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Simple, Immersive, compatibility friendly Ingredient Spoilage System. Some Ingredients will become spoiled, rotten, mouldy but still usable in alchemy.

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Ingredients you have in inventory, placed somewhere or left in some chest, will become rotten, mouldy, spoiled after some time in game depending on type.
Little immersion touch.

More details:
Followers, Horses, NPC inventory is supposed, as well as all Containers and dropped Ingredients.
Player need to have it in his inventory at least once to start spoil.

New items available to buy/craft:

Mead Barrel:
Berries inside will turn into Wine after some time.
Honey will turn into Mead after some time.

Jar and Satchel:
Ingredients will spoil slower inside them (Jar is better, but smaller)

Alchemy of Time Book
Alchemy skill book.
It have described possible interactions between ingredients (and food if used with Food Spoilage).
If you want to spoil (hehe) yourself than:

Satchel and Jar slow down Spoilage
Frost Salts, Salts and Ice Wraith Teeth slow down spoilage

Ice Wraith Teeth -> Water (Slow down by Frost Salts, Speed up by Fire Salts)
Mushroom -> Moss
Falmer Ear, Giant Toes, Human Flesh, Skeever Tail -> Spoiled Meat
Critters -> Spoiled Critter
Spider Egg -> Small Spiders
Sabrecat Eyeball -> Spoiled Eyeball
HumanHeart -> Spoiled Heart
Berries -> Spoiled Berries

Skeever Tail + Fire Salts = Fire Salts + Charred Skeever Hide
Mushroom + Fire Salts = Fire Salts + Dry Mushroom
Frost Salts + Fire Salts = 2x Void Salts

Berries inside Mead barrel -> Wine
Honey Comb  inside Mead barrel -> Mead


This mod is created to be simple as it can be so there are no incompatibilities.
No vanilla edits!


 Alchemy of Time 
Description framework (optional)
Container Item Distributor (optional)
Immersive Equipment Displays (presets included, but not working yet, if you know how to fix these presets let me know)

And I'm highly recommend to use with Alchemy Effect Randomizer.

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