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Patches for blending JK's and EEK's Whiterun interiors.

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Well, I love EEK's Whiterun Interiors and I've been using them for a long time. And then - BAMF! - Jkrojmal releases his versions of Whiterun interiors. Much simpler, less cluttered, but beautiful and with few brilliant ideas (such as a balcony for the inn). But EEK's and JK's work doesn't want to play together nicely, so I've had a problem - which one of them should I use? And then the idea came - why not both? So I've decided to try to combine them. It was hell-of-a-work, but I hope you'll appreciate it. Patches are designed for the regular (non-ICAIO/OCS) version of EEK's Whiterun Interiors.

1) Arcadia's Cauldron
Based on EEK's interior with some replacements and a few additions from JK's Arcadia's Cauldron. Also, I've added some columns here and there - maybe I'm not a construction engineer, but I think such construction without some additional supports will try to collapse. Navmesh was rebuilt to cover some new areas and obstacles. The entire lighting system was overhauled. In v.4.4 I've changed two racks (on the right from the entrance), so the flower baskets no longer hang mid-air (EEK's mod bug). The rack models are taken from Jets Resources (like many other models used in EEK's Whiterun Interiors).

2) Bannered Mare
I've used EEK's interior as a base but made a few changes to blend it with JK's Bannered Mare. The upper floor was modified - now, while you sleep you're separated from the drinking crowd. Also, I've restored stairs in the main hall - absolutely personal preference, I've hated walking all around the building to get into the main bedroom. Now the path to certain areas at the upper level is slightly shorter. Navmesh was rebuilt to cover all structural changes. EEk's interior locates the kitchen in place of a bar, but JK's perfect front addon to this area was left almost intact since Saadia also can pour you some drinks. In the end, I've made an overhaul of the entire lighting system, relocating and adding somewhere I felt it was necessary. Also, I've disabled every light getting from nowhere - there's illumination only in places where physical light sources are present. The interior is darker (especially with ELE), but I think it's more immersive. With the 4.7 update, I added the room for Hulda in the basement, right next to the bath.

3) Belethor's General Goods
The complete two mods mashup. The main hall has vanilla / JK's Belethor's General Goods base structure (position of the counter, fireplace restored) with some modifications and EEK's interior elements. Other areas on the first level were taken from EEK's store with minor modifications here and there. The second level is taken entirely from EEK's mod with an additional balcony from JK's interior and some minor changes. Navmesh was rebuilt to cover all changes, the lighting system was reconstructed.

4) Warmaiden's
The basement and upper floor are taken from EEK's mod with a few minor changes/additions. The main hall in EEK's interior was like a maze and - I must admit - I hate that. The counter and salesman were far from the main entrance and you also had to be careful not to fall down the stairs into the cellar. Also, there were too many shelves with armors and racks of weapons - I felt overwhelmed with the number of armors/weapons/stuff. On the other side, I like JK's Warmaiden's shop area very much, with all these weapons hanging around Ulfberth. Therefore I've moved it forward to the main entrance and placed basement stairs behind it. The original interior door and wall were restored, but - since the kitchen made by EEK is located in the basement - the back room was changed into a warehouse area. Case with expensive greatswords now stands between stairs and back room wall, the weapon racks from EEKs interior were reduced, also I got rid of almost all glass weapons and replaced great daedric sword with elven (sorry, I'm an MLU-like immersion addict). There's also only one shelf with armors now (the other one was relocated to the back room). In the end, I made a few modifications to the lights and rebuilt the navigation mesh to cover all interior changes.

- There are a bunch of additional compatibility patches provided for each interior. Mostly they resolve clipping issues, ownership or navigation conflicts, and fix markers placement. Patches are cross-compatible.
- Patch for Lux is available in the main Lux installer.
- The SUDs (Skyrim's Unique Drinks)  page hosts the robertgk2017's patch for the mod.
- Do not use any interior patches dedicated only for EEKs Whiterun Interiors or JK's Arcadia's Cauldron / Bannered Mare / Belethor's General Goods / Warmaiden's (f.e. from JK's Interiors Patch Collection). You still need the exterior patches (f.e. for Dawn of Skyrim or Capital Whiterun) if you use some mods altering the Whiterun city layout.
- If you use Rob's bugfixed version of Capital Whiterun Expansion, load it higher than EEKs Whiterun Interiors and all the patches from this page

Load Order
  • Main EEK's and JK's mods
  • The JK's Interior of EEK's Whiterun - main modules
  • Distinct Interiors patches - if used (from Distinct Interiors Patch Collection)
  • The JK's Interiors of EEK's Whiterun - miscellaneous patches
  • Lux patches (from Lux installer)
  • The JK's Interiors of EEK's Whiterun - Sounds of Skyrim patches

Additional notes
  • New game is recommended - there are changes to some persistent records (e.g. bed locations and lights).
  • All files are ESL-flagged and packed in a FOMOD installer.

EvilEyedKyo for EEK's Whiterun Interiors, 
Jkrojmal for JK's Arcadia's Cauldron / Bannered Mare / Belethor's General Goods / Warmaiden's,
jet4571 for Jets Resources,
- MPBunny for Immersive Citizens patches and some fixes.