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Adds windows to the doors of Whiterun for Noble users. Uses the SMIM mesh to carry forward any fixes.

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As a Noble Skyrim user the texture for the Whiterun dragon door has always annoyed me by not having the glass in the window. After adding it to the texture myself I soon realised why it wasn't done as it looks daft when emmitance is added to the door and adds an esp requirement. I attempted to do something about it in my interior mods but whilst it looked ok it was soon ruined when you open the door. Armed with a little more knowledge in nifscope I managed to work it out.

Using the wrdragoondoor01.nif from SMIM I've added a window to each door so that you no longer look into an empty box.

The esp is required to add light emmitance for time of day changes for all buildings that uses the door for interiors and exteriors. Unfortunately it has to be done this way but you can merge this esp with anything if you want to free up the slot. Users of my interior mods will need to download the blank door mesh in the optionals to hide the makeshift window and see the new. I will do away with them on the next round of updates.

I made it as part of my Whiterun overhaul but thought it would be handy for any other Noble users out there that don't use my mods.