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My personal framework, with added patch mods, that adds fishing nets. Instead of having the player swim to harvest fish, now you can use your net. For quick RP so you don't freeze in water if using any survival mods.

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CS' Fishing Nets

My personal framework, with added patch mods, that adds fishing nets.  Instead of having the player swim to harvest fish, now you can use your net.  For quick RP so you don't freeze in water if using any survival mods.  I was also lazy and didn't feel like clicking each individual fish in the hatchery; so I thought of a way to do it automatically.

- Make sure all the requirements are installed first:
FormList Manipulator
SKSE64 2.2.3
Skyrim game version 1.6.640
Creation Club's Fishing
Papyrus Tweaks NG with Experimental feature: bSpeedUpNativeCalls = true

- Use Whichever Mod manager of your choice - install.
- Place cs_fishingnet.esp in any location where master plugins go.(This is an esp master in ESL format that I use as my framework - it won't work without one of the included patch files.) 
- The patch files installed in this order  (note - you must use either mod A, B, or both):
A) cs_fn_world.esp   (optional if using cs_fn_portable.esp.  You can use both as this adds activators around the world)
B) cs_fn_portable.esp        (optional if using cs_fn_world.esp.  You can use both as this adds a portable Fishing Net as a misc item)
B.1) cs_fn_portable_patch.esp    (cs_fn_portable.esp required if using this patch file.  This adds a Fishing Net as a weapon so you can 'cast aka attack' and have some animation with it.)

*Make sure to place all files BEFORE DyndoLOD and Occlusion.esp  aka  if dydolod/occlusion.esp is installed, that should be the very last mod in your list. 
if dydolod is not installed, make sure to place this mod's files BEFORE any land edits/water mods.  

Mod manager of your choice and untick or uninstall.

=How it works=
cs_fn_world.esp patch:  
-It simply adds activators around the world, in the form of nets or a fishing butcher table that when activated, will run a short script that scans the surrounding area and picks up the fish / clams / barnacles etc depositing them into a container which opens once the scanning is complete.  
-it does the exact same thing as if the player were to jump into the water and click each individual fish to collect them, so they will be gone from the surrounding water. 
-Location-wise they are all placed near cc fishing spots, but not all fishing spots have them. (If that makes sense). 
** See NOTES ** 

cs_fn_portable.esp patch:
-instead of static activation nets/tables in the world, you create a net at a forge. 
-added a new misc item, Rope, to several leveled lists that some vendors sell or can be found in the world. (no leveled lists were touched, injected using a quest script that distributes the item once upon having the mod installed, then the script and quest stops.) 
- Formula for the Fishing Net:
1 Firewood, 3 Leather Strips, 1 Rope

- Once you have the Fishing Net, just click on it in your inventory (it's under misc section as a tool).  It will behave exactly as the world placed versions. If  you drop it, just click on it to pick it up;  You can't use it to harvest if it's outside your inventory.
** See NOTES **

cs_fn_portable_patch.esp patch:
-you can create a pole with a net attached at the forge using the following formula: 
2 Firewood, 6 Leather Strips, 2 Rope OR 1 Firewood, 3 Leather Strips, 1 Rope, and a Fishing Net (misc version)

-Uses a 2-handed animation - listed under weapons named "Fishing Net" as a 'greatsword'. 
-Just attack and it behaves like the static and misc items. During the swing, it will scan, harvest, then open up the container.
-If, for some reason, the container does not show after swinging a few times, just re-equip it.  

-Used to distribute the fish to harvestable formlist.  FormList Manipulator mod required.

-This mod does NOT alter any spawning points, so if you have a mod that does, or a mod that changes when spawn points refresh, then activating the nets will also reflect that and allow you to pick them up.  Again, all this mod does is create a more RP way to pick up fish as you normally would have, without actually going into the water. This mod will NOT add more fish etc..

-I used some assets from CC Fishing, but this doesn't influence how the fishing mechanic works or vice-versa.   CC fishing uses a somewhat randomized list that it pulls the fish from, not the fish you see swimming around. 

-The harvesting of fish respects ownership, so if you would normally try to harvest a fish that would be considered stealing, then this won't pick it up. I can only think of 1 area in the game that has owned live fish; Some fish in that area are NOT owned which you would harvest, but to get the others, you would need to gain favor with the local establishment.  

-The more fish that are in the area, the 'longer' it may take the script to walk through all the fish to activate them before depositing into the container.  (eg.. at Windstad Manor with full spawning pool could take a few seconds and maybe a couple of clicks on the table/nets),

-Papyrus Tweaks NG with this setting, bSpeedUpNativeCalls = true ,  is required else a second or so could take a lot longer.  I offer no support if users are not using that mod with that setting.

-There are NO added animations - it's simply an 'activate and a container opens up' mod. I will NOT make animations as I don't know how, plus I made this for myself but felt others may be interested in this too.  Also, I primarily play in 1st person so most 3rd person animations don't have any effect for me. There is however an added patch that adds a pole with net attached as a weapon. Uses 2-handed animation.

=Quick FAQ=

Q. What version of Skyrim does this work on and will you make one compatible for x?
A. Skyrim v 1.6.40 is what I had when creating this.  I can't say if it will work on other versions; Try it and let me know.   I won't be making other versions.

Q. Can you add x 
A. Depends if it's within my own idea scope or ability - maybe. For now, I'm trying to get into the game and play. 

Q. Why can't you pick up the bugs that are flying over the fish?
A. You can if you get the optional - flies file.

Bethesda - Thank you for this wonderful game and mod tool.

This software is provided 'as-is'. In no event shall the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
No animals were harmed in the making of this mod.

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