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This mod overhauls Warmaidens, Arcadia's Cauldron, the Bannered Mare and Belethor's in Whiterun using various mod resource packs found on the Nexus as well as assets from community favourite mods Bandoliers - Bags and Pouches, Winter is Coming SSE and HD Photorealistic Ivy. There are also many patches available.

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Updated with Warmaidens - Must now delete all locations from ELFX and RLO.


This is a combined version of all my interior overhauls for Whiterun. It currently consists of EEKs Belethor's, EEKs Arcadia's Cauldron, EEKs Bannered Mare and EEKS Warmaidens but I'll be slowly updating this file and it's patches as and when I create the next overhaul. I will keep the individual overhauls going and continue to add to them for anybody that wishes to mix and match between mods.

This mod uses various mod resource packs found on the Nexus as well as assets from community favourite mods Bandoliers - Bags and Pouches, Winter is Coming SSE, HD Photorealistic Ivy, Heavy Armor - New Weapons, JS Armored Circlets and KD Circlets Redone. There are also patches available for Immersive Citizens, Open Cities Skyrim, Alternate Start and many more mods.

I have kept many of the vanilla items around and added in places (nothing to OP) to make theiving a bit more profitable and useful. They are all also fully nav-meshed and follower safe.

I thought Arcadia could now do with a hand so I've added a new npc named Aalia. She isn't anything special and is just there to add a bit more life to the place. She has a basic AI package that lets her sleep, eat, work and eat/socialise in the Bannered Mare. Arcadia has been given a similar package in an attempt to stop the bug where she closes the store. I noticed that when I introduced Immersive Citizens it stopped so ...

Thanks for the videos gents


This mod is compatible with the following mods:

Populated Cities, Travellers of Skyrim, Immersive Wenches and Vilja all add what are essentially spawn/X markers inside some of the locations. Whilst their positions aren't ideal for the new layout they don't cause any problems and I am reluctant to patch them in order to keep the ESP count down. Let me know if you feel they should be patched.

In an effort to reduce the amount of patch esps I have implemented my own lighting and effects. Whilst patching RLO in previous mods I fell in love with their lighting template and lightbulbs for Whiterun so with their permission have replicated them and also tried to mirror the effects from both using vanilla assets. So if you want my lighting template make sure to load this mod after any mod that changes the lighting template (ELE and ELFX Enhancer for example), or before if you want theirs. ELE looks fine (hard to tell the difference) but I imagine the Enhancer will be too dark going on past overhauls.

Obviously any mods that change the same interior as this one will be incompatible. Some mods such as Distinct Interiors and Skyrim Radioactive are unpatchable and need to have this mods locations deleted from them through SSE edit. Also some mods are not worth patching as I would delete everything anyway. To do this only takes 30 seconds and is well worth learning as it will make your life (and a mod makers) so much easier.

Using ELFX and Warmaidens as an example:

  1. Open ELFX in SSE Edit
  2. Navigate to Cell - Block 8 - Sub-block 7
  3. Right click Warmaidens and remove
  4. Yes you are sure
  5. Save and exit

The following mods need to have the this mods locations entry deleted from them:

Locations are:

Warmaidens - Cell, Block 8, sub-block 7
Belethors - Cell, Block 1, Sub-Block 7
Arcadias - Cell, Block 4, sub-block 7
Bannered Mare - Cell, Block 6, Sub-Block 0

The Open Cities Skyrim version just forwards the teleport destination records for travelling between Warmaidens and Whiterun. Swap out the main ESP with this one andno patch will be required.

The Immersive Citizens patch moves X and idle marks to better suit the new store layout. It also forwards the new nav-mesh and fog settings.

The JS Armored Circlets patch lets Erdna take over the jewelry counter upsatirs, moves his stash and deletes some crockery. I have also given him a new AI package that sets him to work 8:00-20:00, 20:00-23:00 Drunken Hunstman then 23:00-8:00 in the Bannered Mare. Whilst the ownership of the new counter is set to him he will still sandbox around

The Alternate Start patch moves the spawn marker in the Bannered Mare next to the new bed location and forwards the fog settings from this mod. Not 100% required if you have a high ESP count, you'll just spawn on the landing and have default fog settings. Loading this after Alternate Start will get rid of the fog, which I seriously recommend.

The Imperial Post patch moves the news chest to the table by the entrance in the Bannered Mare. Agian not 100% required, the chest will be infront of the food counter on the floor.

The Holidays patch moves the leaflet to the noticeboard by the entrance of the Bannered Mare.

The DX Gwelda moves the book to Aalia's bedside table in Arcadia's. Also not 100% required, in testing the book was on the floor by the stairs.

The Book of UUNP moves the book under the new counter in Belethor's - provided by Astakos.

There are too many combinations of merges for me to provide them and they will be specific to your own load order so you will have to do it. Link in the credits.


Install in your preferred manner as usual. Whilst the mod is safe (won't break anything) to install mid play through a new game is recommended to stop anything appearing that is baked into your save.

