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My modlist with installation order and instructions to completely remaster Oblivion's graphics.

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This is a modlist and tutorial with installation order and instructions to make your game look better with great performance.
It is is for new and less new Oblivion players, who want to start modding their game or complete their list with some nice mods. 

Oblivion has hundreds of excellent mods, this is not the perfect modlist for the graphics, just my modlist with my own selection of mods. There are many other fantastic mods that I will not mention in this page.
In the first part you can find the essential tools to mod Oblivion, then you'll find the main graphical mods that I use sorted by categories and installation order.
At the end you'll find instructions to make Oblivion Reloaded and ENB work together nicely. After that I selected a few other good mods in case you want to change more than just the graphics, and also some INI tweaks that I made to my Oblivion.ini file.


A full video guide detailing the installation of this modlist is available if you're interested! Thank you outdated TV!
Check out his article here

Last update: August 29 2022

I do not give permission to upload this guide in any other websites.
If you like it and use it in your Let's Play videos for instance, I'll appreciate that you give me credit and add a link to the description page.

Before starting:
Read everything. Every single word in my guide is important. It is not difficult at all but if you don't take the time to read and apply everything something will go wrong. If you have a question do not hesitate to ask it on the forums tab, but please make sure you have read the description and the FAQ first, especially if you have a problem, because most of the time the solution is written here.

What you need to start modding Oblivion:

 - I recommend the following hardware: 
     - OS: Windows 7 or more
     - CPU: i5 2400 or more
     - RAM: 8GB. Should be fine with 6GB. The game will not use more than 3,6GB of RAM, but the more you have, the better it is (in case you have other programs running in the background).
     - GPU: 2GB of VRAM. There is no 4K textures in this guide. 2K is the maximum resolution. Some mods have 1K and 2k versions to choose.
     - 35GB of free HDD space

 - A working Vanilla (without any mods) game. Preferably with ENGLISH language. Many mods are designed to work with the english version of the game. You may get some issues (like muted NPCs, but there are some ways to fix that though) if you are using a different language.
You can watch this great video by GamerPoets about the installation and settings of Oblivion.
Navigate to 2:02 in the video linked and follow the steps to see which version of the game you have. You should have version 1.2.0416 which is already patched.

 - Delete the Oblivion.ini file located in  \My Games\Oblivion and launch the game to rebuild a new one.

 - Set the following options in the Launcher:
Adapter: Select your Graphics Card model
Resolution: Select the resolution you want to play with.
Antialiasing: None (best performance)
Mode: As you wish. I play with windowed mod, with Oblivion Reloaded (a mod we will install later), you can play fullscreen in windowed mode, and still Alt Tab if you want.
Screen Effects: HDR (needed for ENB to work)
Distant Rendering: Check "Distant Landscape" ,"Distance Building"  and "Distant Trees"
Video Quality Presets: "Ultra High"

Install these essential tools listed below:

Wrye Bash
Several softwares exist to manage your mods. NMM is one of the most popular but currently doesn't work for all Oblivion mods. Wrye Bash is more complete and work with almost all mods. I highly recommend that you use this mod manager to install all the following mods. If you use another mod manager I will not be able to assist you.
Download it here
You can download and use the installer to guide you during the install, or install it manually.
For the "manual" installation, go in the FILES section and download the "Wrye Bash Standalone executable" file.
Extract it somewhere.
You should have a "Mopy" folder. Just copy it in your "Oblivion" folder (where the "Data" folder is). In my case, this is here: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Oblivion   , because I am using the Steam version of the game.
To launch Wrye Bash, go in that "Mopy" folder and double click on the Wrye Bash application. You can create a shortcut of the app to access it faster.
Have a look here if you want a very good guide on how to use Wrye Bash. Have a look at the Basics and Installers Intro (look at the images or download the .pdf file).

Installing a mod with Wrye Bash:
- Download it manually (never use the "download with manager option"), drag and drop the archive (no need to extract it) in the Installers tab or in the Bash Installers folder automaticaly created by Wrye Bash.
- You should now see it in the Installers tab of WB. Right Click on it and choose Install. If the mod has an .esp file, you should see it the Mods tab now. Check it to activate it. Done.
You can install all the graphical mods with it. Some OBSE plugins and other mods require a manual installation, I'll tell you when this is the case.

