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A framework for misc items to have a description in-game. This is useful for mods that add misc items, or if you want to add more flavour to the items from the base game.

Permissions and credits


For mod users:
  • This framework allows mods to add an in-game description to misc items. (This is not possible in vanilla)
  • The description will show up for the item in your inventory, looting menu, crafting, etc. and follows your UI font/style without patches.
  • Descriptions are useful since many mods add special functionalities to certain items but you can only find out what they do from reading the mod description. And no one reads mod descriptions. (Hello? Is anyone there?)
  • No performance cost. No compatibility issues. Just plug and play.
  • Full MergeMapper support for VR users!

For mod authors:

  • Ease of use: If you want to add your own description to misc items (from vanilla or mods), you can easily make an text file and share it with the community, either in a new mod or as part of an existing mod. See below for instructions. Super simple.
  • Supports Misc Items, Scrolls and Food/Potions. Armor/weapons might be included in a future update (I almost have them working flawlessly) Let me know if this is something you're interested in.
  • No dependency: Adding support for Description Framework does not create a dependency. Mods that include an .ini file for Description Framework will show a description if Description Framework is installed. Otherwise, the user will not see a description but the mod will continue working. 

This is an example of the mod "Journeyman" with and without this mod


How to Create a New Description (For Mod Authors/Advanced Users)

5 easy steps (Anyone can make submods for Description Framework)

  • Identify the item you want to create a description for. The item must be classified as a "Misc Item", Food/Potion or scrolls. 
  • Find out the formID of the object you want to create the description for. You can use xEdit to find out.
  • Create a new ini file and call it "MyModName_DESC.ini". This file must be added to the data folder, same place where the ESPs go.
  • Follow this format to add your description inside the ini: 0xFormID~NameOfTheMod.esp|Your Description Goes here.|OptionalPriority
    • Priority is optional, not specifying it result in a value of `0`
    • Negative priority values can be specified (eg -1) if you want other entries to take priority
    • In the case of a tie, higher alphabetical entry wins (descriptions from AAA.ini's will overwrite ZZZ.ini's descriptions for the same items)
    • EditorID can be used in place of FormID. Instead of "0xA~Skyrim.esm", you can do "lockpick" (requires PO3 Tweaks)
  • Save file. The description should show up provided you've placed the ini file in the data folder, didn't make a mistake writing the FormID and you've installed the framework.

See some examples below from both objects in Skyrim and objects coming from different mods.

0xDABA7~Skyrim.esm|Plays music. Activate to use.
0x6717F~Skyrim.esm|Cleans and sorts the current room. Activate to use.
0x55BE~Wounds.esp|Can be used to craft clean bandages at a leather rack.
0x0D63~Journeyman.esp|Required to fast travel.
0x0833~Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp|Cuts and styles your hair/beard. Activate to use.

Note: The ini file doesn't care where the object is coming from, as long as you follow the format mentioned above. You can have one ini file covering different mods, or you can have several ini files covering each one mod. It doesn't matter. Also: if the user doesn't have the mod in question, there are no issues or problems, the rest of the object descriptions will carry over.


Mods Supporting Description Framework

(Since this just came out, you might want to update these mods to get descriptions to show up)



What's the point?
There are many mods that give misc items new functionalities. This is not always clear to the mod user... It's especially bad when you have hundreds of mods or if you're using a pre-made modlist. 

SE/AE/VR support?
Yes to all of the above. No support for Legendary Edition, sorry.

I've installed this, but certain objects don't have a description?
This is just a framework. You will have to install mods that support Description Framework for the descriptions to show up. There's a list of mods above that support this, and I imagine more will come with time. 

What happens if two ini files add a description to the same item?
Your PC will explode in a million flames. Poof! (Jk: Only one description will be shown, see above)

I don't like the description of one of the items from one of the submods I've downloaded. Can I do something about it?
Sure you can! Just open the .ini file with notepad and change the description to whatever you want, then save the file. Easy!

Can I use this to add flavour text to any misc item... like... a fork for example?
Yes, go crazy. The fork: "A tiny trident for your table – the weapon of choice for conquering delicious bites!"

Can I use this to add flavour text to weapons or armors?
Not right now since those items can have enchantments and the text field is occupied by the enchantment text. However, if you really want to see that, I can look into it.


- You can find the source for the DLL over here.


- All the wonderful mod authors that create misc items and never explain what they do in-game. Check mate!
- Soltia for the amazing khajiit drawing used at the top of the page. Thank you!
- JaySerpa for coming up with the idea and writing this wonderful modpage. Yes. I'm still writing it. Hi!
- Nightfallstorm for always being kind, patient and super clever. And oh, also for making this mod come true.
(Don't you dare delete this, ITS THE TRUTH! -Jay)