LOAD ORDER - (sorted by LOOT and the order tested in)

  • EEKs Whiterun
  • Holidays
  • EEKs Holidays Patch
  • JS Armored Circlets
  • Imperial Post
  • EEKs JS Armored Circlets patch
  • EEKs Imperial Post patch
  • Immersive Citizens
  • Alternate Start
  • EEKs Imersive Citizens patch
  • EEKs Alternate Start patch

I haven't tested the other patches this build but they should work fine as loot sorts them let me know of any problems.


Sounds of Skyrim adds some pots in the interiors as triggers for it's sound effects . I know about this and it has been added to the to do list. You can either disable through console and possibly brake SoS or just leave it.

There is a blank mesh replacer for the door window if you don't use Noble or don't like it.

In testing, Erdna the circlet merchant in Warmaidens did not always spawn. To get round this you can force it by typing 'help erdna' in the console to get his id then 'player.placeatme ********** ', where ******** is his ID. I have also found that he may also appear the next time you load up skyrim. Sometimes he was there on a new game others he wasn't.

The bed in the Bannered Mare will appear in it's original position if installing mid-playthrough and will need to be disabled through the console. I have provided a sleeping bag under the bed if any body really wants to sleep in there. It broke Hulda's AI and made the bed unsleepable set up as it was previously so...

If you find the jars appear all cloudy it means that something else in your load order has turned fog back on in the cell. This mod disables fog for that express reason and it can be solved with a load order tweak.

I use Noble Skyrim
and have changed/remapped quite a few meshes with these textures in mind. I mainly used wrwoodbeamint01 so if your textures change this to stone for example things might look a bit funky.

Due to the amount of people Immersive Citizens sends into Arcadia's it may sometimes get a bit over crowded causing them to block each other, especially on the bridge. They will normally sort themselves out with a warp. I have also opened up the ownership on some of the idle markers in the cellar in a bid to encourage some to go down there, using Multiple Floors Sandboxing will help this.

NPC's tend to gather in the center of Warmaidens. I think this is related to the way AI was set up in vanilla Skyrim with the old store layout. There is a marker where they gather and I think their AI says go here and hang around within a certain radius of that marker. This knocks onto Populated Cities who's NPC's appear to be set up the same way. Also ICAIO does something similar with it's own marker. The store is fully navmeshed with plenty of idle markers but they still don't seem to interact with anything. I have spread these markers around to try and ease this, using Multiple Floors Sandboxing will help this as well.

I am reluctant to patch AI as it's potential to conflict with other mods is significant so you'll probably be best asking the other mod author for a patch, as they will have a better understanding of how they set itup.

Lightbulbs are generally maxed out in each cell so introducing another light source may cause some flickering.

Both Belethors, Arcadias and Warmaidens have some official bugs so please check here for Arcadia, for Warmaidens and here for Belethor for info and work arounds. Hopefully Arcadia's new AI helps the store closing one.

Let me know in the comments if your having any problems with this mod and I'll see what I can do to help
. Also check their individual mod pages and comments for more infomation.


Without these folk's hard work and talent a lot of mods would never happen so a big thanks to them for not only their assets but their tutorials as well.

ASTAKOS - Patches and advice
ARION - Arie Manor Furniture
BLARY - Various
ELIANORA - Elianora's Extra Resources
ELINEN - Plants and flowers
FLINTONE - Various
GREENBACK12 - HD Ivy - Ask his permission for use of his assets
DRAGTEN - Bandolier, Bags and Pouches - Ask his permission for use of his assets
NIVEA - Winter is Coming SSE - Ask her permission for use of her assets
JASPER - Modular Outfits

BRETTM - Various
JET4571 - Building kits and other items
JOKERINE - Jokerine's Misc Resources
KELRETU - Kelretu's Modders Resources (WIP)
LAZYSKEEVER - Windows Resource Pack
LOLIKYONYU - Lolicept Resources
LORSAKYAMUNI - The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack
MIRROU4KA - New beddings
MRPDEAN - Lakeview Manor Evolution
NOSTROMO79 - Dwemer shelf resource
ORISTYS - Various
DARKFOX127 - Project Modularity
RENTHAL311  - Shovel & Vine Maple
RUNSPECT - Resources for modders
SCARLA - Scarla's Toybox - Modder Resources
SPINADEMUL - Whiterun Interior Expansion Set
STROTI - Various
TAMIRA - Antique Statue
THE_FUNKTASM - Morrowind Style Clutter and More
TLAFFOON - Tlaffoon's Rugs and Tapestries
TUEFFEL - Modular Crafting Table
OUSNIUS - Nif Optimizer
PRIVATEYE - Heavy Armory
JOHNSKYRIM - JS Armored Circlets
LANGLEY - Textures

Whilst I think this is everybody I still may have missed someone or got names jumbled. If that is the case please let me know and I will make the necessary ammendments.