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Models I made for my mods and generously share with others

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A collection of some models I made for Karthside Estate 2 and decided to make them available as resource. This will be expanded as I am creating new stuff.

Contains a bunch of flasks, coils, stands etc. for alchemy. Everything fits and snaps together

Some astronomical instruments.


  • Repitition Circle (instrument to measure angles between objects/stars)
  • Armillary Sphere (instrument to read the position of celestial objects)
  • 1 animated Orrery (model of the solar system)
  • 1 animated Orrery with stars (requires Dawnguard for textures)


  • Armorstand male& female. Armorstands are made to fit with static armors. They don't fit every armor or clothing perfectly, because they are all slightly different. If the stand clipps through the armor, jhust move the armor slightly up scale it to make it fit. Static armors can be made following this tutorial
  • A corner desk
  • Shelves with doors
  • A modular showcase for books and weapons and stuff. Comes with stands for books, swords etc. to place inside, which can be altered in height to fit different objects. Also has some stands for black books and fitting black books, snapping to the showcase.