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Places some very large bent pine trees on the tundra.
Featuring 1 completely new tree model

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Bent Pines places some very large bent pines on the tundra to make it look somewhat more interesting and epic.

The trees does not use billboards, instead a very high visibility range is set in the editor. Be aware that this might impact the performance on slower computers because the actual 3d model will always be in view and the meshes are not the smallest/most performance friendly.

Changes from Oldrim version:

* Mesh converted with SSE NIF Optimizer. 
* .esp resaved using the new Creation Kit.

FAQ (under construction)

Can i use both the "snowy bent pines" version and the regular one?

No, choose one.

Want less trees, better performance, or is a tree in the wrong location - interfering with a mod etc.?

Then go in to the console, click the tree, enter disable. This will remove the tree from that location. Save your game afterwards. This can be used on everything except for grasses/ground flora. This is also useful when you want to take that epic screenshot, but something is ruining the view for you ;)

Don't like the scale?

Go into the console, click the tree, enter setscale 0.8 (or similar values), this will change the scale of the 3D mesh (but not the scale of the collsion box). Default scale is 1. Save the game afterwards.