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Simple, Immersive, compatibility friendly Food Spoilage System. Food will become spoiled, rotten, mouldy and uneatable. I mean you can eat it but it's bad.

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Food you have in inventory, placed somewhere or left in some chest, will become rotten, mouldy, spoiled after some time in game depending on food type.
Little immersion touch, especially for survival players, now you need to plan yours trips more carefully and prepare food that can last long enough without spoiling.
In addition if you have CID and BOS, it will be much harder to get free unspoiled food in dungeons, caves and containers.

History of mod:

V1.0 was basically food spoilage from RND, but just spoilage, no other features.
But science 2.0 it have much better script optimization, no limit of 128 max traced food and more food spoilage types and models is provided.
Plus it's using KID, BOS and CID so it's super compatible.
V3.0 bring even more optimization, more functionality and more spoiled food.
V4.0 Is to cover all missing vanilla food and migrate script to Simple Spoilage System Framework 
(Better optimization, modular framework and easier Updates)
V5.0 Added Alchemy of Time support plus minor tweaks.
V6.0 Save your food from spoilage by some immersive solutions.

How to preserve food from spoiling?

Keep food in Food Sacks (There is 4 craftable and obtainable in vendors, food sacks)
Frost Salts and Ice Wraith Teeth will slow down spoilage of most food items
Salt will slow down spoilage of raw meat
Dwemer Fridge will highly slower spoilage of all food, it can be found in dwemer ruins (Very rare).
In the Sovengard there is OX Head and OX Leg, take them, it was useless items in vanilla, but not one a day they will give you a fresh cooked beef and leg, yummy.


This mod is created to be simple as it can be so there are no incompatibilities.
No vanilla edits!

Compatible and recommended to use with any survival mod!

RNDLast Seed and iNeed, have their own spoilage systems, and they will duplicate.
You can disable build in Spoilage systems in these mods and use my instead.

Other mods food

I'm not interested in creating patches for mods that add new food, so feel free to do it, just make my mod required for yours.
I will probably at some point add some support for mods I'm using (Beyond Skyrim, Beyond Reach, etc), but if someone want to make patch earlier, then you are more than welcome. I want to focus on new and improvements of functionality and new spoiled items.
Easiest way to make a patch to add proper keywords to food items. See main KID.ini file as I put there comments how it's working.


 Alchemy of Time 
Description framework (optional)
Container Item Distributor (if you want to find spoiled food in containers, and vendors sell new items)
Base Object Swapper (if you want spoiled food in dungeons/caves and some other locations)
Immersive Equipment Displays (presets included, but not working yet, if you know how to fix these presets let me know)

My Other Mods

Please take a look on my profile.

Future Plans

Add support for some mods.

Take a look for my forum profile "About" section.