You can also watch this video made by ponurymazepa.

OBSE will be needed for many mods to work. xOBSE fixes problems that OBSE had. You must install it manually. 
Go here and download the latest release.
  - If you have the Steam version like me, then Copy obse_1_2_416.dll, obse_editor_1_2.dll, obse_steam_loader.dll  and obse_loader.exe to your Oblivion directory. On Steam, just start the game in the usual way, and OBSE will automaticaly be loaded.
Please check that OBSE is working correctly. For that, make a new save and quit the game. Go to  Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Saves and verify if you have and .obse file alongside to the .ess file.
The OBSE's main page advises to enable the Steam community Overlay, however, some mods we will install later need the Overlay to be disabled.
To turn it off, rightclick on "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in the librarie and click "Properties" and untick "Enable Steam Overlay".
 - If you own a GOG version of the game, copy obse_1_2_416.dll, obse_editor_1_2.dll  and obse_loader.exe. To launch the game with this version, double-click on the file "obse_loader".

Optimizing your load order
You can either use BOSS or LOOT to sort your load order, very useful when the list of your plugins is increasing. Use it frequently when you add mods which include .esp files to avoid potential incompatibility problems. These programs are very easy to use, just follow the installation instructions, make sure your game is detected, and let them work.

TES4Edit is very useful tool to clean your mods, check for conflicts, and many other things. It is not needed in this guide but you should install it too in case one day you need it.

Some good practices
- You should install all your mods (except for some OBSE plugins and other exceptions that I will mention) with Wrye Bash, so if you encounter a problem somewhere (normally you should not :p), you can still uninstall a mod safely without breaking your game. WB keeps track to all the files installed with it.

- After installing each mods, check the .esp in the Mods tab if there is one.
Place the .esp before your Bashed Patch. You can do that manually (select the .esp and "drag and drop" it lower or higher to change its load order) or by using BOSS (recommended). And then rebuild your bashed patch. You should rebuild it each time you are installing a new mod with an .esp file. For that, right-click on the Bashed Patch (it should be at the end of your load order in the Mods tab), select "Rebuild Patch..." and then "Build Patch" on the new window. The Bashed Patch will deactivate/uncheck some mods, they will have a . or + symbol next to them and a different color, do not reactivate them, they are merged in the Bached Patch.
Important note: it is possible that BOSS doesn't recognize some .esp (mainly due to the fact they are very recent), in this case, don't worry, just draag the .esp above the Bashed Patch.

To summarize, each time you add a new mod, you have to:
 * Install it in the Installers tab
 * Check the .esp in the Mods tab
 * Run BOSS to sort your load order
 * Rebuild your Bashed patch
(do not reactivate the .esp which have been deactivated by the Bashed Patch)(you don't need to do it after installing each mod, it would take a long time)

- Read every mods' description and Readme, watch screenshots provided by modders and users so you know what you are going to install.

- If you want to install all the mods listed here then it is recommended to start with a clean install of your game, without mods, and with a new game.
For the best result you should install the mods in the same order as they are listed here. There will be some "conflicts" (textures overwriting other textures, for instance), but this is normal and Wrye Bash handles that very well.

- Do not install everything at one time but test regularly each mods you are adding. To quickly test in-game a mod after starting a new game, you can type in the console "coc weye" to teleport your character outside of the prison, in Weye. And type "tmm 1" to toggle on all map markers in your map so you can easily fast travel to all locations you want and verify if one mod is working correctly or if you like it or not.

- Removing/replacing textures and meshes is safe for your save game but if you uninstall mods with an .esp file it may harm your save file. That's why you should only start your playthrough when you are done installing/testing the mods you want to use.

- Some mods allow you to choose between a 1k and a 2k resolution. High-end computers can take the 2k resolution. Low-end computers should take the 1k version.














Thank you for reading. I hope it will help ;)  Don't forget to endorse the mods you downloaded ^^

Bethesda and all modders that made this amazing game even more amazing.
ponurymazepa for his feedback, support and his video series.
monkeyangie for the header and the titles for the different sections
Wellden for his support and sharing his knowledge on the Forum.
All people who gave help to users, suggestions and feedback.

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