound better.

What's improved?

More punch and click. Brings out the midrange a bit more. Slightly higher volume, this varies from file to file. Slight reverb. Overall cleaning. 

What are the alternative sound options?

  • Alternative Crit sounds: 2 new crit sounds check em out in the downloaded files or listen to the link provided in the installer and choose one if you like it more than the vanilla sound.
  • Alternative levelup sound: It's the same sound but with more gain if you feel like the you want it to sound higher.
  • Alternative ok sound: Same sound but less clicky and not as loud.
  • Alternative new game sound: Same sound but adds slight distant thunder to it.

Loose files or BSA?

Depends on what you'd like. If you want to install it and just play, I'd recommend the BSA version. That comes with an empty ESP flagged as ESL/ESM to load the BSA file. If you like having loose files so you can edit them yourself even or just generally know what's up with your order, see what's being overridden, etc.


Original Alchemy Create Potion:

Improved Alchemy Create Potion:

Original Objective New 3:

Improved Objective New 3: