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Simple, Immersive, compatibility friendly Carcass Spoilage System. Carcass (Simple Hunting Overhaul and Hunterborn) will become spoiled after some time.

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Carcass you have in inventory, placed somewhere or left in your Horse, will become rotten, moldy, spoiled after some time in game depending on type.
Little immersion touch, especially for survival and hunters players, now you need to plan yours trips more carefully and sell or loot carcass before they  spoil.

More details:
Followers, Horses, NPC inventory is supposed, as well as all Containers and dropped carcasses.
Player need to have it in his inventory at least once to start spoil.


This mod is created to be simple as it can be so there are no incompatibilities.
No vanilla edits!


 Alchemy of Time 
Simple Hunting Overhaul

Immersive Death Cycle 
Description framework (optional)
Immersive Equipment Displays (optional: Humans and Horse preset provided)

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 Add custom models.

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