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This mod overhauls Warmaidens, Arcadia's Cauldron, the Bannered Mare and Belethor's in Whiterun using various mod resource packs found on the Nexus as well as assets from community favourite mods Bandoliers - Bags and Pouches, Winter is Coming SSE, HD Photorealistic Ivy &. The High Poly Project. Different patched versions available.

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The most up to date version can be found at EEKs Immersive Whiterun, includes new clutter, furniture/containers and EXTERIOR INTERIORS.


This is a combined version of all my interior overhauls for Whiterun. It currently consists of EEKs Belethor's, EEKs Arcadia's Cauldron, EEKs Bannered Mare and EEKS Warmaidens but I'll be slowly updating this file and it's patches as and when I create the next overhaul.

This mod uses various mod resource packs found on the Nexus as well as assets from community favourite mods Bandoliers - Bags and Pouches, Winter is Coming SSE, HD Photorealistic Ivy, Heavy Armor - New Weapons, JS Armored Circlets and KD Circlets Redone and the High Poly Project.

There are also versions available for Immersive Citizens and Open Cities Skyrim.

The in store items are a mixture of CK created statics, havoc disabled stealable items and custom harvestable/switching statics that don't fully empty. I took this mixed approach as I hate it when the stores are empty for thirteen in game days when you loot everything. It also allows mods like Rustic Animated Potions & Poisons to work on the static displays.

The budding thief out there will find the stores a bit more profitable but nothing too unbalanced, you can't for example empty Warmaidens. The harvestable statics are also set up on their own set of levelled lists.

I thought Arcadia could now do with a hand so I've added a new npc named Aalia. She isn't anything special and is just there to add a bit more life to the place. She has a basic AI package that lets her sleep, eat, work and eat/socialise in the Bannered Mare. Arcadia has been given a similar package in an attempt to stop the bug where she closes the store. I noticed that when I introduced Immersive Citizens it stopped so ...

Big thanks to Hodilton and Ultimate Immersion for the videos

Videos of version one but are still representative


There are four versions available so make sure to pick the one that relates to your load order. The Immersive Citizens version moves idle markers to more relevant positions and the Open Cities Skyrim version forwards the teleport destinations, and the final one does both.

If you are using any of the other patches with these versions make sure you rename the main esp to EEKs Whiterun Interiors.esp as this is the required master.

If installing this mod mid playthrough you will probably experience floating objects (this includes The Bannered Mare bed). These are items that are baked into your save and I can't do anything about them. Deleting them through the console is recommended but don't delete any chests. To avoid this altogether it is recommended to start a new game.

NPC mods such as Populated Cities, Travellers of Skyrim, Immersive Wenches and Vilja all add what are essentially spawn markers inside some of the locations. Whilst their positions aren't ideal for the new layouts they don't cause any problems and I am reluctant to patch them in order to keep the ESP count down.

Given the nature of my overhauls any mod that adds to these interiors, such as Distinct Interiors & Snazzy Furniture, will be incompatible and will need to be removed from them using SSE Edit. If I were to patch for these I would delete everything anyway so you might as well and save yourself an esp slot.

This overhaul comes with its own lighting that covers imagespace, lighting template, bulbs and effects, very much in the style of RLO
lighting & ELFX effects. Given the entirely new interiors of this mod all lighting mods that place or make changes to the lightbulbs will be very incompatible, causing potential performance issues and looking daft.

Mods that make changes to the imagespace and lighting template, ELE for example, will be compatible but results may vary. All lighting mods will need to have these interiors removed from them using SSE Edit. In the case of mods like ELE load this esp after it if you want my new settings or before if you want ELE's.

Locations are:
Warmaidens - Cell, Block 8, sub-block 7
Belethors - Cell, Block 1, Sub-Block 7
Arcadias - Cell, Block 4, sub-block 7
Bannered Mare - Cell, Block 6, Sub-Block 0

Uses Arcadia's and ELFX as an example

Lightbulbs are generally maxed out in each cell so introducing another light source may cause some flickering.

I use Noble Skyrim and have set up some meshes with these textures in mind, mainly the woodbeam01 texture. If your texture pack changes this to stone for example things may look a little off.

I wanted the harvestable flower & food baskets etc to represent the flowers & food from EKKs Renthal Flora Collection and the High Poly Project, which I use, so they have been made with these textures and meshes. They are included and only affect these interiors so there is no dependency on either.

Multiple Floors Sandboxing may help overcrowding problems when using population mods and/or Immersive Citizens. I recommend the ini setting instead of the esp.

If your'e using Skyrim Project Optimzation you will have a lot of missing walls and items. This is a result of the occlusion planes it adds inside of the vanilla walls and floors (these no longer exist) stopping anything behind them being loaded. Again delete these interiors from it and your good to go.

This mod also comes with some extra meshes that you should be aware of especially if you are an ELFX user:

Wrdragondoor01 - Using the USSEP mesh as a base I have added a window inside of each door and the esp adds emittance to it for time of day changes. It only affects Noble Skyrim users as that texture is required to see the windows. Emittance has also been added to every relevant door in Whiterun. Users of my EEKs Noble Door mod should uninstall that as it is now redundant.

WRintroofcorr01a - makes changes to the shader properties to fix some blurry roof/window slats.

WRhousebanneredmare01 - adds six windows to the outside to reflect the ones added to the inside.

WRhouseblacksmith01 - adds a window to the outside to reflect the one added to the inside.

ELFX also adds new building meshes that add a glow mesh to the windows. It's really up to you on which ones you want to use. Bare in mind that if you use JK's Whiterun or JK's Skyrim and my EEKS Beautiful Whiterun the windows are hidden by extra roofing and ivy, in which case I would go for the ELFX meshes.

Fog has been disabled in all the cells so if the glass is appearing all cloudy it is because something else in you loadorder turns it back on. Alternate Start does this so make sure to load this after it, or just disable Alternate Start after you start a new game.

Shiva182 has kindly created a patch for his Shiva's Hair Replacer mod so please pop over there to get it. Thanks Shiva.

I recommend checking out their individual pages (links at the top & bottom of the page) for more infomation as there's too much to write here.

Belethor, Arcadia, The Bannered Mare and Warmaiden's have some official bugs so please check the links for info and work arounds. Hopefully Arcadia's new AI helps the store closing one.


Without these folk's hard work and talent a lot of mods would never happen so a big thanks to them for not only the use of their assets but their very helpful advice and tutorials as well.

Whilst I think this is everybody I still may have missed someone or got names jumbled. If that is the case please let me know and I will make the necessary ammendments.