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Removes torches from all hold guards, city guards, and civil war guards, to mitigate surface lighting anomalies.

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This mod removes torches from all city guards, hold guards, and civil war guards.

The game's engine can't properly handle many additional light sources. When too many light sources are in one area, surfaces produce anomalies like flickering textures and uneven lighting. The more light sources in one area, the more pronounced the light issues. Aside from being aesthetically displeasing, cities are already lit well enough that the guards shouldn't need to run around with torches.

Because this removes an item from vanilla leveled lists, it works best on new games. Any previously spawned guards will still have their torches. You can wait for respawn, or use the "resurrect" command on them.

Click the download with NMM button and activate.

Load Order:
Place it after mods that edit guard equipment.